The Strongest Gene - Chapter 834 - Dear, Select Your World Carefully

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Chapter 834: Dear, Select Your World Carefully

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

“This is quite troublesome.”

Chen Feng sank into a short silence before suddenly recalling that perhaps one person would know the answer.

“Who?” Wang Chun asked as his eyes shone.

Chen Feng pointed at this world. “The author.”

Wang Chun’s mouth drop. “Isn’t this fan fiction?”

“Look for the author of this fan fiction then,” Chen Feng replied calmly.

Wang Chun smiled bitterly. “How is that possible?” Fan-fiction authors were the hardest to find. The reason for that was rather simple: the army of censors would regularly sweep through the internet for indecent content, and these were the greatest threat to the authors of adult fan fiction. As such, the authors of such works were normally scattered everywhere. It was extremely normal for them to regularly change their online handles or the place they posted. As such, it was extremely hard to locate these authors even in times of peace, let alone times of chaos like this

After all, adult fan fiction was generally written by the supernerds on the lowest rungs of society, which had possibly been the ones most likely to perish in the Genetic Era. After experiencing the descent of the primordial, the descent of the gods, Ye’s Sin Era, Chen Feng’s Glorious Era, Luo Yuan’s Control Era, and the chaotic era that followed after Luo Yuan’s wristbands were broken by Chen Feng, as mere ordinary people, could these authors have even survived this long?

Wang Chun did not have an answer. Perhaps the author was long dead.

“How will we know without trying?” Chen Feng asked with a smile. “Fortunately, I am very good at locating people.”


Light swirled about as Luck Aura activated.

Wang Chun was astonished to see this. “I thought you couldn’t use that ability?” Due to Luo Yuan, it had been a very long time since Chen Feng had dared to use this ability.

“I can still lightly use it when I’m in a different world.”

Chen Feng inhaled deeply.


Light swirled around. A succession of coordinates appeared before Chen Feng’s eyes. This was the limit of what he could obtain. He didn’t dare to further use his luck power. Even though they were in two different worlds and he was screening himself with godly power, Chen Feng was still unsure of whether he would attract Luo Yuan’s attention if he used the power of luck excessively.

“With these coordinates, we can return and look for him,” Chen Feng said.

“Fine,” Wang Chun agreed with a sigh.

They had no choice but to leave this place and head toward the coordinates. Fortunately, they ultimately found the address and arrived before a shabby yet still somewhat luxurious house.

There is hope.

Chen Feng was hopeful. Wang Chun went and knocked on the door.

A gloomy voice sounded from within. “Who is it?”

“Delivery,” Wang Chun answered with a low voice.

“Leave the delivery at the door.”

“Oh, the delivery has already been put down. We have also received notification that your water meter is broken…”

“The delivery guys also repair water meters nowadays?”

“We are operating a business with a PO Box.”

“That’s probably a false report. I am taking a shower. My water supply is fine.”

“…We detected that your electricity might be…”

“I am watching a video.”

“…There might be a gas leakage here. We need to do an inspection…”

“No, it’s working fine. I am cooking here.”


Wang Chun was instantly speechless. He had never expected that would be seen through before saying much.

Chen Feng was speechless as he saw this. “Seems like I am still not smart enough.”


He proceeded to kick open the door. The two of them were instantly startled at what they saw. Inside the building was a chubby middle-aged man wearing messy clothes. In the living room was a huge bathtub. The middle-aged man was submerged within the bathtub, seemingly trying to save half the water by submerging himself in the bathtub to raise the water level. And the TV in the living room was indeed playing a movie. Mhm… This was an adult movie. An ancient gas stove was boiling water, and some silicone toys were visible within the water.

The loud sound of the door being kicked down alarmed the fatty. He blanked shortly before suddenly saying, “Did I forget to close the door? Oh, well, just leave the delivery there. When I am free, I will give you a good rating…”

Instantly, Chen Feng and Wang Chun sank into silence.

“Frolicking Night Wind?” Chen Feng asked with a sigh.

The fatty was horrified. “Huh? How do you know this pen name of mine?”

Chen Feng: “…”

“It’s indeed him,” Wang Chun confirmed with a bitter smile.


They directly knocked him unconscious and took him away. They couldn’t even stay a second longer at a place like this. In all honesty, for him to be living such a life in this era, he was quite talented. To be safe, they carried the fatty to a certain cave. After a long time, the fatty woke up.

“Bro, I was wrong. I will no longer steal silicone toys. I truly have no idea who they belonged to before. I merely picked them up to boil and disinfect them so I can use them as well. If I knew that they were yours, I definitely wouldn’t have touched them!” the fatty screamed miserably.

Chen Feng: “…”

So those things had been picked up? Scary.

Wang Chun was rather shocked as well. “How about the gas stove…”

“I picked that up from a garbage heap.” The fatty cried a tearless cry. “The monitored and controlled world is too scary. Therefore, I escaped from the monitored part of the world. However, the nonmonitored part of the world is now living a primitive life. As such, I had no choice but to use such a method to maintain some quality of life.”

