The Strongest Gene - Chapter 803 - The Missing Memory

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Chapter 803: The Missing Memory

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

In the Genetic Union, Chen Feng was quietly listening to a report.

“At present, the general situation is under control. With the assistance of gods and apostles, the unique power of this era of gods has been stabilized. With the assistance of the Stormtech Company, nearly all life-forms, including gods, are now equipped with a communicator wristband. All life-forms are now under our monitoring, guaranteeing a safe society and reliable members… Of course, some gods protested this monitoring. However, we used your name to shut them up. Please take a look at this.”


A shiny map appeared. On the map, the entire planet and all of the planet’s the life-forms were shown. All the gods were labeled with unique symbols. Whether they were minor gods or major gods, all details, including their numerous apostles, resonators, and so on, were labeled on this map. This map displayed the strength level of all life-forms. Perhaps the Genetic Union currently lacked formidable fighting prowess. However, they were sufficient to monitor the situation perfectly.

“This project was jointly launched by us—the Genetic Union, the Research Agency, and the Stormtech Company. We are indeed incapable of contending against the gods. However, we still need to know if they are safe for humanity or not. Naturally, to make this more acceptable for them, a higher level of authorization has been granted to the wristbands they are using, helping with numerous activities such as communication, the internet, and so on. This is it for now.” The Monitoring Department head finished his report.

“The next agenda is… the growth of strength.”

At this time, the representative from the Gene Production Association started speaking. “With the assistance of this era’s unique herbs and the gods proficient with vegetation, we have made a breakthrough in our research. Gene reagent production has improved greatly. The reagents are now useful for all non-god life-forms, even including apostles. Naturally, the reagents are presently ineffective on gods. However, we are certain that along with the growth of our gene research, a day will come when we can even increase the strength of gods through reagents.”

“Talk less nonsense,” someone interrupted him.

“Fine.” The representative of the Gene Production Association shrugged. “I shall stop talking about what we dream of accomplishing for now. At present, the average strength of humanity has fully entered the resonance realm. With Chen Feng’s return, humanity, which had previously averaged level 1 resonance, grew rapidly. With the assistance of gene reagents, humanity was able to speedily stabilize their strength in and charge toward a higher realm. At present, there are even some who have entered the apostle realm.

“Naturally, there are only a few who have managed to enter the apostle realm. However, based on the data, in perhaps half a month, humanity will enter a phase of rapid growth. At that time, humanity as a whole will be infinitely close to the peak of the resonance realm. If any gods help, humanity will be able to easily enter the apostle realm.”

The representative of the Gene Production Association got excited as he talked about this. After all, the apostle realm was so near to godhood. Humanity had used 12 years to grow their average strength from A class to the peak of the awakened realm. Even the Sin God hadn’t had a way of increasing this speed. Yet with Chen Feng’s guidance, humanity had been able to grow at an ultra-high speed.

From the peak awakened realm to the apostle realm, only two or three months had been required. The mere thought of this was sufficient to drive one crazy. After all, the human world was in the Genetic Era, and as far as all the gods were concerned, this was excellent news. Every single apostle signified growth to the gods. As for the sheer quantity of humans, the mere thought of their population caused the gods to tremble in excitement.

Even though 80% of humans were believers of Chen Feng, the remaining 20% was sufficient to drive the gods crazy with joy. This was the truth.


Chen Feng was very satisfied with the present growth of this world. However, most of his attention was focused on a certain unique department. This was the Outer Space Department, a department formed by Chen Feng himself to search outer space for any trails or clues.

The head of the Outer Space Department smiled bitterly. “Sorry. We have gathered nothing.”

What needed to be reported had long since been reported. In this period of time, no new information had been obtained.

“We have been searching all the news related to outer space; no abnormalities have been found. We even sent some spaceships out, yet nothing out of place has been found. Everything seems to be consistent with the reported data.”

The Outer Space Department was ashamed of their lack of progress. Everyone else seemed to be reporting good news. Only his department had nothing to report.


Chen Feng wasn’t surprised. After all, outer space was the domain of that silhouette…

In any case, that fellow had influenced even a part of his memory. How was it possible for these humans to have not received something similar? Mhm… Suddenly, Chen Feng paused as he thought of this. Memory? His memory had indeed been influenced. However, after his growth in strength, that effect had seemingly weakened and he had even subsequently gotten rid of it completely. His memory of what had happened was supposed to be complete now. And after getting rid of the influence on his memory, spaceships were still being sent to outer space without stop. So…

“Send me all of the various space companies’ data,” Chen Feng said.

“All right.” The Outer Space Department did as they’d been told.


A screen flashed, and Chen Feng instantly looked over. Those he clearly remembered having entered outer space were left out of this report. Not only had they vanished from the data, but they had even gone missing from the memories of these people. Why? Had all their memories been erased one by one? That did not seem likely.

In this era, news spread at a terrifying speed. If one wanted to erase these memories one by one, it would be impossible even for a god. Therefore, there was only one possibility: the memory erasure was not used on individual memories. Rather, the erasure worked on events as a whole.

For example, the A48 Company, which Chen Feng remembered was the final company to have sent a spaceship out. A48 had been an entertainment company, and the boss of this company had gone to outer space in excitement with 48 girls. As for what he had been planning to do once he reached outer space, it was no longer important, as this company had vanished from everyone’s memories. Even their families forgot about the existence of this missing company.

The wiped memories did not pertain to only those individuals. The entirety of that company had been erased.

“In short, this is how the companies that went to outer space went missing?” Chen Feng guessed. They had encountered that fellow after reaching outer space and been directly eliminated. This elimination was not a physical one, as all traces of their existence were completely eliminated as well. If that was truly the case, things were explainable.

However… Chen Feng frowned, as he kept feeling that something was wrong somewhere, though he couldn’t figure out what it was.

He had even tried searching with his Luck Aura, yet he had found nothing. This was truly quite weird. One ought to know that his Luck Aura had worked even against Ye. How could it have no effect now? Something seemed wrong. Chen Feng sank into deep contemplation.

Tap. Tap.

His fingers tapped on the conference table slowly. The higher-ups around the table did not dare make the slightest noise while Chen Feng was deep in thought. With his brows furrowed, Chen Feng contemplated. Suddenly, he loosened his brows as he finally thought of a crucial point: influence.

Indeed, that existence had erased all the companies. The members of those company, everything that had happened in them, all of the companies’ influence on the world, and all the memories regarding them had vanished, not leaving any traces behind. However, had this company existed? Yes. Before that existence erased them, they had indeed existed.

Even though this company had completely vanished from everyone’s memories, interestingly, the company had indeed existed once. For example, if that existence had done his magic at 12 o’clock on a certain day, prior to that, the company had indeed existed. This fact would remain even if, one second after 12 o’clock, everything became nonexistent.

“I see.”

Finally, Chen Feng understood. This new discovery was of utmost importance. That was because if one was truly erased, the truth would never be found. However, if this was the way their existences were being erased…