The Strongest Gene - Chapter 841 - Collapse of the World

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Chapter 841: Collapse of the World

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

“As I said, I am thankful for your cooperation,” Chen Feng said with a cold expression. He had required more powers to fuse into his brand new godly power. Despite the fact that this Luo Yuan was much weaker than the real Luo Yuan, this clone had the same exact powers as the original Luo Yuan. As such, a huge amount of powers were supplied to Chen Feng. Indeed, Luo Yuan had been scheming against Chen Feng. However, Chen Feng had been scheming against Luo Yuan as well.


Chen Feng rained punches down on Luo Yuan. Slowly, Luo Yuan’s body began to collapse. Chen Feng was too strong. After absorbing Luo Yuan’s numerous powers, Chen Feng’s new godly power had reached an astonishing level of strength, giving Chen Feng the feeling that even without breaking through, he was already comparable to a true god.


Yet another punch landed. Finally, Luo Yuan’s body collapsed, and with a bang, he transformed into a bloody mist. Chen Feng did nothing else, merely watching silently. Sure enough, Luo Yuan began regenerating once again. Rebirth… This was a certain passive resurrection ability Luo Yuan had copied.

Chen Feng’s eyes gleamed coldly. “Again!”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

He started beating Luo Yuan up once again. Shortly after, Luo Yuan resurrected himself with a different ability.


Bang! Bang! Bang!

Once again, Luo Yuan was killed. This was followed by yet another resurrection. Chen Feng frowned. This was a different ability again. Back then, when copying the various abilities, Luo Yuan had copied at least several hundred resurrection abilities. To truly put an end to Luo Yuan, he had to be killed enough times that all of these abilities were completely exhausted.

However, with the huge number of resurrection abilities that Luo Yuan possessed, by the time he was killed enough to use all those abilities once, the abilities that he had initially used would probably be available again. The only solution was to completely exhaust Luo Yuan’s energy. After all, the act of resurrection required energy as well.

Alas, Chen Feng could only shake his head at this thought. Luo Yuan most certainly possessed numerous energy-restorative abilities like what Kong Bai had. As such, it would be impossible to exhaust Luo Yuan’s energy.

After numerous resurrections, Luo Yuan finally understood something. “Haha, you can’t kill me! Even though you have grown stronger, you still can’t kill me. Haha.”

Luo Yuan was in ecstasy at this realization. This was his strongest aspect, his undying body.

He had initially believed that, after the transformation of Chen Feng’s godly power, Chen Feng would be able to instantly kill him. Now that he looked at it, he had been thinking too much. So long as Chen Feng did not advance into the true-god stage, Luo Yuan would be safe from him.

“Since that’s the case, I will break through first, then kill you,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

Luo Yuan blanked. “What?”

Chen Feng proceeded to beat Luo Yuan until Luo Yuan was dying before tossing him into a specially created cage.

“I can’t kill you. However, I can lock you down,” Chen Feng said emotionlessly. “This cage is capable of sealing all abilities. Of course, it can’t seal your passive abilities. However… you can’t accomplish much with your passive abilities alone, right? Just stay there obediently as I break through. Then get killed by me,” Chen Feng said with a sneer.

Soon, Ming Yue and Shen Wang came over and helped separate the godhoods from him. This was the moment when Luo Yuan finally felt fear. He recalled what they had been trying to do earlier. They were trying to separate the two godhoods from Chen Feng. Once that was done, Chen Feng would be able to break through without any concerns. Damn it! Chen Feng had actually managed to reach this step.

“Don’t worry,” Chen Feng said gently, “when I become a true god, I will kill you.”

“Chen Feng!” Luo Yuan was greatly alarmed by this development. Damn it. What should he do? Chen Feng was going to become a true god, yet he seemed incapable of stopping this at all. This damnable fellow had been hiding here for so many years and had now reached this level. When Chen Feng appeared in the real world once again in the future, he would be able to threaten even Luo Yuan’s real body.

So that damnable 1% failure rate was actually referring to this event? Could Luo Yuan’s real body even discover this secret? The clone greatly doubted it. If this were the Luo Yuan of the past, he would most certainly be maintaining the highest state of vigilance at all times. However, Luo Yuan had been the master of the world for way too long.

Was he still as vigilant as he had been? Would he be able to notice all this? This clone was unsure. At the very least, this clone had fallen into such a predicament precisely because he hadn’t known anything.


A beam of light shot up. Luo Yuan’s clone’s eyes opened wide. Not far away, Chen Feng’s body was blooming with a resplendent radiance. The power that uniquely belonged to him was being split apart. From midair, a beam of light shot down and combined with the beam of light within Chen Feng’s body. Slowly, the beam was transformed into two bright beams that proceeded to enter two brand new bodies.

After a long time, the two brand new bodies opened their eyes, revealing two sharp gazes.

“Done,” one of them said in joy. This was the Misfortune Goddess. She had finally fully awakened in the outside world.

The other body appeared excited as well. “Too amazing.” This was Spirit. She finally had a body of her own. As a consciousness that had been destroyed once in the past, she was finally a person. To be precise, both she and the Misfortune Goddess were gods, gods with divine seats and godhoods. The Misfortune Goddess and the Luck Goddess.

“We still have our godhoods. However, we have too little godly power, and we’ll have to cultivate from scratch,” said the Misfortune Goddess. Back then, Chen Feng had extracted all their godly power to fuse into his new godly power. As such, these two were currently akin to empty shells and had to restart their cultivation.

Chen Feng was very pleased with this development. These two had finally separated from him and the misfortune godhood was finally not attached to him anymore. With this, so long as the Misfortune Goddess remained alive, Luo Yuan would not be able to become a world controller.

Luo Yuan would forever be one single godly power away from being able to be a world controller. Hehe. Could Luo Yuan have imagined that this might happen? Now, it was time for Chen Feng to focus on himself. He focused his gaze as he looked up at the sky. The cohesiveness of his new godly power had already reached a sufficient level. His initially weak godly power was now extremely terrifying after fusing with millions of powers. His breakthrough into the true god stage was imminent.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. “Come!”


Thunder roared in the sky. Chen Feng’s aura roiled out as his new godly power pierced straight toward the clouds. Heaven and earth alike shook as a terrifying power descended, seemingly trying to swallow Chen Feng.

Bang! Bang!

In the sky, a huge pair of eyes had seemingly appeared. A pair of golden and resplendent eyes.

A suffocating power appeared in the sky. Chen Feng’s body suddenly felt heavy, as if a huge mountain range was loaded onto his body. Come! Chen Feng’s godly power surged. However, just as he was about to erupt at full power to break through, countless cracks suddenly appeared in the sky.


Chen Feng was dazed. These would appear when one broke through into the true-god stage? However, he was able to figure out what this was a split second later. Instantly, his face fell as he withdrew his aura. Only then did the cracks in the sky heal up.

“That is…” Chen Feng had a vague guess.

Ming Yue glared at him. “Traces of the world collapsing. This world is too small and is incapable of enduring your eruption. If you want to become a true god, you have to go to the outside world.”

Outside world? Chen Feng’s heart trembled. Damn it! That was the domain of Luo Yuan. He would have to break through right under Luo Yuan’s nose?