The Strongest Gene - Chapter 826 - Origin of the Nascent Soul

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Chapter 826: Origin of the Nascent Soul

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Chen Feng raised his hand. In his hand hovered a flame-like power. It appeared very weak, as if any random breeze would extinguish it.

“You have actually succeeded in the fusion!” Duma exclaimed in admiration.

Back when Chen Feng had first said that he wanted to fuse his godly powers, Duma had merely looked at him like was an idiot. After all, not only was the fusion process exceedingly difficult, it also required time. Who would actually go and cultivate for thirty years right before the final boss battle?

Nobody would give him such a chance, especially not Luo Yuan. However, it was truly unexpected that Chen Feng had thought of faking his death. No, to be precise, he had truly died. And thus, Luo Yuan, who was on the verge of success, landed in an awkward situation. Instead, it was Chen Feng who was taking advantage of this situation to increase his strength without stop. If Luo Yuan knew the truth, he would probably be infuriated to death, right? That was very possible.

Duma sighed deeply. “Life is indeed filled with changes.”

Among the numerous life-forms that had come into being on this world, humans had unlimited potential. The genetic abilities created by humanity were extremely unique. In a sense, genetic abilities were precisely what strengthened humanity, the race with unlimited potential.

Luo Yuan was the perfect example of this. With a single genetic ability, he had slowly transformed until he had reached this height, becoming a true god. As for Lady Xiao Yue, she too had accomplished much relying on only a single genetic ability. If she faced Luo Yuan directly, she would not be able to take even a single casual attack from him. However, when it came to sensing and perception… she could easily outplay Luo Yuan. This was especially true since Luo Yuan’s power of luck did not seem too enthusiastic when it came to looking for misfortune.

“How strong are you now?” Duma was filled with expectation. Chen Feng, having fused three godly powers, should be extremely powerful, right?

Chen Feng shook his head. “I don’t know.” How strong was he now? He didn’t know. However, he should be at a level where killing a major god was extremely easy, right? He was unsure. After all, major gods hadn’t existed in quite a while.

“A true god?” Duma guessed.

Chen Feng rolled his eyes. How was it so easy to reach the true-god stage?

Duma coughed awkwardly.

“Nevertheless… this is a good start.” Chen Feng was very satisfied. “The three godly powers finally began to fuse. It won’t be long before all three become an entirely new godly power. At that time, I will truly transform. Even if I can’t become a true god, I will at least be a peak major god.”

Chen Feng was sure about this, as he could clearly sense that he was quite formidable now. Truthfully, he had a very odd feeling. The so-called fusion was actually just the miniature person within him holding a godly power in each hand and forcefully mixing them together. That’s right, mixing them. The amplification power originated from this fake nascent soul.

When Chen Feng had tried fusing the godly powers of luck and misfortune, he had seen the miniature person within him grab at the two godly powers and forcefully mix them together, and thus a new godly power had been birthed. This wasn’t the fusion of three godly powers in the truest sense, as it was essentially the fusion of two godly powers, two powers that were innately hostile to each other.

What exactly was the power Chen Feng had gained after his godhood? He couldn’t make sense of it. Ignoring luck and misfortune, what exactly was this fake nascent soul? Chen Feng had a feeling that he had to figure this out first. In the past, he had been too weak to do so, and after he’d become a major god, he had been busy dealing with Luo Yuan. After all, studying this fake nascent soul was no easy feat. Now that he was free because he’d faked his death, apart from cultivating, he had nothing else to do.

Thus, now was the perfect time to study that thing. What exactly was it?

Spirit was filled with suspicion. “Is this the byproduct of you and the ex-Luck Goddess?”

Chen Feng: “…” Sister, can you not be so melodramatic?

“This miniature person seems to like the godly powers of luck and misfortune a lot,” the Misfortune Goddess said. The consciousness of this miniature person was most definitely Chen Feng’s consciousness, since it synced itself with each motion of Chen Feng’s. What they were trying to figure out was the essence and origin of this miniature person.

So long as the power of luck and misfortune approached the miniature person, they would be fused together. The miniature person was behaving like some sort of unique converter. This effect was especially pronounced after the start of the fusion. The fake nascent soul had appeared to glow with splendor after that brand new godly power seemed to completely fuse with him.

“Do you guys feel anything?” Chen Feng asked after thinking about it. “This thing seems like he has actually eaten both luck and misfortune?”

Spirit was instantly alarmed. The Misfortune Goddess was startled as well. After thinking about it, that appeared to be the case. To hell with the so-called “fusion of three.” In fact, this fellow was actually absorbing both luck and misfortune and transforming them into its very own power. The so-called “new godly power” was actually this fellow’s power.

“Excessive!” Spirit was furious. She had always believed that this new power was a result of the fusion.

The Misfortune Goddess was filled with doubt. “But why would you have something like this within you?”

“No idea.” Capable of absorbing two powers and transforming them into his own? If this was truly the case… “Wait a bit.”

Chen Feng left and dragged Duma, who had ascended not long ago, into the room. Next, he got Duma to carefully transmit godly power into Chen Feng’s body. Carefully, the godly power was manipulated so it would drift near the fake nascent soul.


As his godly power neared the fake nascent soul, it vanished completely.

It had truly vanished. Chen Feng remembered that a long time ago, something like this had happened a bunch of times. Subsequently, he had blamed it on Xiao Ying and had forgotten about it. Now that he looked at it…


Even as this was happening, Xiao Ying was taking a nap far away. At present, when that godly power vanished, only the fake nascent soul was around. What in the world? So it turned out that this fellow was capable of automatically absorbing godly power? Not only that, he would also gently transform the absorbed godly power into his own. Indeed, as Duma’s godly power vanished, Chen Feng discovered a brand new clump of power within him. This was quite a wondrous scene, and it left Chen Feng dazed for a long time.

“Great Star-Sucking Skill?” [1] 1 Chen Feng exclaimed in admiration.

Shortly after, he discovered that the power converted from Duma’s power was different from what he had. To be precise, this new godly power was even more powerful, as it possessed the characteristics of luck, misfortune, and Duma’s godly power. It felt extremely powerful. This fake nascent soul seemed to have devoured the properties of all three godly powers. Chen Feng proceeded to try to collide with Duma’s godly power.


Instantly, Duma’s godly power was destroyed. This was despite Chen Feng only exerting a small portion of his power. The property of this new godly power far surpassed everything and was able to easily eliminate Duma’s godly power, which was of a rather impressive quality.

“I seem to understand somewhat now,” Chen Feng said in amazement. First, this fake nascent soul was seemingly capable of absorbing spiritual energy to push his defense to the maximum. Second, this fake nascent soul was capable of stripping the properties of godly powers, allowing his own godly power to possess the properties of the stripped godly powers.

If so, one final question remained. How exactly had this thing come into being? Chen Feng was sure that this thing had not appeared for no reason. Moreover, the more he thought about it, the more familiar it seemed to be. This was quite an odd feeling.


Devour… Absorb… Numerous powers…

Suddenly, Chen Feng’s gaze shifted and landed on the distant sleeping Xiao Ying. He instantly hissed in shock. That couldn’t be the case, right?