The Strongest Gene - Chapter 838 - Helpless

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Chapter 838: Helpless

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

In the world of The Crystal Palace, an earth-shattering battle had erupted. As for Wang Chun and everyone else, they were locking down the world, ensuring that the aura here couldn’t leak outside. Otherwise, if the true Luo Yuan were to appear here, it would be over for them.

Ka! Ka!

Cracks appeared in the sky without stop. Wang Chun could only smile bitterly. Could this world truly last any longer?

Shen Yi was anxious. “Will this truly work?”

“We have to make it work.” Wang Chun clenched his teeth. “Don’t worry. Ming Yue and Shen Wang will not watch on as the world is destroyed.”

The Shen Yi sisters nodded resolutely. “Mhm.”

“Gather all the sisters of the Divine Shrine. Also, gather those of the Nether Realm.”



Light swirled about as they continued transmitting their powers to the world. Fortunately, the people of the Divine Shrine and the Nether Realm had reconciled their differences. At this moment, everyone in this world was transmitting their powers to the world.

They were doing this to stabilize this world. In the past, they had cultivated without stop, absorbing the power of the world to gain strength. Now they were returning their power to the world, increasing the world’s stability.



The cracks in the world began to heal.

Wang Chun clenched his teeth. “Hopefully we can hold on.”

In truth, based on their past experience with the Twin Horns World, at this moment, releasing the lockdown on this world to allow this world to sync with the real world would be the proper choice of action. After all, this world was currently akin to an overfilled balloon. So long as an exit was created so that the excess gas could be vented, stability would be regained.

Alas, that wouldn’t help their present situation. Luo Yuan’s clone had to be locked in this world. Chen Feng’s plan was very clear. Chen Feng wanted to lock this clone here so he couldn’t escape. This was the first action they had taken upon Luo Yuan’s arrival. This was the only way to ensure that the real Luo Yuan would not notice what was going on.

“We should be able to hold on for some time,” Wang Chun said as he gazed at the sky.

Chen Feng, everything’s relying on you now.


With a deafening boom, Chen Feng’s new godly power, the product of fusion, erupted. For the very first time, that formidable power collided with Luo Yuan’s clone, creating a terrifying shockwave in midair.

Alarmingly, even against power at such a level, Luo Yuan’s clone did not dissipate.

“The power of a true god?” Luo Yuan had a look of contemplation. “No, still somewhat lacking. If this were the power of a true god, I would already be dead. But I am still able to heal from this.”


His body, which had nearly been destroyed, was instantly restored. That’s right, this was Luo Yuan’s power, shared even to his clone: unlimited healing. Having copied a huge number of restorative abilities, Luo Yuan possessed an astonishing ability to heal. The only way to deal with him was complete destruction.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Chen Feng erupted and began beating Luo Yuan up. A rain of fists landed on Luo Yuan’s body.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Luo Yuan was punched into the ground itself, to the point his entire body was nothing but a pile of mangled flesh. The clear sound of flesh being beaten resounded in the air as blood splattered about without stop. This was no different than a living flesh blender. Alas, even facing such a beating, Luo Yuan’s clone was still alive.


His body was suffused with a faint radiance as he healed without stop. He could not be destroyed, nor could he be killed. This was the moment that the most terrifying aspect of Luo Yuan was made apparent. Even a clone that only possessed a portion of his strength was capable of this. What about his real body? The mere thought caused them all to sweat profusely.

Ming Yue had an odd feeling. “This clone is very unique.”

“Mhm.” Chen Feng nodded. “Luo Yuan’s clone was directly propagated from his real body. It inherited the strength of the real body and is somewhat different from regular clones. This is also why he has so few clones but each clone is incredibly powerful. However, the disadvantage of using such clones is the reduction of his strength if a clone is destroyed.”

“Very well then.” Ming Yue stood up. Eliminating this clone would affect the real body’s strength as well? Splendid. Let’s destroy this clone first, then.


Light swirled around as Spirit and the Misfortune Goddess’s godhoods were temporarily set aside. With Luo Yuan here, the separation would never succeed. Rather than try to complete the separation while Chen Feng fought Luo Yuan, they might as well work together to destroy this clone.

One could never forget that this was their world.


Ming Yue and Shen Wang instantly stepped into the battlefield.

Luo Yuan was alarmed by their arrival. “Mhm?”

Bang! Bang!

Ming Yue erupted with her strongest might. At the same time, Shen Wang’s power, which was of a completely opposite attribute, blasted at Luo Yuan as well. Yin and Yang, two completely different powers, erupted within Luo Yuan’s body. Instantly, his body was ripped apart as the terrifying power fluctuations engulfed his entire body before exploding.


A boundless radiance shone from the center of the explosion.

Is it over? everyone wondered as they looked over. Alas, right at this moment, the badly mangled clump of flesh on the ground began wiggling and reforming together. Luo Yuan was still alive!

“What damnable ability is this?”

Everyone was horrified. Was this a worm or lizard bloodline? They had no idea. What they were sure of was that Luo Yuan didn’t just have a huge number of healing abilities at his disposal. He had also gathered a huge number of regenerative bloodlines as well. This fellow was too terrifying!

Chen Feng smiled bitterly. “The abilities of millions of life-forms…” Indeed, after using the wristbands to control the world for so many years, Luo Yuan’s strength was this terrifying. His strength was not something that could be measured with logic. His choice to fake his death back then had indeed been the correct choice. The complete Luo Yuan was much scarier than he had imagined.

Ming Yue looked at Chen Feng. “What do we do now?” This fellow was too strong. Even after insta-killing him, he could still heal. How were they supposed to fight such an opponent?

Chen Feng looked at Ming Yue instinctively. “Time?” Since Ming Yue and Shen Wang were both world controllers now, they could simply freeze Luo Yuan’s time, then kill him. With that, wouldn’t all his abilities stop working?

Ming Yue shook her head. “Not possible.” That wasn’t possible. Even as a world controller, there were still certain things that were out of their control. Time was one of those.

After all, the world itself was established in the river of time. How could the world be able to control time as it wished? Apart from some minor branches of abilities in the time domain, there was no way one could control time, not even if someone was the world itself.

Luo Yuan sneered. “How idiotic.” Thinking of sealing him up with time? How naive. One ought to know that even in the outside world, amid the many abilities, very few touched upon the domain of time. As such, how could such a tiny world have anything related to the domain of time?

Shen Wang frowned. “Then what can we do?”

They had never expected that this would be the result. They couldn’t kill him at all.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

They tried numerous methods, such as attacking both individually and together, with energy of numerous attributes. Alas, Luo Yuan never stopped healing. His healing ability was truly alarmingly powerful. But what if they continued with the godhood separation?


Luo Yuan started shooting everywhere like he was some madman. After all, he did not fear death, nor could they kill him. With him creating disturbances, the separation couldn’t be completed. After all, Luo Yuan also possessed formidable combat power. At present, they were completely helpless against Luo Yuan’s clone.