The Strongest Gene - Chapter 815 - Are You Sure?

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Chapter 815: Are You Sure?

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

“You should already have the Luck Aura ability, right?” asked Chen Feng.

Luo Yuan smiled. “Yes. However, your comprehension of Luck Aura is above mine.” He narrowed his eyes. “Moreover, there are other powers hidden within you, some extremely weird existences.”

Chen Feng smiled. “So that is why you haven’t killed me yet?” It was no wonder that Luo Yuan had kept him alive and had been talking nonstop. So it turned out Luo Yuan had his eyes set on what Chen Feng had? Mhm…

“Do you know that villains tend to end up dead?” Chen Feng asked.

Luo Yuan shrugged. “Yeah. However, from my point of view, you are the villain. Am I wrong?”


They exchanged glances, their eyes gleaming.


“I understand now.” Chen Feng understood. Since an unknown point in time, Luo Yuan had fully seen himself as the main character. With Luck Aura, he had given himself everything a main character should have. And thus, as time had passed, he had come to believe this as well. After all, this was also what Chen Feng had believed in the past. Ultimately, the cruelness of reality had awoken him from this delusion. Luck Aura was nevertheless still Luck Aura, not some main character’s aura.

Luo Yuan’s expression became cold. “Put this on.”

“All right.” Chen Feng sighed. “Are you sure you want me to wear it? Perhaps, after putting it on, something bad will happen,” Chen Feng said solemnly.

“Put it on!” Luo Yuan no longer had the patience to continue talking.

“Fine.” Chen Feng picked up the wristband. “Ah, it has been a while since I last used one of these,” he lamented. It had indeed been a long time since he had used a wristband.


Luck Aura activated noiselessly.

“It’s useless,” Luo Yuan’s cold voice sounded. “I told you, even though your Luck Aura is somewhat more advanced than mine, the nature of the godly power of luck is still similar. As such, your Luck Aura will never work on me. If we both use it at the same time, the most they can achieve is counteracting each other.”


Radiance started swirling around him. At this instant, he activated his Luck Aura as well.

“I know,” Chen Feng said indifferently. “I only activated Luck Aura to counteract yours.”

“Mhm?” Luo Yuan had a sudden ominous feeling. This feeling intensified greatly when he saw Chen Feng put the wristband on, to the point that he nearly instinctively tried to stop Chen Feng from doing so.

Luo Yuan’s heart leaped madly. “No!” Alas, it was already too late.


The moment Chen Feng put the wristband on, his ability was officially linked with Luo Yuan’s ability. The entire world, which was under the control of Luo Yuan’s wristbands, became incomparably distinct to him. The entire world, the millions upon millions of life-forms and wristbands, everything became like a bright shining star to him.

In the sky, Luo Yuan was like an almighty star that was absorbing everyone’s faith and energy. A faint string seemed to be connecting all the wristbands. So this was how he had been copying abilities? At first, the wristbands had merely copied the wearers’ abilities. Subsequently, though, the wristbands had started absorbing the wearers’ comprehensions as well. This was indeed quite scary. All the abilities copied by Luo Yuan were improving without stop. / update by

“I see.” Chen Feng finally understood. This differed somewhat from what he had initially pictured. He had believed that this would be Luo Yuan’s weakness. So what if he had so many abilities? He was only one person and could only truly learn a few of the truly powerful abilities. As such, he would probably select a few abilities to focus on. The others would be left in their primary forms.

However, it seemed like that wasn’t the case. With the wristbands linking him and everyone else, all his abilities could improve without stop. This was indeed incredibly terrifying. Luo Yuan truly possessed all the abilities of this world, and those abilities were all similarly being pushed to the pinnacle. So this was where his confidence originated from?

Chen Feng finally understood. However, had Luo Yuan ever imagined that…

Chen Feng raised his hand.


Suddenly, a faint power began to operate.


Luo Yuan and an extremely bad feeling, and his instinctive reaction was to snatch the wristband away from Chen Feng. After all, he had a passive perception toward danger. Therefore, he was clear that this crisis existed for real, as was the coming danger. He had to take the wristband off Chen Feng immediately.

Unfortunately, the 12 seals he had personally placed were now hindering him. These 12 seals, which were supposed to be sealing Chen Feng, would take a tiny amount of even his own time to remove. And this little bit of time was sufficient for that power Chen Feng was unleashing to pulse out.

Shua! Shua!

That power started pouring into the wristband.

“Go,” Chen Feng said, his emotions surging.

The way Luo Yuan controlled all the wristbands was by having a huge network similar to the internet. Each port was linked to a single person. What if a virus was dumped into this network? Mhm… It was quite simple. Luo Yuan was absorbing the comprehension of the numerous life-forms at all times, maintaining a synchronous connection with all these life-forms.

What if, suddenly, these people encountered some power that would perhaps mutate or even demote their abilities? Individually, such a mutation or ability demotion was a mere setback and wasn’t particularly serious. However, what if this happened to everyone at the same time, and Luo Yuan, who was maintaining a synchronous connection with them all, received the same effect as well? This would be quite interesting, would it not?


That power started spreading noiselessly. Moving along Luo Yuan’s network, that power seeped into every single person wearing a wristband. No physical contact or direct connection was required. This power only needed to be aimed at the various wristbands to start taking effect. This power was precisely the power of misfortune. This was a power only Chen Feng had control over, a power Luo Yuan hadn’t gotten hold of.


The terrifying power engulfed everyone.

At this time, somewhere extremely far away, a certain powerful genetic warrior was in the midst of cultivation as usual. Suddenly, a black aura shrouded his body, though he himself did not realize it. He merely felt his heart throb slightly as he suddenly recalled the thing he feared most. During this crucial moment of his cultivation, his attention swayed. Next, he coughed up a mouthful of blood. He didn’t just fail to achieve a breakthrough; his strength was also reduced. His body had suffered a rather grave injury.

At a different location, a certain person was fighting an intense battle with a mutated beast.

Suddenly, his ability failed to work. Before he could even understand what was going on, he was injured heavily by that mutated beast. He had no choice but to destroy his own ability to obtain the final burst of energy he required to flee this place.

At yet another different location, a certain person had been relying on a certain unique ability, one capable of granting the body incomparable flexibility, to dominate the nightlife industry here. For some reason, this ability suddenly failed, nearly crippling this person due to extreme exhaustion.

Like a virus, that faint black aura infected everyone. Nearly everyone wearing a wristband suffered a setback, though the intensity varied. With the synchronous connection, all these setbacks were instantly directly shared with Luo Yuan.


Luo Yuan had only managed to take a single step forward toward Chen Feng before he suddenly coughed up a mouthful of blood.


The intense pain that he suddenly felt caused him to halfway kneel on the ground. This power…


Yet another mouthful of blood was coughed up. He felt like a pair of unseen black palms were grabbing at his heart, squeezing tightly. He felt like they could crush his heart at any time. Damn it! What power was this? He raised his head. Before his eyes, that previously unremarkable guy called Chen Feng suddenly seemed so very terrifying.