Chen Feng: “…Fine.” He rubbed his head. “I am not interested in all this. Now, tell me. Do you still remember the things you wrote with the pen name ‘Frolicking Night Wind’?”

“Yes.” The fatty nodded frantically as he realized something. “I wrote a lot. That pen name was one I used to write about The Crystal Palace, with emphasis on adult fan fiction. For instance, the story about the Shen Yi sisters—”

Wang Chun interrupted him. “Shut up.”

“Ah?” The fatty was frightened by the shout.

“I don’t need to know about the adult fan fiction.” Wang Chun gnashed his teeth and continued, “You only need to tell me about a certain fan fiction you wrote, the one that was even drawn as a comic. Do you understand me?”

“Oh.” Fatty appeared rather disappointed. “That work is not explosive enough. It was supposed to be adult fan fiction as well. However, in order to publish it as a comic, I was forced to delete a lot of indecent scenes…”

“Yes, that is precisely the version I am asking about,” Wang Chun said with a fierce expression. “If you dare to mention anything else, I will instantly kill you.”

“Oh.” The fatty trembled in fear. “Let me give it some thought… Which ones did I delete back then? It has been too long, I can’t remember them anymore. However, I have numerous original copies here with me. Do you want to take a look at these instead?”

The fatty passed over his wristband while trembling.

Chen Feng’s eyes gleamed coldly. “Wristband?”

“Don’t worry,” the fatty explained, “you don’t need to put this one on to use it. No internet connection is required either. It was modified by me into a single edition and can be used like a personal computer. Look.”


He turned the screen on. Next, a folder named “studies” appeared. Within were numerous folders with names such as physics, chemistry, biology, and so on. A particular folder named biology was opened, and a world of porn appeared before them.

“That is only natural, right?” the fatty said awkwardly. Within this folder were the numerous pieces of adult fan fiction he had written in the past, and the vast majority of them were focused on The Crystal Palace. There were nearly 20 works featuring the Shen Yi siblings as the main characters. When Wang Chun saw this, his complexion became ashen. One could only imagine his expression when he actually began searching through them.

“Do you want me to help you with this?” Chen Feng asked when he saw Wang Chun’s unsightly expression.

Wang Chun hastily stopped him. “There is no need for that.” It was better for Chen Feng to not see the contents of these. Thus, he clenched his teeth and did the work personally. He read every single adult fan fiction pertaining to The Crystal Palace in here before finally locating what he was searching for. Naturally, having read everything, he did not appear well.

“Erm, which character did you want to know about?” When the fatty saw what Wang Chun was pointing at, he continued, “Oh, I remember now. This is the special edition I wrote after deleting a whole bunch of adult content and adding yuri content to get published back then. What do you guys want to ask about?”

“Shen Wang. What is the setting for her character?” Chen Feng asked.

“Her?” Fatty gave it some thought before saying, “I gave her a tragic childhood, allowing her nature to undergo a great change, changing even her sexual orientation so as to keep her consistent with the worldview of the characters in this book. In the future, she and Ming Yue will love and hate each other, and after numerous fights, their misunderstandings will be solved and they will ultimately get together. Unfortunately, this book was dropped by the publishers before I could even finish it. They cited the indecent yuri content as ‘immoral’ or something. What the hell, right? Back then, they were the ones hinting at me to write yuri content.”

The fatty became furious as he thought about this.

Chen Feng: “…”

So it turned out the two of them were in fact a couple?

“I understand now. Do you still have the script for the latter parts of the novel?” Chen Feng asked.

“Nope. However, their misunderstanding is the core of the book. The two have known each other since they were young yet do not understand each other, resulting in their separation, and so on. I can still roughly remember the storyline,” the fatty said.

“Excellent. Write it down and I will let you go,” Chen Feng said.


Fatty was getting excited. He had initially thought that he would die today. Surprisingly, these kidnappers were actually fans of his past work. What a good feeling this was.

Suddenly, Wang Chun thought of something. “Hold on. So you have never forgotten the setting for the character Shen Wang?”

Fatty nodded. “Uh huh.”

Wang Chun gnashed his teeth. “In other words, even if I hadn’t read all this, you could still have told me about her?”

“Yes.” The fatty began to cry a tearless cry. “But earlier… you only said that you were looking for that book. I was assuming that you were merely looking to download a full copy of the story. That’s why I directed you to the folder…”

“Hehehehe.” Wang Chun was so infuriated that he started trembling. Earlier, he personally read nearly 20 books depicting Shen Yi being subjected to numerous experiences. Wang Chun was totally infuriated as he recalled what he had read. After one hour, Chen Feng and Wang Chun left smoothly. When they returned to the harem world, Chen Feng already had an idea for the future development of the two gods of this world. It wouldn’t be long before the yuri arc began.

Naturally, Wang Chun still had an unsightly expression on his face. In fact, his head looked rather green at the moment.

“How pitiful,” Chen Feng lamented. “This is what you get for cultivating the world of an adult fan fiction as your ability.”