The Strongest Gene - Chapter 844 - The Terrifying Truth

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Chapter 844: The Terrifying Truth

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

In the Kingdom of Luo Yuan, yet another batch of apostles ascended to godhood. Alas, not a single one of them obtained the misfortune godhood. Luo Yuan was already numb to this. The misfortune godhood seemed to have completely vanished. Although Luo Yuan did not know what was going on, with his intelligence, he was naturally able to deduce that this was due to something Chen Feng had done before dying.

Luo Yuan shut his eyes. Chen Feng… Hehe. I can’t believe that even so many years after your death, you are still negatively influencing me. So it turned out that this opponent, who he had never looked highly upon, had decided to bring him endless trouble and provocation after death. Luo Yuan thought back to the affairs of back then. Chen Feng hadn’t even tried resisting him, instead directly committing suicide. Was that even possible?

That seemed unlikely. If Luo Yuan hadn’t confirmed Chen Feng’s death so many times, he wouldn’t believe that Chen Feng had killed himself just like that. What was the reason behind his suicide? With his characteristics, how could he even commit suicide? There was only one reason for his suicide; it definitely had something to do with misfortune.

Chen Feng had been aware that he was not Luo Yuan’s match and had thus opted to use a unique method to prevent Luo Yuan from getting the misfortune godhood. For example, perhaps he damaged the misfortune godhood using an unknown method. With that, even though the misfortune godhood was vacant, Luo Yuan would still fail to obtain it.

Perhaps that was the truth behind Chen Feng’s suicide. Since the misfortune godhood had been with him, it was quite likely that his suicide had been one of the necessary steps in his plan to prevent the misfortune godhood’s reappearance.

“Is that the truth?”

Luo Yuan finally understood. He was, after all, an intelligent person. If that was the case, all his questions could now be considered answered.

“In short, I have been working hard for nothing for these 30 years?” Luo Yuan mocked himself. A fine Chen Feng. Indeed ruthless enough. Fortunately, 30 years wasn’t much to him. Regardless of what Chen Feng had done, he had ultimately died. As for Luo Yuan, he had plenty of time.

“Since the misfortune godhood can no longer appear, I will have to think of an alternative.”

Luo Yuan sank deep into contemplation. If the misfortune godhood wouldn’t appear, his best shot at becoming a world controller was comprehending the laws of world creation on an alien world.

Unfortunately, he could no longer hope to touch the world of Godly Model Creator. As for the world of The Crystal Palace, his clone’s fate was still unknown. As such, that was not an alternative either. Would he have to find a brand new world? Luo Yuan gazed at the radiance shrouding his hand. With the huge number of abilities he had, it was quite a simple affair to reset an ability. However, if he did that while his clone was in the alien world, he could very well be the one to doom his clone to damnation. After all, his clone might be in a huge battle at the moment, with victory imminent.

“I will wait a bit longer.”

Luo Yuan decided to wait one more week. If there was still no news by then, he would have no choice but to erase his clone and the entire world of The Crystal Palace. However, on the third day, some people betrayed him with no warning whatsoever and established a new kingdom.

Luo Yuan was unable to make sense of it. Betrayal? Betraying him? Those people were his believers, right? And there were also those gods. What were they thinking about? Using his wristband, Luo Yuan tried to see the contents of their thoughts. Astonishingly, he found that the connection with the wristbands they were wearing had been severed.

“What’s going on?”

Luo Yuan’s vigilance rose. Even though there was no longer anyone that was his match in this world, he still had to maintain a certain level of vigilance. What surprised him most was the question of why these people had betrayed him, since nobody in this world was capable of contending against him. What was the reason? Had those people encountered an even stronger existence? This was indeed thought provoking.

“Send someone over,” Luo Yuan decided. Soon, he found a certain expert near the newly established kingdom and sent him over to defect to the traitors. As for Luo Yuan himself, he monitored everything through that person’s wristband. Everything progressed smoothly. That expert did not take long to arrive in the new kingdom. Finally, Luo Yuan was able to get a good look at the kingdom’s so-called palace, which looked huge and imposing. However, a single glance was all one needed to see that it was freshly built.

“Who are you looking for?”

“I am here to seek shelter from the lord.”

“Ah, come with me then.” A person led him forward. Through the wristband, Luo Yuan observed everything clearly. He found that everything here was brand new and freshly built. Who was it that had the ability to build such a huge palace in the span of two days?


Along the way, familiar believers could be seen walking everywhere. However, on their wrists was some odd mud. The unique aura of the mud was what was blocking the wristband’s connection. This thing… Luo Yuan frowned, as he found this thing familiar. However, Luo Yuan decided to not spare this much thought, as at this moment, that expert had finally entered the palace. The figure in the palace was about to reveal themself.

However, the very instant that expert entered the palace, several figures flashed past the screen and the connection was severed. At that instant, someone had stepped forth and wiped something on the wristband. Immediately, the connection had been severed. This was within Luo Yuan’s expectation. However, what shocked him was the figures he had seen before the connection was terminated.

“Those figures…” Luo Yuan shut his eyes. Even though it had only been a single instant, he had still gotten an incomparably familiar feeling from that figure… Mhm. Right, there was also that mud they were using to sever his connection. During the final moments, Luo Yuan had finally gotten a clear look at what it was. That was the mud of an alien world. It was no wonder that the mud could sever his connection. Only something not native to this world could block his connection.

This mud had been brought over from an alien world. Luo Yuan’s gaze burned. Who was it? He had seen several figures earlier. At this moment, his formidable brain began spinning, and shortly after, he was able to figure out who some of those figures were. Naturally, the identities of the other figures were still being deduced. However, several seconds later, Luo Yuan knew the truth. That was because, standing in the middle of all the figures… That specific figure that gave him an incomparably familiar feeling…

Shua! Shua!

Luo Yuan utilized his formidable power and operated a huge number of deduction abilities to fix that single scene in time. Finally, the appearance of that figure became clear.

However, the instant that figure’s face became clear, Luo Yuan trembled all over as his eyes went wide with disbelief. How? How was this possible? He stood up abruptly. He had thought of countless possibilities, yet he had never imagined that this particular person would be the one who had betrayed him.

The Crystal Palace…

Alien world…


After a momentary silence, Luo Yuan suddenly erupted in laughter. True. If this was what had happened, then everything could be answered. Why had his clone vanished? Why had all connections been severed with that clone? And why had those people suddenly betrayed him? So it turned out that his ultimate enemy was actually himself!

That’s right. That familiar figure he had seen was in fact himself. If his guess was correct, this person was his clone, the clone sent to the alien world. When Luo Yuan’s gaze fell on the muddy protrusions on that figure’s body, he understood everything. These things were stuck to his body to prevent a connection from being established between the main body and the clone. In other words, his enemy this time was himself!