The Strongest Gene - Chapter 811 - Same Ability

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Chapter 811: Same Ability

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When that shadow appeared at the foot of the mountain, everyone was shocked. This was especially true when the shadow neared them, allowing them a clear look at the shadow’s appearance, which was exactly the same as the other shadow, apart from their color. This shadow’s entire body was shrouded in light. Even the imprint on his forehead was exactly the same.


“The bright silhouette has actually appeared.”

“Apart from color, he is nearly a mirror image of the dark shadow.”

“So are these two the bright silhouette and the dark shadow left behind by the Creation God?”

All the gods exclaimed in admiration. They had once believed that Luo Yuan was the bright silhouette. Now that they looked at it, the true silhouette had appeared.

“Luo Yuan is probably in danger.”


“The shadow alone is already this strong. If both the silhouette and shadow work together…”

The gods trembled at the mere thought of the prowess of their combination.


Light swirled around as that silhouette slowly approached. When he finally reached Luo Yuan, when everyone was of the opinion that he was going to deal with Luo Yuan, he walked past Luo Yuan and continued on toward the shadow.

“What is he doing?”

“Is he not here to kill Luo Yuan?”

“Why do I feel like his target is the shadow?”


The various gods were stupefied. Didn’t the silhouette originate from the same source as the shadow? Was that a lie? Or perhaps… they had seen wrongly? They rubbed their eyes and looked over again.


What they saw was the silhouette attacking immediately after nearing the shadow. A terrifying energy engulfed the entire world. Just as everyone had guessed, this silhouette was so powerful that it was suffocating.


Wu Hui snorted. The shadow held nothing back and attacked as well.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The shadow and silhouette started fighting each other. Numerous powerful auras pulsed out as they fought. The various gods trembled in fear and could only step back silently. However…

The greater their fear, the stronger those two became.


The earth trembled.

Wu Hui clenched his teeth. “What exactly is that fellow?” He knew how his shadow had appeared. However, what about that silhouette? He could not understand.

“Kong Bai?” Chen Feng asked.

Kong Bai shook his head “I can’t investigate the source. His past and future are completely blank.”

Was this truly something left behind by the Creation God? Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. If this had truly been left behind by the Creation God, why would he fight for Luo Yuan? And why would it look exactly the same as the shadow? Or perhaps… he had intentionally assumed this appearance?

Chen Feng was somewhat confused. However, it did not matter. They just had to keep pummeling him until his true appearance was revealed.

Bang! Bang!

The battle between the silhouette and shadow escalated in intensity without stop. Shocking everyone, the two’s strength increased without stop. At first, they were equivalent to a peak major god; now, they were at the same level as Luo Yuan. Even so, their strength was still growing, to the point they had surpassed Luo Yuan. There was a particularly odd point. The two seemed to mirror each other’s strength. Regardless of how much one increased, the other was always the same.

“Their strength is completely the same.”

“Truly worthy of being the left and right hands of the Creation God. However, it is pointless for them to fight each other.”


“If they continue, this will only end with both sides suffering.”

“Or perhaps the two might even die together.”

They sighed. Indeed, shortly after, the intensity escalated to its highest level when the two finally unleashed their respective trump cards upon each other’s bodies. At the same time, the two crumbled apart and transformed into nothingness. Instantly, the world lapsed into silence. The two had indeed perished together.


Wu Hui was indignant. He could not accept the fact that his strongest ability had failed in this way. When he recalled the things that had appeared after the death of shadow, he came up with a new idea.


From the foot of the mountain, a bunch of figures of different colors appeared. Once again, the RGB figures made an appearance.


“It’s these fellows again!”

“They seem to be somewhat weaker than the shadow. However, there are a lot of them, and they all possess terrifying strength.”

The various gods were alarmed. However, it was at this moment that, from the foot of the other mountain, a bunch of figures of differing colors appeared.


