The Strongest Gene - Chapter 805 - The Terrifying Truth

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Chapter 805: The Terrifying Truth

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Within the scene, the events between Chen Feng and the young lady played one after another. From when they first met to when they finally fell in love with each other, slowly but surely, this young lady was imprinted upon Chen Feng’s heart.

“Wang Yao…”

Chen Feng’s heart throbbed.

Why did the memories about you suddenly go missing? Why did you suddenly go missing? Could it be…

The feeling known as fear suddenly surfaced. Those companies had all died, all traces of their existence vanishing with them. What of Wang Yao?

Kong Bai seemed to have realized something as well. “Chen Feng?”

Chen Feng maintained a calm expression. “Continue watching.”

Kong Bai nodded. “All right.”


The scene continued. The story of Chen Feng and Wang Yao continued. Both of them had their respective missions and goals. They were both sufficiently powerful, and thus, no problems ever emerged. This continued until one day when some companies vanished. These were the companies that had dispatched spaceships to outer space.

It was also at that moment that the memories of the masses were influenced. Nobody else seemed to really remember the missing companies. The only exception was Wang Yao, who remembered everything clearly.

One, two… and slowly, more and more companies vanished. In everyone’s memories, only a couple companies had gone missing. However, Wang Yao knew that several dozen companies had actually gone missing. At one point, the missing companies surpassed a hundred. And thus, she decided to investigate this abnormality.

“It is too dangerous for you to go.”

“I know.”

“Let me go with you.”

“No, you are still needed here. Going to outer space will take too much time.”

“Then get someone else to go.”

“I can’t. They will lose their memories as well.”

“…Fine, how about this.” Chen Feng decided to compromise. “Let me open a case with the Genetic Union and deploy the strongest genetic warriors to go together with you. With all of you going together, I won’t worry as much.”

“Okay.” Wang Yao agreed with his proposal even though she herself was the strongest. Finally, she departed with the squad. She had to go, as she was the only one capable of keeping her memories intact. Thus, the squad was led by Wang Yao. Chen Feng had absolute faith in her.

He was clear that his memories regarding these events were getting blurry as well. As such, he knew that this was something that had to be investigated. However, he had never expected that after Wang Yao’s departure, his memories regarding this would gradually vanish as well. Slowly, he even forgot about Wang Yao’s existence.

Chen Feng watched on silently, somewhat spellbound. Kong Bai wanted to comfort him but did not know what to say.


His Luck Aura operated and told Chen Feng the truth: Wang Yao was still alive. Due to that existence, his Luck Aura was incapable of determining Wang Yao’s location or obtaining any specific information about her. However, Luck Aura indeed confirmed that Wang Yao was still alive. So long as she was alive, everything was fine.

Chen Feng’s gaze intensified. So long as she was still alive, there was still hope.

Outer space?

His gaze shone with murderous intent as he thought of this. Everything he had, he had obtained from nothing, ultimately killing even the Sin God. Would he be afraid of this fellow? What he needed to find out now was that fellow’s identity.


Once again, he focused his gaze on the scene.

“Continue playing. I want to know everything,” Chen Feng said with a cold gaze.


Kong Bai was as shocked as Chen Feng by what they saw next. So it turned out that the mysterious existence had even learned to make use of the companies and organizations of the human world to serve as his very own faction? He was too intelligent and scary. When facing the primordial existences, who would have guessed that the companies created by humanity would become this fellow’s tools? Unfortunately, they were unable to see much.

Kong Bai shook his head. “There’s nothing else to see.” What they saw could only prove that the disappearance of the various companies might be related to that existence. How were they related was unknown.

Chen Feng discovered an abnormality. “Something seems odd.”

Kong Bai frowned. “I feel the same.” Everything seemed to be progressing too smoothly. After Wang Yao led a team to investigate, something happened. In short, this was the progression: Initially, they were of the opinion that accidents were the cause of all the disappearances. As such, they went ahead to investigate. Unexpectedly, they encountered an extremely powerful existence surpassing all beings. And thus, they all perished. This seemed to be a logical progression. However, they couldn’t shake off the feeling that something wasn’t right.

Suddenly, Chen Feng asked, “The entire team similarly vanished abruptly, right?”

“Yes.” Kong Bai was sure of this.

“If so… they must have used the communicator prior to disappearing, right? They would have been maintaining contact with the people of the Genetic Union as well, right? Even though everyone’s memories regarding them slowly vanished after they went missing, prior to that, they were absolutely communicating with the Genetic Union, right?”

Slowly, Chen Feng’s line of thought became clearer and clearer.

