The Strongest Gene - Chapter 812 - Luo Yuan's True Power

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Chapter 812: Luo Yuan’s True Power

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

“This again.”

“What exactly is Luo Yuan’s power?”

“Nobody knows.”

Some people were analyzing the fight. Luo Yuan’s condition was quite unique. He was about as strong as Ye had been when seriously injured, on the verge of death. Naturally, this would probably be the only opportunity they had to defeat Luo Yuan. As such, everyone was watching.

However, from the beginning, this battle had been quite bizarre. Different from the Sin God, whose trump cards had been exhausted without stop before he was killed by Chen Feng, Luo Yuan hadn’t even wasted much his godly power or sustained any injuries. Every single time, he was capable of creating something identical to face the incoming attack. The shadow, the multicolored figures, and even this sword, he was able to do the same.

Qin Hai sighed. “He can imitate even this?” After his strongest sword received Wu Hui’s buff, the might it displayed was equivalent to a peak major god. Yet even against this, the opponent had been able to create a mirror image? What else could he do? It would seem like this opponent was capable of copying even complicated abilities, rather than a single type of abilities. This was Qin Hai’s conclusion.

Suddenly, Chen Feng said, “Wu Hui. Create another shadow.”

Wu Hui nodded. “All right.” He was capable of creating a basic shadow. He only needed to let the masses see the shadow, and they would be filled with imagination and expectation. With this, the shadow would regain the strength it had displayed earlier.


With a flash, Chen Feng appeared.

The hearts of the various gods jolted.

“Look. The shadow has appeared again.”

“He is indeed still alive. This is what happened back then as well.”


The newly reappeared shadow did not say anything. It charged straight at Luo Yuan.


On the other side, a silhouette indeed appeared. With this, a huge battle erupted again.


“Is this a battle of endurance now?”

“I don’t know.”

Everyone watched on in bewilderment. Such attacks were completely useless. If so, why were they still wasting their time?

Far away, Chen Feng pointed. “Condense!”


His Luck Aura activated.

Chen Feng unleashed all his power on the shadow. With that, something unseen unfurled noiselessly, the core being the godly power of luck. So the shadow and silhouette were evenly matched? Indeed. So was it a mirror image? What if the godly power of luck were to silently affect this battle, then? What would happen in an evenly matched battle when one side received a terrifying boost of luck? When all the motions and attacks were executed perfectly… what would the silhouette rely on to obtain victory?

This was what they all thought. Alas… surprising everyone, as time passed, this battle was still evenly matched. How was this even possible? Chen Feng frowned. He could feel his godly power of luck activating. This proved that the godly power of luck was indeed working. How could it be ineffective then?

“It indeed worked,” Wu Hui confirmed. He could clearly sense that the shadow now moved somewhat differently. And yet… “The silhouette seems to be moving somewhat differently as well,” Wu Hui continued.

Chen Feng’s heart throbbed. The silhouette… had evolved as well? Why? Was this a true mirror image? The silhouette could increase in strength accordingly as well? Mhm… Chen Feng sank into contemplation.

“Wu Hui, destroy the shadow.”



Suddenly, the shadow detonated. Suddenly, the silhouette stopped doing anything. It merely returned to Luo Yuan’s side and gazed toward Chen Feng’s direction with a sneer.

Their hearts leaped. The silhouette was still there!

“This is definitely not a mirror image!” Chen Feng realized. First, the appearance and strength were not a complete imitation of their shadow, which proved that this was not a true mirror image. Second, when Chen Feng had used his godly power of luck, the opponent received the same boost as well. This instead proved that this was some sort of continuous copying effect. And third, the silhouette still existed despite the destruction of the shadow. Thus, it was impossible for this to be a mirror-image ability.

However, if this was not a mirror image, what was it? This was especially true when even the godly power of luck was used. That shouldn’t be a power one could copy. Unless… the opponent did not even need a mirror image ability to copy abilities?

Suddenly, a terrifying thought surfaced in Chen Feng’s mind. Apart from this battle, the times they had crossed swords, as well as the missing memories, seemed to be hinting at something. Back then, Chen Feng had yet to discover the truth. As such, he hadn’t put much thought into it. But now…

He stood up. “Let me give it a try.”


A terrifying radiance began to converge within his eyes. Coldly, he gazed at the distant Luo Yuan. Suddenly, the sky darkened. A terrifying phenomenon appeared, covering the entire world. An intense sense of crisis appeared in the heart of every single life-form on this world.

They raised their heads. “What’s happening?”

“I don’t know.”

“This is so scary. I can sense the smell of death.”


The sky seemed to be ripped apart at this instant. Beyond it, a faraway star suddenly trembled before charging straight at them. The terrifying aura of this incoming star caused everyone to shudder in fear.

Bang! Bang!

The aura of death enveloped everyone. As for Chen Feng, he stood there with his eyes shining brightly, appearing incredibly terrifying. What was he trying to do? His action shocked even Kong Bai and the rest. Destroy the planet? However, after thinking about it, they decided to maintain their full trust in Chen Feng.


A terrifying star pierced through space and traveled straight toward this planet. This star was terrifying, much larger than even the planet itself. They could see this star as a tiny dot in the sky all the time. Yet now, they all realized how terrifying it was. The entire sky seemed to be covered by that star. Nothing else was visible. Before them, there was only endless darkness. Different than the previous meteor, this was true destruction, even though the star was still rather far from the planet.

“Still not stopping?” Kong Bai and the rest trembled. They knew that this star was being led here by Chen Feng. However, what if… what if he lost control over it?


Suddenly, a loud boom resounded in the sky.

The huge tear in the sky suddenly vanished. With this, that approaching star vanished as well. Everyone raised their heads and looked at the returned starry sky. That star… was still in its original location.


Everyone was deeply startled. What had happened?

“You locked space?” Qin Hai asked. Earlier, Chen Feng had ripped space apart, creating a rift right above them that coincidentally connected directly to the orbiting path of that distant star. That was the source of the aura of destruction. However, so long as one locked space down, everything would return to normal. This spatial tear that could only be created with a fluke generated by Luck Aura wasn’t something a regular ability could shut.

Chen Feng shook his head and gave a shocking answer. “Not me. Luo Yuan is the one who did it.”

Kong Bai was somewhat stupefied. “That is not possible. Didn’t you say that only the power of luck can…”

Suddenly, Chen Feng said, “Yeah. What if he has the godly power of luck as well?”


Everyone’s heart jolted. Luo Yuan… had the godly power of luck as well?

“Not only that.” A terrifying radiance flashed in Chen Feng’s eyes. “I seem to have figured out his power.”

“Could it be…” Qin Hai had a vague guess as well. He was rather shocked by this guess of his.

“Correct,” Chen Feng said self-mockingly, revealing an astonishing truth.

“Your ability, Wu Hui’s ability, Kong Bai’s transmigration, everyone’s abilities are owned by him as well. That is the only way he could have reached this height, the only way he could have ascended to the throne.”