The Strongest Gene - Chapter 817 - The Liberated World

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Chapter 817: The Liberated World

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

At a certain location, a middle-aged person enduring the pain caused by the decrease in his strength suddenly found that his wristband was broken. An expression of utter joy appeared on his face as he realized that this wristband had actually broken down by itself. He had tried so many methods to get rid of it, yet it had seemed like the wristband had become a part of him and refused to be destroyed.

Each time he had tried to damage it, the damage had been redirected to him instead. Even worse was the fact that this wristband had occasionally controlled his body. This thing was like a demon, yet he had not been able to deal with it. He had given up on it, resigned to the fact that his and his children’s future would be under the control of their wristbands.

Unexpectedly, this thing had broken down on its own today. The middle-aged man stood up. After the feeling of pain vanished, he studied his wrist thoroughly. Apart from a red dot left by a needle, there was nothing on his wrist. The wristband had truly vanished.

He howled with laughter. “Hahahahaha. I have regained freedom!”

At a different location, similar sounds of celebration could be heard.

“Haha, I am free as well.”

“Same here.”

A smile appeared on the middle-aged man’s face. It seemed like everyone had survived this. They were finally free from that damnable wristband.

“Hold on. That Luo Yuan fellow seems to have ascended to godhood as well?”


“He seems incredibly powerful. Even without the wristband, if he decides to come and catch us…”

“Let’s go. Fast, bring our family with us as well.”


“No matter how strong he is, without the wristband, he won’t be able to locate us.” U.p..dated by


And thus, a huge number of people left their homes. After experiencing the short era of Luo Yuan, they knew how terrifying it was to be under someone else’s control. With that wristband controlling them, even suicide had not been an option. That was truly a life without freedom.

“Hmph. Even if I have to die, I am not willing to be controlled again.”


“Let’s go. In this unique era, the world is particularly massive.”


Soon, a huge number of people left. The population in the numerous human territories dropped rapidly. This was merely what was happening to the humans.

The same was happening to the other races, such as the unique races, the beasts, the ancients, and all other life-forms. All of them moved into the dangerous regions. They would rather die in those desolate regions than be subjected to control. As for Chen Feng and Luo Yuan’s battlefield, those who received the greatest effect were the various gods.

They had merely been invaded by the power of misfortune. However, with the disappearance of Luo Yuan’s wristbands, they were no longer under control.

“We are free?”

They were still in a daze. The fight between Chen Feng and Luo Yuan had actually freed them from the wristbands’ control. How could they not be overjoyed by this?

Bang! Bang!

The battle was still going on for Chen Feng.

Luo Yuan’s eyes gleamed coldly. “You are courting death!” As his body had begun to recover, he was no longer fearful of Chen Feng’s attacks. Earlier, he had been dragged down by the numerous life-forms and been helplessly beaten up by Chen Feng. As for now… hehe.


Luo Yuan’s body recovered at a rapid pace. The speed at which Chen Feng could deal damage to him was even slower than his recovery.

Suddenly, the various gods awakened from their stupor.


“Help him!”

“Yeah, let us destroy Luo Yuan together!”

This was the best opportunity to gang up on Luo Yuan. Otherwise, if Luo Yuan was allowed to fully recover, they would have to live their lives under someone else’s control. As they thought of this, the various gods charged forth without hesitation.

Swish! Swish!

Various godly powers blasted toward Luo Yuan.

“Damn it!” Luo Yuan had an unsightly expression. Although these godly powers couldn’t deal much damage to him, he was still of the opinion that he shouldn’t have given up control over these gods. Earlier, all the gods had been affected as well and had similarly been sharing their injuries with Luo Yuan. With several thousand of them, the accumulated damage had been sufficient to hurt Luo Yuan quite a lot.

As such, he had severed all his connections in a fit of anger. Now, when he thought about it, he was of the opinion that even if he could have not severed the connections with the various gods, the connections with the gods that were present here should have been maintained.

Earlier, under Chen Feng’s barrage and his great pain, he had been unable to think properly. This had resulted in him making an incorrect choice. Now that he thought about it, he was actually able to think of many solutions to deal with what Chen Feng had done to him. These were solutions that did not even require him to sever his connection with the wristbands. He would only have needed to use a combination of his abilities.

So it turned out that he had indeed not been thinking clearly earlier. Luo Yuan sighed as he realized that overreliance was indeed rather terrifying. Luck Aura… Luo Yuan sighed sorrowfully. This ability had granted him smooth sailing all this while, but now it was the reason for his defeat. All his effort had been ruined.


Another punch headed toward him. This time, Luo Yuan raised his hand and caught it.

“Did you think I would allow you to attack me as you wish?” Killing intent erupted from Luo Yuan’s eyes. Without all that damnable damage dragging him down, he had no fear of Chen Feng. Now it was time for this Chen Feng to die. Even if the entirety of his plan had been ruined and he now had to start afresh, nobody could stop him. So long as he killed this Chen Feng, he would be able to start his plan again. He would be able to once again gather those people up and subject them to his control.


Numerous terrifying forces blasted at Chen Feng. However, before those attacks could reach Chen Feng, they were intercepted by the various gods. Those damnable fellows were helping Chen Feng.

Luo Yuan’s killing intent intensified. “You all…”

“Let us do battle!” The gods all had sharp gazes. Never before had any of them believed in something this firmly. They would rather die than be controlled once more.

Luo Yuan howled, “Since you guys want to die, fine!”


His godly power surged out and the battle erupted.

Luo Yuan’s and the various gods’ godly powers collided and interweaved in midair. If this were before, they would not have the confidence to face someone like Luo Yuan. But today, Luo Yuan had been gravely injured, had lost all his believers, and had been once again seriously injured by Chen Feng.

Right now, Luo Yuan was as weak as he could be. And thus, the various journeyman gods attacked together.

Bang! Bang! bang!

Terrifying godly powers exploded everywhere. At this moment, Chen Feng instead stopped his attacks.

Qin Hai narrowed his eyes. “Will Luo Yuan truly die from this?”

Chen Feng shook his head. “I doubt it. These gods are too weak.”

All the major gods had died in their clash with the Sin God. Only these weak gods had been left behind. No matter how weak Luo Yuan was, he was not someone they could contend against. However, Chen Feng clenched his fists as he wondered if he himself would be capable of putting an end to Luo Yuan. After all, the first step of his plan had been to compel Luo Yuan to give up on everything. His second step was to put an end to Luo Yuan.


Chen Feng stepped forth. Just as he was about to attack, in the sky, the drifting clouds suddenly converged together and assumed the form of a picture. In that picture, only a single survivor was left standing, surrounded by numerous corpses sprawled all around. This picture was extremely indistinct, and it appeared rather bizarre, yet Chen Feng still had a strong feeling that the sole survivor in that picture was precisely… Luo Yuan.