The Strongest Gene - Chapter 804 - Investigating

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Chapter 804: Investigating

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Chen Feng vanished just like that, leaving behind a bunch of confused humans. On a certain mountain range, Chen Feng reappeared. The moment he appeared, he saw an odd-looking person howling at a certain mirror. “Am I handsome!? You dare claim that I am not handsome?”

This fellow…

Chen Feng grabbed Kong Bai.

Chen Feng sighed. “Why do you fight with a mirror every day?”

Kong Bai sneered. “Hmph. The moment this fellow gained consciousness, he started going online. After spending some time online, he became good at arguing, and he argues with me every single day. A day will come when I destroy him.”

Chen Feng: “…”

“What are you doing here?” Kong Bai was curious. “Are you here because you missed me?”

Chen Feng rolled his eyes. “Piss off. I need your help with something.”

“My power has been sealed,” Kong Bai said seriously. He had truly been sealed. The reason for that was the many hurdles this world had gone through to finally reaching this peaceful era. If he were to continue transmigrating through time and ended up changing history, it might result in an effect that might transform this era or even resurrect Ye. That would be quite a disaster.

That might very well happen. The time traveler did not even need to meet Ye face to face. A thought or an aura or Ye sensing the existence of that time traveler might result in a butterfly effect that changed the future, replacing the current timeline with a new one.

This was something Kong Bai was extremely clear about. He even wondered if everything he had done was what had caused everything that had happened. Perhaps if he hadn’t been transmigrating through time, everything that had happened wouldn’t have happened. For example, if they hadn’t reached the Twin Horns World in the first place, they might not have the coordinates of that world even now. As such, the subsequent incident involving Ye might never have happened.

This was quite a fragile situation. Since the Creation God had planned everything, if Kong Bai altered history even the slightest bit, something major might result, to the extent that perhaps humans might never have come into existence in the first place.

Kong Bai was truly rejoicing the fact that he hadn’t done much when he had transmigrated through time. Else, nobody could guess what the world would have been like they returned.

“I can’t transmigrate anymore,” Kong Bai said with a sigh. He couldn’t do it anymore, even with the assistance of luck.

“I can feel that with each transmigration, the price will grow heavier. As for the price, this world will be the one to bear it. It would still be fine if my transmigration only involved the genetic era, as that era was comparatively weaker. But if it involves this new era…”

Kong Bai smiled bitterly. In this unique era where gods and genes were combined, a single transmigration could result in a huge price. And if he accidentally changed the timeline or if he wanted to amend it… the mere thought of the price that would need to be paid caused him to tremble. This did not only apply to matters pertaining to Ye. Any part of history that was altered would be a price none of them could bear.

“In the previous Genetic Era, we were able to transmigrate freely because the people of that era were too weak. Then the primordial descended, making transmigration difficult. Now, in this brand new Gods Era, any part of the transmigration process might get detected at any time. Perhaps Ye will be the one to detect it, or that existence will be the one. Or perhaps… a certain god will capture or charm me, forcing me to work for them. What would happen then? What if I am forced to transmigrate through time to change history or rescue some forbidden item or existence? I would be completely helpless against such a thing. Therefore, I sealed off my power,” Kong Bai said solemnly.

He knew what he was doing. This was a cost he had to pay. He was not the Time God, nor was he the Space God. His very act of transmigration was just a unique genetic ability in the Genetic Era. With such an ability, if he dared transmigrate in this era filled with gods, it would be no different than dancing on the edge of a sword. And thus, he had made the correct decision.

Chen Feng patted his shoulder. “Do you regret it?”

“No.” This was the very first time Kong Bai was so serious.

“What if you only use your ability to go and take a look?” Chen Feng said with a smile. “Your ability is too valuable. Since it is so powerful, it induces fear among others. What if you weaken the effect? Perhaps just use it to see the past and future?”

“But my transmigration is random,” Kong Bai said with a blank expression.

“With me here, it will not be random.” With a smile, Chen Feng continued, “Remove part of the transmigration ability to ensure that whatever is seen with this ability remains irreversible, getting rid of your ability to meddle in past or future events. Perhaps this is the true essence of your ability.”

As Kong Bai heard this, his heart thumped. True. If he only observed rather than partook in events…


His eyes started radiating an intense light.


Instantly, a certain ability within him was destroyed before coming together again to form a brand new ability. With this, his transmigration ability was officially gone.

Chen Feng grumbled. “So it turns out you only sealed it. You were still secretly keeping the ability?”

“It was a moment of indecisiveness,” Kong Bai said with a laugh. After all, this ability had been with him for too long. He had naturally been reluctant to part with it just like that. This was also why he had been rather moody the past two days. He had been incapable of making a decision. Now that Chen Feng had given him an even better option, he naturally gave up on the transmigration ability. This new ability was only a portion of what the transmigration was capable of. As such, one could say that he had effectively castrated his transmigration ability.

“So what do you want to see?” Kong Bai could guess Chen Feng’s motive here.

“Look at the past,” Chen Feng said with a smile. “Look at something interesting.”

Kong Bai nodded. “Okay.”


Instantly, the two entered the void of transmigration. The ability was activated. Different from the past, this time, shrouding the world they had transmigrated to was a certain dusky layer that ensured they could only observe and would not be able to meddle with the world’s affairs, nor could their physical bodies truly arrive in this world. Naturally, this act of observing would not attract the attention of the various gods.

If this were a regular transmigration… Mhm… Chen Feng was sure that the instant they arrived, Ye or that silhouette would have detected them immediately. Regardless of the past Ye or the present silhouette, both were capable of this.

“What do we need to see?” Kong Bai asked.

“Myself.” Chen Feng smiled. “I am getting old. Therefore, I keep feeling nostalgic, wanting to revisit my past.”

“…” Kong Bai rolled his eyes. To hell with getting old. How old was this Chen Feng? He was only in his twenties, yet had already reached this height. Getting old? Come on, he did not even have a wife yet…


As Kong Bai’s thoughts reached this point…

The scene before them changed. Next, a certain scene appeared before them. It was a scene of Chen Feng taking a stroll hand in hand with a certain girl. On his face was a faint smile, a hint of shyness, and a hint of joy.

“Huh? You actually have a girlfriend?” Kong Bai exclaimed in admiration. “Awesome. When are you going to get me one?”

“Yeah.” Chen Feng watched on, all smiles. “I am truly curious about this as well…”

Kong Bai’s eyes went wide with shock. “What?” Chen Feng was curious about this girl as well? He looked at Chen Feng’s indifferent expression. Suddenly, his heart leaped. In short… Chen Feng had forgotten about this girl? Even scarier was the fact that Kong Bai himself had no recollection of this girl!

“Interesting, isn’t it?” The smile never left Chen Feng’s face. “A certain influence noiselessly vanished. However, it does not matter. At present, it is slowly unfolding before our eyes. A certain thing is about to reveal itself.”