The Strongest Gene - Chapter 820 - The Final Godly Power

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Chapter 820: The Final Godly Power

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

The entire world was in chaos. Every life-form had escaped into the unexplored regions even though those regions were brimming with danger and were not a good place to live. The various life-forms sought shelter from the various gods, then completely vanished from Luo Yuan’s senses. Luo Yuan traversed nearly half the mainland and still failed to find a single person. Only the shells of the various flourishing cities were left.

Why had this happened? Luo Yuan’s heart swayed slightly. However, his heart became as firm as stone again shortly after. Let alone emptied cities, even if the cities were fully destroyed, so what? So long as he succeeded in his plan, the entire world would be restarted, as time would rewind. At that time, everything would return to the correct beginning.

“You people will not be able to defeat me.” Luo Yuan stood up, his gaze firmer than ever. He was Luo Yuan, the strongest in the world. He had countless healing and resurrection abilities. Even with his serious injuries, he was recovering without stop. So what if he didn’t have any believers? He finally gave up on his stubborn desire to gather believers.

It was a waste of time and energy. He had wanted to assemble all the power in the world to fight Chen Feng. This would give him the highest success rate in their clash. Unexpectedly, Chen Feng had made use of what he had done to deal a blow to him. Hehe, how ridiculous. If he couldn’t make use of those believers, he wouldn’t bother anymore. After all, his final goal was different. Luo Yuan gathered his attention and looked into his own body. It wouldn’t be long before he achieved his final goal.

“Soon.” He took in a deep breath. As long as he finished this final step, he would be able to truly return to the past. At that time, everything in this version of the world would no longer have anything to do with him. Chen Feng? The various gods? Hehe. Continue hiding, then. They could continue hiding as they wished. After all, there wasn’t much time left for them anyway.


Luo Yuan vanished. This time, he wasn’t heading toward the various cities. Rather, he was heading toward his original target. He wanted to use the shortest time possible to rewind time. Nobody could hope to stop him.

At a certain location amid a continuous mountain range, Chen Feng and the rest were watching on as everything unfolded silently. Before his eyes, radiances swirled about.

The humans, ancients, and various races had all followed different gods and headed toward the unexplored regions. If Luo Yuan wanted to manually look for them in the unexplored regions, he would probably be exhausted to death.

“Has everyone entered those regions?”

“Mhm. The majority of the various life-forms are now concealed.”

“Luo Yuan shouldn’t be able to find them now.”

“That’s good.”

Chen Feng heaved a sigh of relief. In fact, Luo Yuan’s plan wasn’t wrong. After all, he was too strong. If he could locate those believers, he would be able to force them all to become his believers again. Chen Feng and the rest would be slowly pressured by him until they died.

Fortunately, Luo Yuan had finally given up on this. Since the numerous life-forms had scattered into hiding, the difficulty level of locating them was incredibly high. For Luo Yuan, this was not even worth his effort. Thus, he had opted to give up on doing so. If Chen Feng’s guess was correct, Luo Yuan’s next target would be his true goal, the goal he had ascended to godhood to achieve.

“What do you guys think this actual goal is?” Chen Feng asked with a smile.

Qin Hai shrugged. “What else?”

In fact, Luo Yuan’s goal was very clear. Returning to the past, this was something everyone wanted. However, Luo Yuan would pay quite a bit more than an average person to achieve this. In fact, they did not even need to try to guess his next step. Soon, they began to receive updates. A certain god died at Luo Yuan’s hands. A certain god escaped from Luo Yuan with grave injuries. And so on. These gods were those that had never worn a wristband before.

Luo Yuan was gathering godly powers. The various abilities and godly powers he had were still not sufficient for him. To control the entire world, he had to first control all of this world’s core godly powers. Chen Feng’s group looked for the Forest Goddess to find out about the core godly powers of this world and were told that there were a total of 3,000 core godly powers.

So long as one was able to control all 3,000 core godly powers, one would be able to control the entire world in the truest sense. This was also why the Sin God had been trying to cultivate more gods in the past. That was because he had wished to truly control the world. This applied to both Luo Yuan and Ye.

