The Strongest Gene - Chapter 825 - About the Corpse

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Chapter 825: About the Corpse

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

It had been thirty years! Luo Yuan looked into space, anxiously waiting. The misfortune godhood…he was sure that this godhood still lacked an owner. If it had truly appeared, his power of luck would have pointed that person out in anger so he could eliminate that disgusting misfortune. And yet he had felt no such thing.

Misfortune was truly missing. As for luck… it definitely did not want misfortune to appear. As such, relying on luck to look for misfortune would be pointless. However, what Luo Yuan could not understand was… was he truly so unlucky?

Throughout the years, he had nurtured more than 200 or even 300 gods, accomplishing a feat even Ye had failed to accomplish. Yet were none of them the Misfortune God? He truly could not understand this. Where exactly was misfortune?

Year 30 of the Luo Yuan Calendar.

The world had entered a long period of peace. To be precise, half of the world. That was because Luo Yuan only had half the world under his control; the other half was still filled with hatred for him. Nevertheless, this was still Luo Yuan’s era. These years, his focus had been on the godhoods, allowing the world to return to a peace of sorts.

After all, Luo Yuan’s goal was to rewind time. He would not waste his effort on managing or ruling a world that could vanish at any time. As such, he did not care much about this world. That was also why the remaining half of this world not under his control was able to obtain a temporary peace even though they were still hidden in various corners of the world.

As for Luo Yuan, he was the almighty true god, an existence all living beings could only look up to. Since time immemorial, only three existences had reached such a level. The Creation God, the Sin God, and finally… Luo Yuan.

The stages of godhood were separated thusly: minor god, elementary god, journeyman god, major god, and the final stage, one normally impossible to reach, true god. Chen Feng had once had the chance to reach this stage. If he had been able to continue growing with his numerous believers until he was a major god, followed by an accumulation of several decades, he would truly have had a chance of reaching this stage.

Unfortunately, he had merely become a major god before being defeated by Luo Yuan. A true god was a unique existence.

The Ye from back then had maintained a certain degree of combat power even after defeating over a hundred major gods all by himself. From this, the might of a true god was apparent. As for Luo Yuan, he seemed even stronger than Ye.

Luo Yuan had been silently accumulating strength and gathering abilities for so many years. How could he not be strong? Using such a unique method, he had grown and accumulated without stop until he had finally reached a unique realm, becoming a true god. Only true gods had the qualification to control the world.

And thus, before the next true god appeared, Luo Yuan was unstoppable. And if there was one thing one could learn from history, it was that a new true god would not appear for a long period of time. Not only that, at present, there weren’t even any major gods. How lamentable.

As for the gods nurtured by Luo Yuan, regardless of their strength, they were still merely Luo Yuan’s dogs. At present, the only major god in existence was the Forest Goddess. She was the smartest goddess, the only one that had always maintained absolute neutrality. Ignoring whether she could even reach the true god stage in the first place, even if she managed to reach that stage, she would probably still maintain her neutrality.

Given Luo Yuan’s intelligence, he would definitely not seek trouble with this neutral party for no apparent reason. Even back when he had gone looking for her, he had merely copied her power before leaving. Moreover, he had only acquired the most basic copy of her power. After all, his goal was to rewind time, not to defeat all gods.

“When will such a life end?”


“Well, at least there are no wars anymore.”

“Hehe, have you forgotten how we used to live?”

“Yeah, that was a few decades ago during the era of Chen Feng. Sigh, that was totally the best era ever. Everyone lived a good life. There was sufficient food for everyone and all sorts of technological advancements for everyone to enjoy. The present era… is no different than the era of the barbarians, right? We have no entertainment whatsoever to speak of.”

“Entertainment? We are lucky to be alive.”

“Sigh. If we hadn’t tasted the previous era, it wouldn’t matter. However, it is easy for one to start partaking in the pleasures of life yet it is extremely hard to give up on them.”


A lot of life-forms shared this sentiment. After all, a huge majority of them had experienced that era. Unfortunately, none of them dared to say this to Luo Yuan’s face.

As for the life-forms hiding in the various corners of the world, although they had maintained a certain level of technology, it was nevertheless still incomplete and crude. They were living rather primitive lives. These days, it was hard to even stay alive.

Unknown to anyone, at a certain location amid layers upon layers of clouds, a certain young lady was solemnly painting. Flowers bloomed all around her, painting an exquisite natural picture. The young lady was extremely serious, her head occasionally bobbing to the side as she smiled. Suddenly, she stopped painting.

“Time for you to die,” she softly said. Her voice was gentle, yet her words were alarming.


Behind her, a youth who was seated cross-legged stood up helplessly.


He stabbed his chest with a knife.


He fell to the ground, dead, with blood everywhere. Shortly after, his corpse grew cold. As for the young lady, she was still painting. She couldn’t be bothered with the corpse. After a long time, a faint energy swept past. This energy, containing an abstruse and enigmatic power, brushed past the youth’s body to confirm that he was indeed dead and then left.

After a while, the young lady shook the little bell she had on her hand.


The door to the room opened. Duma walked in helplessly and looked at the cold corpse.

“Dead again? Sigh…”


Godly power converged in his hands as he resurrected the corpse.

“Is there a need for this?” Duma laughed bitterly. “You make me feel like some cheap resurrection machine bought from the mall.”

“Come on, I am the one suffering here,” the resurrected youth grumbled. Without a doubt, this youth was precisely Chen Feng. It had been thirty years. Each time the young lady sensed that Luo Yuan was about to search for Chen Feng, she would tell Chen Feng. Then Chen Feng would have to die for real. This was the only way he could avoid Luo Yuan’s detection. He had to truly die.

Naturally, to avoid detection, all he had been doing for the past thirty years was cultivating, hiding, and sitting by the window and staring outside. The 100,000 corpses… tsk tsk. Truly violent. As for misfortune… hehehehe. He was still alive. As such, how could misfortune appear?

Luo Yuan would never be able to find misfortune in his entire life if this continued. They were playing a game of timing. They would first have Chen Feng die for real. Then Duma would resurrect him. There was no weak link whatsoever in this plan.

Of course, this method was only helpful when it came to hiding from Luo Yuan. If Chen Feng wanted to truly put an end to Luo Yuan, he had to first ensure that he was sufficiently powerful. Back then, he had utilized his huge amount of faith to advance all three of his godhoods to the major-god stage. As for his thirty years of cultivation, he had been trying his best to fuse all three godhoods.

That’s right, fusion, like creating a brand new color by mixing three different colors together. What would be the result of the fusion of misfortune, luck, and Chen Feng’s unknown godly power? What would appear from this fusion? Chen Feng was filled with anticipation.

He had spent thirty full years on this. Finally, after thirty years of bitter cultivation, he was able to fuse all three godly powers slightly, producing a unique godly power, a power never seen before. Perhaps… this was a high-tier godly power?