The Strongest Gene - Chapter 832 - Who Will Be the One?

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Chapter 832: Who Will Be the One?

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

In the world of The Crystal Palace, Wang Chun and the Shen Wei sisters were watching from far away. They always maintained a certain distance from Ming Yue. After all, in this world, she was the demon king. If not because Chen Feng had requested to see him, Wang Chun would not have dared to even approach Ming Yue.

In his memories, when he did a certain underling of Ming Yue’s that one time, he had almost ended up being hung up and beaten by Ming Yue. He would have literally been hung on the city gate and received 30 days of whipping.

Thus, he hoped that Chen Feng could deal with Ming Yue. Only then would he have the opportunity to truly rule the entirety of The Crystal Palace and turn this place into a true harem. As for the real world, Wang Chun had forgotten about it. Even though the real world was wider and more beautiful, for Wang Chun, the world of The Crystal Palace, which was the size of a city, was enough for him. After all, the real world contained the likes of Chen Feng and Luo Yuan. He had no intention of going out there and courting death.

The smitten Shen Yi stared at Chen Feng. “Elder Brother Chen Feng has become even more handsome now.”

Shen Wei approved of this judgment. “Not bad at all.”

Wang Chun: “…”

This was precisely the reason he did not want to be in the same world as Chen Feng. That fellow absorbed all the attention. Wang Chun had always been of the opinion that Chen Feng was not a good friend, merely an ordinary one.

Suddenly, Wang Chun asked, “What do you two think about Kong Bai?”

Shen Yi frowned. “Huh? Why are you suddenly asking such a disgusting question?”

Look at this! Wang Chun was very satisfied. If he had a choice in who to befriend, he much preferred Kong Bai. He had always believed that even though Kong Bai was destined to never be with a partner because of his looks, he would nevertheless have a huge number of friends of the same gender.

Suddenly, a crisp sound could be heard.


A crack appeared in the world. Wang Chun looked up at the sky of The Crystal Palace with a solemn expression. A crack had appeared there. Chen Feng was too strong, so strong that this world could not sustain the weight of his existence.

Shen Yi was somewhat anxious. “Master.”

“No worries.” Wang Chun smiled and clenched his teeth as he said, “I can still hold on. They are all fighting. I… have to do my part as well.”

“Let us help you.” The Shen Yi sisters began to help Wang Chun mending the crack in this world.


Slowly, the crack vanished.

“What exactly do you want?” Ming Yue asked with a gloomy expression. After finding out that Xiao Ying was female, her mood was very unstable.

“To break through,” Chen Feng said solemnly. He had to break through, and this was the only place he could select to do so. This was the only place that Luo Yuan couldn’t discover. This was also the only place he could hide from Luo Yuan and continue growing until the point he could contend against Luo Yuan. As for Luo Yuan, he would have to continue with his game of loot boxes for now. In any case, he would never be able to draw the loot he desired.

Ming Yue shook her head. “Not possible. Even if you break through here, the godhood of misfortune will still go away.”

After becoming a true god, all his divine seats would go away, regardless of the world he broke through in. As such, so long as Chen Feng became a true god, the godhood of misfortune would become vacant. There was no doubt about that. At that time, Luo Yuan would obtain control over the world. It was pointless for Chen Feng to break through here.

“I know,” Chen Feng said solemnly. “As such, I hope that you can separate Spirit and the Misfortune Goddess from me. Transform them into their true selves.”


They raised their heads abruptly. Turning into their true selves? Spirit and the Misfortune Goddess had been residing in Chen Feng’s body for a long time. Due to what the Luck Goddess did back then, even though Spirit had managed to regain the godhood, she now existed in the form of a consciousness and could only exist within Chen Feng’s consciousness.

As for the Misfortune Goddess, she hadn’t even awakened in the truest sense. She had been in this state ever since she regained her consciousness.

“You are the Nether Goddess,” Chen Feng said solemnly. “You might not be able to display your true power in our world, but here, you are the strongest god!”

He had once learned from Wang Chun that in this world, there were two almighty opposing existences. These two had unique capabilities. If they were to join hands, this would definitely be doable.

Ming Yue rejected this without the slightest hesitation. “Not possible.” Join hands with that slut? What kind of joke was that? At present, this world was divided into two realms. That slut was in charge of the Divine Realm and Ming Yue was in charge of the Nether Realm. Ming Yue was happy with this arrangement and had no intention of seeing that slut even once. She was certain that the slut shared the sentiment. Since that was the case, why bother even trying to ask her?

“The two of you are the only two gods of this world…” Chen Feng said with a bitter smile.

Ming Yue sneered. “We are also archenemies.”

Chen Feng: “…”

To truly enable Spirit and the Misfortune Goddess to obtain new lives, he needed the joint effort of these two gods. After all, in this world, only when the two of them joined hands would this world’s full power be displayed. This was the basic requirement to unleash the world’s power. Even though this was merely a miniature world, it wouldn’t differ much from a world that existed in reality and should be governed by the same set of rules.

Suddenly, Ming Yue said, “Their godly powers are already almost fully fused with you, right? If they leave you now, they can only take with them a small amount of godly power. They will have to start their cultivation from scratch…”

Chen Feng nodded. “Mhm.” Both Spirit and the Misfortune Goddess had indeed sacrificed a lot for him.

Ming Yue curled her lips. “They are fine with this?” They occupied such important divine seats, those of misfortune and luck, yet they would only be at the level of a minor god. They would likely be challenged for their godhood the moment they appeared. They could very well die soon after.

“Yes, they are.” Chen Feng shrugged. “Before killing Luo Yuan, I will have them stay here.”

“…” Ming Yue glared at Chen Feng. So this fellow was already treating this place as his own home?

“In this world, Wang Chun is the true main character,” Ming Yue reminded Chen Feng.

“Huh?” Chen Feng stared into the distance. As Wang Yue met his gaze, he trembled and instantly fled with the Shen Yi sisters, no longer even daring to look at them.

Ming Yue: “…”

What useless trash.

“Look, he seems to have no objections,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

Ming Yue snorted. “In that case, you can start considering a real issue. If I join my godly power with that fellow’s, who will direct this process?”

“Mhm?” Chen Feng was somewhat confused. Direct? What did that mean?

“Are you stupid?” Ming Yue calmly explained, “You are aware that after obtaining all the powers, Luo Yuan will obtain control over the entire world. In this world with only two gods, the same is true. Since our godly powers have to join to grant new life to the two goddesses, someone must direct this newly joined godly power. Who do you think is more fitting to take on this role? How are you sure that after I hand over my godly power, she will not do something else with it? For instance, maybe she’ll kill me and then kill all of you?”

As Chen Feng heard these words, he sank into silence.