Theoretically, there was no upper limit to the number of gods allowed to exist. However, the number of gods that could control core godly powers was capped at only 3,000. This was, in fact, quite simple to understand. It was similar to how there were many colors in existence, yet they were all made up of a few base colors. However, the gods cultivated by Ye, coupled with the gods that had existed since the Primordial Era, were still not sufficient to meet this requirement of 3,000 core godly powers.

So Luo Yuan only had two methods. The first choice was to cultivate those gods himself. The second choice was to obtain the power by force.

“He has obviously given up on self-cultivation.”

Chen Feng was sure. Controlling the world and gathering all the believers would be the easiest method to cultivate gods. This had been the optimal choice for Luo Yuan. Unfortunately, the plan had been completely ruined by Chen Feng. Now, he could only choose the second method. He had once controlled the entire world. As such, Luo Yuan already had control of the powers of those that had used the wristbands. At present, what he was seeking was precisely the gods that had never used a wristband.

Suddenly, Kong Bai said, “How about the past?” Since Luo Yuan had control over the transmigration and luck abilities, it would be quite simple for him to return to the past. Ye’s idea of controlling the world was a type of control through the various gods under him. What about Luo Yuan? He alone would be sufficient. That was the scariest part of all this. Moreover, he could even return to the past and duplicate those gods’ godly powers if he wished to.

“He should already have control over the powers he can obtain that way. That is to say, the powers of the places and points in time that he has been to are probably all under his control now. The only thing he still lacks is the present and future.”

Chen Feng was sure.

Qin Hai frowned. “Can you not sense it with Luck Aura?”

Chen Feng shook his head. “No.” Their Luck Auras were counteracting each other. However, they suddenly thought of a certain someone, a young lady capable of painting the future.

“Looks like we have to pay her a visit.”

“Hold on, look, what’s that?”

In the sky, the various clouds started converging together and assumed the form of a single digit: a three.

No, the three only appeared shortly before trembling and changing into a two. It was also at this exact moment that they received news from Duma that Luo Yuan had appeared somewhere yet again to destroy a certain god. With this, Chen Feng’s group understood what this number signified. There were only two core powers remaining before Luo Yuan had full control of the 3,000 core godly powers.


Chen Feng and the rest were shaken. So Luo Yuan had actually gathered so many of them?

“I guess it should be harder for him toward the end, right?” Kong Bai inhaled deeply. “Three thousand godly powers that are the true essence of the powers needed by the world. The final two that he lacks will most definitely be the hardest to obtain.”

However, before he even finished speaking, the digit in the sky transformed into a one.


They all lapsed into silence. One? Their hearts trembled. It was also at this moment that the Forest Goddess told them that Luo Yuan had just paid her a visit. She had not resisted, allowing Luo Yuan to duplicate her power. Everyone sank into silence. So one of the final two had been the power of the Forest Goddess. That was acceptable. After all, how could the core essence of a world exclude the power of forests?

“If ‘forest’ is also one of them…”

Chen Feng had a vague guess about this. Right at this instant, the second part of the Forest Goddess’s message arrived. If her guess was correct, the final core power should be misfortune.


Chen Feng’s heart trembled. So that was the case. Misfortune represented curses and disasters, and it was one of the essences of a world. If Luo Yuan wanted full control of the world, he would have to find Chen Feng. It was no wonder that he had not killed Chen Feng previously and had merely asked him to put on the wristband. So it turned out his actual goal was Chen Feng’s power of misfortune.

“How did he figure out that you hold the power of misfortune?”

Kong Bai could not understand. With Chen Feng’s Luck Aura, Luo Yuan’s Luck Aura shouldn’t have worked on him. So how could Luo Yuan deduce that the power of misfortune was under Chen Feng’s control?

Toward this question, Chen Feng merely smiled bitterly. “Through the process of elimination?”

“…” Kong Bai was instantly speechless.