The Strongest Gene - Chapter 828 - Astonishing Strength

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Chapter 828: Astonishing Strength

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Why was Xiao Ying female? Chen Feng could not understand this. Because of how naughty she had been when they first met, them always communicating through thought transmission, Xiao Ying signing the marriage contract with Ming Yue on his behalf, and the way Xiao Ying’s attitude conformed to his expectations, he had never seen Xiao Ying as a female.

Initially, he had merely seen Xiao Ying as a pet and had never considered her gender. Later, he had treated Xiao Ying as a bro and had thus stopped considering everything else. Now it seemed like he had been gravely mistaken… especially since that fake nascent soul’s attributes were nearly identical to Xiao Ying.

Suddenly, the sea of consciousness lapsed into silence. It would be pointless to ask Xiao Ying about this. After all, apart from sleeping and eating, this fellow was completely clueless about everything. Naturally, Chen Feng was somewhat excited after finding out that Xiao Ying was a loli as well. Mhm… No, he should not think such thoughts; Xiao Ying was a bro, even if this bro was a she! Chen Feng shook his head as he discarded those thoughts.

He looked at the fake nascent soul and gently asked, “Xiao Ying, do you know what’s up with this thing?”

“…” Xiao Ying gave Chen Feng an odd glance. “My creation, of course.”

Chen Feng nearly vomited blood in shock. Even Spirit and the Misfortune Goddess were alarmed. Evidently, none of them had expected Xiao Ying to be so calm while saying such a thing. So this thing was truly Xiao Ying’s child?

“The child of you and Ming Yue?” asked Chen Feng.

“Nope. Yours,” Xiao Ying replied seriously.


Once again, the sea of consciousness lapsed into silence. Sigh. Spirit mourned for Wang Yao. Just look at this. She hadn’t been gone that long, yet Chen Feng already had a child.

A resounding boom erupted in Chen Feng’s mind. “Mine?” Instantly, scenes from numerous melodramatic plots he had watched played before his eyes.

“Yeah.” Xiao Ying tipped her head to the side and continued, “After my draconic evolution, my body transformed. My original form was a shell of consciousness that was subsequently shed during the evolution. I felt like it was quite a waste to just throw it away. As such, I allowed it to fuse with your consciousness to give birth to a body with no consciousness.”

Oh. So that was the case. Suddenly, Chen Feng understood.

Spirit sneered. “You seem quite disappointed, hearing that ?”

Chen Feng: “…” He coughed awkwardly.

Chen Feng summed it up. “In short, the fake nascent soul is the shell you left behind after your draconic evolution?”

“Not quite.” Xiao Ying gave it some thought and explained, “It would not have transformed with a mere shell. For this thing to come into being, part of your consciousness had to fuse with the shell.”

Chen Feng: “…”

In short, this thing was still the child of him and Xiao Ying. Fine. He could accept this setting. Ever since he found out that Xiao Ying was in fact a little dragon loli, his acceptance level for drama had increased. How much more dramatic could this get? He wasn’t scared anymore.

And thus, Chen Feng finally understood the origin of this fake nascent soul. Perhaps it was due to Xiao Ying’s terrifying attribute as an illusionary snake, or perhaps it was due to Chen Feng’s unique consciousness. When the two merged and with the unknown assistance of Luck Aura, a unique fake nascent soul was created, one capable of devouring godly power and making that godly power his.

If so… Suddenly, Chen Feng thought of a certain person. If Luo Yuan could copy everyone’s abilities, why couldn’t he do the same? If he could absorb all 3,000 core godly powers and assume control over time itself…

Oh, that did not seem like it would work. Chen Feng recalled that many of the so-called 3,000 core powers were now exclusive to Luo Yuan. Moreover, not all of them were offensive powers. As such, it wouldn’t even be possible to bait Luo Yuan into unleashing those powers. He had no choice but to give up on this idea.

If so… he could only grow stronger. Luo Yuan had merely copied all abilities to help him become stronger. Now, he no longer had anything new to copy and had to rely on himself to continue growing. Chen Feng, with his fake nascent soul, was different. He could absorb everything in existence, devour everything and then make it his own. Thus, the more godly powers Chen Feng allowed the fake nascent soul to devour, the stronger he would become.

He did not need to think about the so-called core godly powers, nor did he have to consider whether the powers he absorbed were useful powers. He only needed to absorb them to increase the strength of his godly power. If so, what if he could absorb every godly power? At that time, with the assistance of the fake nascent soul, how powerful would he be? The mere thought caused Chen Feng to surge with emotion.

Perhaps the time had come for him to leave his hiding. He had initially believed that he would have to fake his death for a very long time before he was sufficiently powerful and wait until Luo Yuan was on the verge of a total mental collapse to eliminate him. That would take a very long time. Now, Xiao Ying had given him a new option.

Naturally, before leaving, Chen Feng tested Xiao Ying’s present strength. As a new dragon lady, Xiao Ying’s strength could only be described with the word “terrifying.” Back then, Xiao Ying had been capable of freely shifting her body between the illusory world and the real world. Now, Xiao Ying could do the same to attacks.


Chen Feng’s attack shot out. Just as it was about to land on Xiao Ying, she raised her hand. Instantly, Chen Feng’s attack transformed into an illusion. Just like that, that powerful attack phased through Xiao Ying’s body without doing any damage whatsoever. This was Xiao Ying’s present strength. It was incredibly shocking. One could say that she was second only to Luo Yuan.

“I can no longer devour.” Xiao Ying slanted her head and regretfully said, “All my previous abilities have been given to him. The only ability I kept for myself is the state-shifting ability.”

The simpler an ability was, the stronger it could be. There was no need for accumulation or cultivation. This single ability was sufficient to make Xiao Ying comparable to a true god. Perhaps, one day, Xiao Ying would actually become a true god. After all, Xiao Ying, having evolved into a dragon, was not an existence a normal god could compare to.

However, at present, the scarier person was Chen Feng. Not only did he have the fake nascent soul at his disposal, but he also had both luck and misfortune at his side. In fact, Xiao Ying’s fake nascent soul wasn’t overpowered in any way. After all, the growth of this fake nascent soul was incredibly difficult and complicated.

Fortunately, with luck and misfortune, this was not such a difficult feat. This was especially true since these two opposing powers were now working together.


The brand new godly power bloomed. Once again, Xiao Ying waved her hand as she tried shifting the attacking godly power into an illusory form. Shockingly, this new godly power shifted much more slowly than ordinary godly powers did. Evidently, this new godly power was somewhat immune to this shift.

This was merely a fusion of three godly powers. What if there were more? Perhaps… the resulting godly power would be completely immune to this shift? Chen Feng was filled with expectation. Shortly after, Chen Feng and Xiao Ying finished their preparations and set off. Their target? All the gods still not under Luo Yuan’s control. Chen Feng was sure that he wouldn’t even need long to gather all their powers.