The Strongest Gene - Chapter 835 - Luo Yuan's Suspicions

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Chapter 835: Luo Yuan’s Suspicions

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

“Wang Chun. Let the world progress as dictated by the author. Allow Ming Yue and Shen Wang to discover each other’s identity and realize the misunderstanding. So long as they discover this naturally, the setting of this world will take into effect,” Chen Feng said.

Wang Chun nodded. “All right.” With this, the conflict between the two would soon end. That would be the time for Chen Feng to enter the true-god stage.

In Luo Yuan’s territory, countless apostles were prostrating on the ground. A dignified gaze would sweep past them occasionally, causing them to tremble all over. This was Luo Yuan’s will, a will of utmost majesty.

At present, a bunch of new gods were before him. Unfortunately, misfortune was not part of this group either.

He sighed. “Where are you?”

Misfortune was now his biggest hurdle to obtaining full control over the world. The possibility obviously existed, and the godhood had obviously been made vacant. Why was it refusing to appear? He nurtured batch of gods after batch of gods like vegetation. Thirty years had passed, yet misfortune hadn’t appeared even once, causing him to collapse mentally.

There was also that mysterious person. Luo Yuan sank into silence. The escape of that mysterious person angered him somewhat as well. However, this also caused Luo Yuan to finally start seriously considering whether he had missed something. Why had he failed to locate that mysterious person?

That shouldn’t be possible. Even without knowing that person’s name and appearance, with Luck Aura, nobody could hide. Was it because his version of Luck Aura was too weak? Luo Yuan frowned. However, he had only been using Luck Aura for searching. As such, the fact that his Luck Aura was a lower-level one shouldn’t matter too much.

If so, what exactly was the problem? Luo Yuan raised his head and looked at the world before him. He recalled that, a long time ago, he had hidden from the detection of other gods by hiding in outer space. But both this planet and outer space were under his control. Nobody should be able to escape to outer space. In fact, if that mysterious person had escaped to outer space, Luo Yuan would have long ago discovered him. After all, the Stormtech Company’s monitoring system was not something to be looked down on. Or perhaps this person was like Ye, who had hidden on the Twin Horns World?

That was the best location to hide. Unfortunately, the Twin Horns World had already been assimilated into this world; it no longer existed as an independent world. If so, where else could someone hide? Luo Yuan frowned. He had an odd feeling. This odd feeling was a hunch originating from his various perception and intuition pertaining, as well as numerous passive abilities that he had copied. Although he did not know exactly what was going on, he still felt that something was wrong.

That mysterious person was definitely an important clue to this. Furthermore, the fact that he was totally invisible to the Luck Aura’s detection amplified the importance. World… Hiding… Vanishing…Luo Yuan shut his eyes and suddenly recalled something.


He flipped his hand and a hovering book appeared above his palm. That’s right, this was Wang Chun’s ability, an ability to turn a world within a book into an alien world. However, this book of Luo Yuan’s was unique and was different than the book Wang Chun had selected. Back then, when Luo Yuan discovered this ability, he had acknowledged that this was an extremely unique ability among the various abilities in existence.

As such, Luo Yuan had paid close attention to this ability. Unlike Wang Chun, Luo Yuan had not selected The Crystal Palace. As far as he was concerned, this ability was similar to his Copy ability, an ability filled with potential. As such, why would he select a trash fan fiction like The Crystal Palace to be his constructed world?

After all, he already had a woman that he loved. As such, his interest in other women was quite lacking. Therefore, he had selected a book that was more suitable for him. This was a rather established book from a certain established website: Godly Model Creator. From that book, he had learned the world-constructing ability of the main character.

This was also how he had become so powerful. Naturally, he was too busy to truly grow that world. As such, in that world, he was still a minor character. However, that did not affect his act of learning from that book.

In fact, he had benefited greatly from that. Initially, this secret had belonged to him alone. After all, he was the only one able to push this ability to such great heights. That fan fiction of The Crystal Palace was nothing but a place for one to fulfill one’s wishes. How could he place much importance on Wang Chun?

But now… he was finally regarding that world of The Crystal Palace seriously. Chen Feng was dead. However, his friends were still alive. As such, the mysterious person could very well be Wang Chun, Kong Bai, or the others. For example…

Luo Yuan’s brain spun rapidly.

That beloved disciple of Chen Feng’s, Wu Hui. If he was the one putting on a disguise and challenging all the gods, it was quite possible that he would indeed be victorious in all the challenges. Because he was Wu Hui. Because of that unique ability of his.

“Interesting.” Luo Yuan’s mouth curled up into a smile. “Since he is the disciple of Chen Feng, he might inherit the godhood of misfortune as well?”

Luo Yuan was feeling expectant. Perhaps that mysterious person had indeed gone missing to try ascending to godhood.

“I will give you the time for it. However…” Luo Yuan’s gaze became cold. “The moment of your ascension will also be the moment of my appearance.”

As for this book… He lowered his head to look at the hovering book. The strength of the world within this book was much weaker than he had imagined. That Sun Yaotian fellow, his first summon, was an existence that could be easily killed.

As such, he had allowed the book to develop naturally just to wait for the final scene of the book. Perhaps when the book reached its end, he wouldn’t even need the godhood of misfortune anymore to obtain full control of this world.

Luo Yuan smiled coldly. “You people are not the only ones with an alien world on your side.”

At this time, within the world of The Crystal Palace, Chen Feng’s group was making their preparations as well. To ensure that they could reach their grand goal, to allow the two gods of this world to reconcile, they were pushing forward the plot of this world. The two gods had hidden yuri tendencies. This was confirmed by the fact that Ming Yue did not seem to reject Xiao Ying’s identity as a female too strongly. What they needed was time.

With Wang Chun’s urge, time passed rapidly. Chen Feng and the rest carefully pushed along the events of this world according to the author’s original plot. Ultimately, the drama between the two gods reached the peak, and their yuri tendencies were completely unlocked.

Wang Chun was filled with melancholy. “So is this the ending of this book?”

All the foreshadowing had been done for this book. As such, when the truth had ultimately been revealed, this world’s plot had naturally developed accordingly. Moreover, this was an all-female yuri world. As such, the predetermined ending wasn’t too out of place, and Ming Yue naturally accepted her fate.

What was left was to extract the two godhoods from Chen Feng. His gaze became firm. All along, he had never intended to allow Luo Yuan to get his hands on these godhoods. After all, the godhood of misfortune was too important, the key for Luo Yuan to control this world.

This would be an extremely dangerous step. Even if the probability of Luo Yuan obtaining it was merely one in ten thousand, Chen Feng would still not take the risk. As such, he had to extract the godhoods from himself. As for Luo Yuan? Hehe. Regardless of whether he was waiting for misfortune’s appearance or the mysterious person’s breakthrough, it would all be for naught, as he was waiting for something that didn’t exist.

In the world of The Crystal Palace, Ming Yue and Shen Wang, having reconciled, were presently converging their unparalleled godly powers.


A resplendent radiance enveloped Chen Feng. The godhood extraction had begun!