The Strongest Gene - Chapter 823 - Mental Collapse (Part 2)

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Chapter 823: Mental Collapse (Part 2)

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Chen Feng had died, and Luo Yuan was deep in despair. Helpless, he had no choice but to bring this world under his control yet again. Those people had escaped to the numerous wastelands and corners of the world, and Luo Yuan had to bring them back. Not only that, he couldn’t even kill casually. Otherwise, those people would choose to die rather than obey him. Perhaps this was due to his bad track record.

Thus, Luo Yuan’s journey to regain his believers was a long one. For some reason, his plan to rewind time had been leaked. Now, almost everyone knew that he wanted to destroy the world as they knew it. As such, nobody was willing to follow him.

Ultimately, Luo Yuan had no choice but to conquer them by force and erase their memories. As the strongest existence in the world, he began his journey to gather believers. In this period of time, only two believers had broken through into the apostle realm. This rate was quite pathetic, in all honesty.

After all, he had far too few believers. If this were before, when he had controlled everyone, there would be someone would entering the apostle realm every minute. One month, then two months, then three months… time passed. Each day, Luo Yuan visited the numerous corners of the world, looking for the people that were trying their best to hide. After a long time, Luo Yuan finally reached three million believers.

That’s right, he had only gathered three million believers in three months. A lot of races would rather accept death than follow Luo Yuan. Luo Yuan had no choice but to patiently explain things to these people. If this were before, one would not dare to imagine that a person as powerful as Luo Yuan would bother explaining his actions to some bugs. Yet now he had no choice but to do just that.

“I am indeed planning to reorganize this world. However, my followers will not be reorganized!” he said. A simple explanation. Yet some actually bought it and followed him. Since this world was destined to be destroyed, it was better to follow someone like him than to die, right? And thus, a large number of people submitted.

Half a year later, finally, one of Luo Yuan’s apostles ascended to godhood for the first time. However, somewhat regretfully, the divine seat that fellow ascended to was that of a certain god… was it the Culinary God? Or the Gourmet God? Luo Yuan wasn’t quite clear. In any case, it was a useless god as far as he was concerned. It did not matter, though. Luo Yuan was still optimistic that the future would be beautiful.

Following the first one, more of his apostles would definitely ascend. Indeed, as the number of his believers increased, coupled with the great effort he put into rearing them, during the second half year, 10 of his believers ascended to godhood. Naturally, all of them failed to ascend to the godhood he wanted. Instead, a bunch of odd gods appeared.

No, this was not enough. And thus, Luo Yuan started gathering even more believers. Naturally, Luo Yuan used his trump card for this: “I am planning to reorganize the world. This new world will require new gods to manage. I will not make you guys wear wristbands anymore. Those willing to submit to me will have a chance to become gods. As for the rest… All shall be erased.”

And thus, he gained even more believers. They became resonators and apostles, and they trained without stop to ultimately become gods. During the third half year, 12 apostles tried to ascend. During the fourth half year, 50 apostles tried to ascend. During the fifth half year, 100 apostles tried to ascend. During the sixth half year, 1,000 apostles tried to ascend.

The number increased greatly. Alas, not a single one of them was able to stumble upon the godhood of misfortune, not a one. Was he so unlucky? Luo Yuan was unwilling to accept this. Could it be that Chen Feng had actually… Suddenly, Luo Yuan recalled that Chen Feng had been missing for a very long time.

“Is Chen Feng alive or dead?”


The answer given by Luck Aura was still as concise as ever. It was either a yes or no. There might be things Luck Aura did not know, but Luck Aura never gave a false answer. Thus, was this just bad luck on his part?

“Godhood of misfortune, where are you?”

Luo Yuan sighed. He knew the probability of stumbling upon the godhood of misfortune was low. However, he had never imagined it to be this low. He shook his head and once again continued working hard on his believers. This was incredibly similar to the grind one had to go through in games when one wanted to obtain legendary equipment.

Two thousand…

Three thousand…

Four thousand…

The number of gods increased. With Luo Yuan’s hard work over these few years, now half the world had submitted to him. At this point, Luo Yuan stopped going out to look for more believers, as it was pointless. At present, he already had millions upon millions of life-forms under him. That was half the population of this world.

The other half were still hiding in various locations, and looking for them would be too much work. After all, this world was too huge and those people were spread everywhere like ants. Moreover, they were hiding with the blessings of gods. As such, it would be quite time consuming to look for them. However, it did not matter. What Luo Yuan needed to focus on was helping his believers break through without stop until they became gods.

And thus, gods appeared without stop. Ten thousand, twenty thousand, thirty thousand…

There had never been an era with so many gods. Even the era of the Creation God had had less than a hundred thousand gods. Yet now, under Luo Yuan’s effort, after 20 years, the number of gods reached a hundred thousand. This number was quite terrifying.

And yet Luo Yuan was not satisfied. Among the hundred thousand gods, not a single one of them had obtained the godhood of misfortune. Trash! You’re all trash! Luo Yuan was furious. If this was some loot-box card game, he would have dropped the game long ago.

He had originally believed himself to be the final victor. However, who would have expected that he would fail to gain full control over the world even so long after Chen Feng’s death? Luo Yuan could imagine how, even in death, Chen Feng was still sneering at him.

Luo Yuan raged. “Damn it!” It had been 20 years! It was this very day that, suddenly, someone claimed that Chen Feng’s belongings had been found.

“Bring them over.” Luo Yuan became spirited. Soon, a small piece of paper was brought over. On top of it were some fading words.

“Do you think that your victory is assured with my death? With all my power, I have hidden the power of misfortune amid the radiance of a different godhood. You will never be able to find it. Perhaps the power of misfortune already resides within one of your subsidiary gods. I shall be waiting… waiting for the day he overthrows you!”


Luo Yuan destroyed the piece of paper, not leaving even ashes behind. It was no wonder that he had been failing to find misfortune! That bastard had actually hidden the power of misfortune in a different godhood? So among those damnable fellows, one of them could very well have the power of misfortune?

“Very good. If so…”

Luo Yuan’s eyes gleamed coldly. On the next day, he commanded all the gods to put on wristbands. This gave rise to a huge panic among the gods.

“Lord, you promised that we would not have to wear the wristbands.”


“You clearly promised us that.”

“Lord, you are the supreme god-king. You can’t go back on your word.”

The gods were all alarmed. They knew what wearing the wristband signified. They also knew that putting on the wristband signified true fear and helplessness. Once they put the wristbands on, they wouldn’t even be able to die anymore.