The Strongest Gene - Chapter 814 - Goal: Return

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Chapter 814: Goal: Return

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

He discovered that he did not belong in that era and had no way of fitting in. First of all, the woman he loved did not even care about him due to the different aura surrounding him. Second, the him of the past was already in that era. What could he do? Should he kill his past self? No, killing his past self would result in his own death.

Thus, Luo Yuan was greatly depressed to find that his only option was to continue loving that woman while protecting his past self. If he did that, what would happen to the future? He did not know. He had to ensure that his past self picked the same options. But if he provided any assistance to his past self, wouldn’t his memories be altered? Wouldn’t history be altered?

Without his help, his past self would still be reduced into a cripple and lose that young missy. And thus, everything was extremely chaotic. Luo Yuan indeed tried to tamper with history several times, causing the entire world to descend into chaos. The only thing he could do was continue transmigrating into the past to amend history. Finally, he managed to save the timeline.

Tampering with time was way too complicated. Everything involving time had great implications, to the point that the implications were outside his control. This was the moment he realized how useless this ability was. Everything he did might very well change the future or even result in the destruction of this world.

Ultimately, Luo Yuan gave up. He decided to seek the power of time, a power far surpassing his ability of transmigration. Only with this ability would he be able to truly return to the past. Alas, he had never imagined that when he had just set forth on this path, something that shouldn’t be provoked was provoked into existence.

That was Ye, the Sin God. Indeed, the first person to encounter Ye was actually Luo Yuan. Due to his various travels through time, perhaps due to the effect of a foreign aura or some other unique effect, Ye, who had been dead, awakened from eternal darkness.

And thus, suddenly, the Twin Horns World came into existence, a world that shouldn’t have existed in the first place. Luo Yuan clearly remembered that this world had not existed before. Subsequently, even bigger events happened. The primordial descended upon this world for no apparent reason, and Ye returned for no apparent reason as well.

The things that shouldn’t have appeared, the loose ends tied up by the Creation God prior to his departure, were let loose yet again by Luo Yuan messing with time. After all, how could a great existence like the Creation God commit such an amateurish mistake by leaving such a loophole for Ye and the primordial to return?

Prior to his departure, the various gods had already been properly sealed. The Sin God had been thoroughly sealed away as well. Moreover, the power of time had been made a forbidden power. He had never expected that someone had been using the unique power of transmigration to achieve the effect of time travel, altering time and space, altering the properly sealed timeline.

Ultimately, the proper timeline was completely messed up by Luo Yuan. Just like that, those sealed existences came into being again. In fact, Luo Yuan noticed the coming of the primordial way before it happened. However, he was instead very excited. Did that not mean that he would be able to obtain even more abilities? The primordial abilities… and even the abilities of the various gods!

And thus, he hid, becoming the puppet master behind the scenes. The invasion of the Twin Horns World… The transmission of this world’s coordinates to them… Each of these previously unsolved puzzles was his work.

He controlled everything behind the scenes just so he could obtain more strength. He wanted to absorb every ability that existed, to search for his goal. Fortunately, he was finally done. And that terrifying Ye had also been eliminated. The mortals of the human world and the various gods were under his wristband’s control.

This was simply a perfect conclusion for him. And now, he only needed to deal with these flies before him, these fellows that should have died long ago, and everything would be over. This would be especially true after the death of Chen Feng, the so-called creator of miracles.

After all, the only thing Chen Feng relied on was his Luck Aura, right? He had copied ability immediately after noticing it. For him to have reached this height, Luck Aura had played quite a role. Granted, Chen Feng had subsequently stopped using the wristband, causing Ye’s comprehension of this ability to stop increasing. However, it no longer mattered.

With his sheer strength, his version of Luck Aura ought to be stronger than Chen Feng’s. At most, they would only counteract each other’s luck. Against him, Chen Feng’s luck would be ineffective. Therefore, escape would be impossible for Chen Feng.

He, Luo Yuan, was the true controller of this world.

He wanted to truly control this world in the truest sense before rewinding time itself. That’s right, what he wanted to truly rewind time, rewinding everything. After all, transmigration and time travel were useless to him. Or to be more precise, he no longer dared to tamper with anything involving transmigration or time travel.

Time traveling had too great an implication. It could potentially cause someone like Ye, who had obviously died, to come back. If he caused Ye to come back once again, what could he do? What if the one to come back was the Creation God? The mere thought was sufficient to plant endless fear in Luo Yuan’s heart.

If the Creation God truly returned, it would truly be over for Luo Yuan. There was no question about that. As such, Luo Yuan would not give such a thing any chance to happen. In any case, the world of the past was not one he wanted. Furthermore, even if he truly went back in time, if others continued time traveling and messing with the timeline as they wished, things would be very troublesome.

As such, he had decided on a single plan: to rewind time! Turning the flower-like young lady from a person of the past into a person of the present. There would be no past or present. There would only be that era when he was young. If time was equivalent to a thread and the acts of transmigration and time travel were the act of jumping to different points on this thread, what Luo Yuan wanted to accomplish was to cut off the front and back of the thread, returning everything to that point in time, turning his young self into the center of the thread, the center of the timeline.

If one traveled through time, only the traveling person would return in time; the world would remain. As for rewinding time, the entire world would be reversed and he would be unchanging. His past self would vanish—or to be more precise, replaced by him—without affecting the timeline. He would still remain himself. This was what he wanted. The era with that young lady within, an era where he could fight as he wished, not needing to worry that he would accidentally erase his future self with his tampering.

Naturally, the requirements for doing this were frighteningly high. He had to first assume control over the entire world, reaching a height even Ye had failed to reach. First he would fully control the world, then he would rewind the entire world. At that time, he would truly return to the past. As for everything in the present timeline? Heh.

When his plan was completed, everything would rewind with time, thoroughly vanishing. Different from time travel, rewinding time would thoroughly erase everything from the future. Apart from him, everything from the present would be gone. Primordial? Gods? They would all go poof.

Luo Yuan sighed. “Time to put this to an end.” The past started playing in his mind. A melancholic feeling surfaced as he recalled the many years he had walked alone in the darkness. It had truly been hard for him. Now, he was finally on the verge of success./

Wait for me, he muttered inwardly, seemingly already seeing that young lady waiting for his return. But before that, he had something to finish with Chen Feng, whom he had yet to kill.


He tossed over a wristband to Chen Feng.

“Put that on,” Luo Yuan said grimly.