Wu Hui and the rest were thoroughly alarmed this time. Yet again? What the hell?

“Something seems off.” Qin Hai had a pensive look. “When you create a shadow, the opponent creates a silhouette. When you create multicolored figures, the opponent creates the same thing. This does not seem like the work of the Creation God. Rather, this is some sort of mirror-image ability. Is this one of Luo Yuan’s ability?” Qin Hai asked with a grim expression.

“That’s not it.” Kong Bai shook his head. “If it were a mirror-image ability, the figures would be exactly the same, as opposed to the different colors they have.”

“True.” Qin Hai frowned and continued observing, wondering what exactly this was.

Shua! Shua!

The various figures entered the battlefield and a huge battle erupted once again. Ultimately, they all perished together. Both sides seemed to be forever equally matched. At present, even the various gods seemed to have realized something. Those figures did not seem related to the Creation God. They seemed to be created by Luo Yuan?

“Don’t worry. Let me give it a try.” Qin Hai took in a deep breath. “Wu Hui, support me.”

Wu Hui nodded. “Okay.”


Qin Hai moved. In fact, with Chen Feng’s assistance, they had long ascended to godhood. After all, during that period of time when Chen Feng ruled, their respective strength had grown dramatically. Naturally, even with that, they were still mere minor gods. However, with Wu Hui’s assistance, they would still be able to erupt with astonishing power. Moreover, Luo Yuan had yet to fully recover from his injuries.


A sword light sliced the sky apart. Finally, Qin Hai’s attack arrived.

“Sword God – God Terminator!”

A terrifying aura instantly engulfed the world.

As the various gods saw this scene, their hearts leaped furiously. That was because the aura of this sword far surpassed the shadow from earlier. This terrifying attack had them all trembling in fear.

“Holy sh*t.”

“What power is this?”

“I don’t know, but it feels scary.”

“I suppose this is yet another attack at the level of Ye?”

“Heavens, why are so many experts appearing out of the blue?”

The various gods were in fear. They were truly shocked. And next, that astonishing sword of Qin Hai’s pierced straight at Luo Yuan. In fact, this sword attack was rather weak. It only appeared incredibly powerful. Its potential damage was in fact at the level of a minor god: pitifully weak. But with Wu Hui’s assistance, this sword gained an entirely different level of strength than before.

At the very least, the strength had reached the limit of the various gods’ imaginations. Mhm… After all, those daring to participate in this battle should all be terrifying existences, right? And thus, the impressive-looking but weak attack originally unleashed by Qin Hai erupted with an astonishing power as it sliced the entire sky apart, heading straight toward Luo Yuan.

“Ah…” Luo Yuan laughed. “You guys… are truly looking down on me.”


He raised his hand. This single motion shocked everyone, as from Luo Yuan’s hand, the exact same sword light materialized. Everything, including the aura and might of this sword, was exactly the same as Qin Hai’s sword.


The terrifying sword light bloomed from his hand.


“Heavens, yet another identical thing.”

“Could it be that Luo Yuan has some mirror-image ability mastered?”

“No idea.”

They were all alarmed. With their eyes wide open, they fixed their gaze on the battlefield.


The two swords collided, releasing a dazzling explosion. And next, both swords vanished. Luo Yuan’s gaze was fixed on the foot of the mountain. As he looked at the foot of the mountain where no new figures or shadows were appearing, a sneer formed on his face.

Mirror image? Chen Feng was not bothered by the sneer. He was focusing on analyzing Luo Yuan’s strength. He could clearly sense that this was not a mirror image. Moreover, for Luo Yuan to have reached his present height, he ought to have a unique ability. He was a mere human, and a crippled one at that.

And yet he had been able to slowly reach this height, surpassing the likes of Ye. If it was pure growth in strength with conventional methods, how could he have reached this level? If so, what exactly was Luo Yuan’s power? Chen Feng stood up. He had decided to personally make a move.