“That’s right,” Kong Bai confirmed. Outer space was too dangerous, after all. As such, they had maintained communication at all times with those on the planet. For this expedition, the Stormtech Company had even opened up a special communication channel for them. They had been able to broadcast their entire journey without stop. Everything should have been recorded.

Chen Feng was extremely satisfied with this answer. “Very good. I want all that data, all of it.”

“Understood.” Kong Bai understood clearly. That’s right. All those people had vanished, as had all the memories about them had vanished. However, whatever had happened prior to their disappearance should still be preserved in the form of data. By investigating the data, they could very well find out what exactly Wang Yao’s team had encountered before their disappearance. Perhaps they could get a glimpse of the culprit as well.


The scene moved again. Rapidly, it rewound to the time before their disappearance at the Genetic Union.

“Has Wang Yao’s team departed?”


“Has the real-time connection been established?”


With the assistance of the Stormtech Company, a perfect connection had been established that would guarantee a flawless connection at all times. However, the instant Wang Yao’s team left the atmosphere, the communication equipment and screens vanished.

“What’s going on?”

“No idea. Seems like everything has been influenced by something…”

“Damn it.”

“Tell them to return immediately. The connection can’t be maintained anymore.”

“We can’t contact them anymore.”

Everyone was going crazy. Just as they were about to send someone to bring Wang Yao’s team back by force, suddenly, a boom resounded within all their minds. And then they forgot everything.


A blank expression was plastered on all their faces.



Their communicators buzzed, updating them of a certain catastrophic event happening somewhere that required their support.

“Quick, something happened.”

“Let’s go.”

And just like that, they busied themselves with the emergency request. As for Wang Yao and her companions, they were cleanly forgotten.

Chen Feng and Kong Bai watched on silently. Everything seemed to be progressing logically, yet they still had an odd feeling, as if something wasn’t right.

“Since everything vanished the instant they left the atmosphere, replay the scene from Wang Yao’s side.”


Kong Bai began operating his ability.

Kong Bai frowned. “Wang Yao was influenced by some unique ability. I am unable to detect her.”

In fact, each time he had found Wang Yao previously, it had been through the memories of Chen Feng or others. As Wang Yao was alive, a unique power shielded her from his detection.

“In that case, detect Wang Yao’s team members,” Chen Feng said after giving it some thought.

“All right.” Kong Bai tried to detect them. Alas… he failed. Some unique power seemed to be influencing those people, to the point that his powerful new ability and Chen Feng’s Luck Aura failed to detect even Wang Yao’s team members. They both exchanged glances, immediately realizing what the problem was. Those team members had been specifically shielded as well.

“Are they all still alive?”

Chen Feng shook his head. “Dead.”

“If they are already dead, why are they still being shielded? The only way this scenario can happen is if the culprit is intentionally deploying the shield,” Kong Bai said with a sneer.

“How about their communicators?” Chen Feng asked. As a human of the Genetic Era, it was impossible for there to be no data pertaining to those people.

“Let me take a look.”

Kong Bai started investigating.


The scene jumped around. The data they were searching for finally appeared. Alas, it was completely blank. Before and after, everything was gone.

Suddenly, Chen Feng said, “I don’t enjoy this feeling. I feel like whatever we do, the opponent is always ahead of us.”

“I have the same feeling as well,” Kong Bai agreed.

Suddenly, Chen Feng smiled. “Unfortunately for him, everything is too flawless.”

Kong Bai smiled as well. “Yeah. He cleaned up too thoroughly.”

What if…

If they hadn’t come back into the past to investigate this, hadn’t found out about Wang Yao and her team members, hadn’t found their memories, hadn’t found any news or data about them, they wouldn’t have noticed anything wrong. The only thing they would have felt was fear toward this unknown enemy, fear toward his prowess, which left them with no chances.

However, this was the past, and they had arrived here via Kong Bai’s ability. And yet in the past, at a point in time even before Wang Yao’s team disappeared, their data was already no more. Why? What was the single inconsistency here? The answer was very simple. Someone had deleted everything about them.

This was quite an interesting clue. Because the opponent had cleaned things up too thoroughly, he had instead revealed quite a number of things. And thus, Kong Bai was able to keep investigating until they reach the origin of all this.

Truthfully, investigating the truth by going back in time was extremely simple. So simple that they did not even dare to believe the truth they uncovered. And when they found out the truth, all their questions were answered.

So it is actually you?

What primordial powerhouse? What god from antiquity? No, it was none of those. The mastermind, the culprit behind everything, the one plotting everything to reach this step was actually a mere human, a human everyone knew!