The Strongest Gene - Chapter 802 - Awaiting Your Godhood

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Chapter 802: Awaiting Your Godhood

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

In outer space, that massive throne was still there, faintly discernible. Seated on the throne was the silhouette. He was presently in deep thought. Since his return from that incident, he had maintained this same expression, thinking about something unknown. This expression had lasted since the moment Ye died.

“You lose.” The young lady poured a cup of coffee for him with a smile on her face.

“Is that so?” He sighed softly. When his gaze once again landed on that blue planet, Ye’s aura was already nowhere to be seen. In place was a bizarre aura that was spreading throughout the planet at a terrifying speed. That aura was unique to Chen Feng.

“Chen Feng…” the silhouette muttered. In his original plan, Chen Feng should already be dead. He had planned for so long just so he could fight it out with Ye. Unexpectedly, Ye had done something unexpected; the one to ascend had been that damnable Chen Feng. Since then, his plan had not progressed as he wished. Subsequently, he’d had a decisive battle with Ye. Based on his plan, he should have been able to kill Ye, gaining a dramatic increase in strength, at which point he would subjugate the entire world.

However, for some reason, both he and Ye had been mutually wounded instead. That this had happened was quite odd, as Ye, whose strength had dropped greatly due to the loss of his divine seat, should not have been that powerful.

“Did I underestimate Ye?”

He could not understand why he had failed to kill Ye in that battle. Nevertheless, it no longer mattered.

“Although some mishaps happened… Although this is completely different from my plan… However…” Suddenly, he laughed. “The general direction is still correct. Ye is dead and humanity is saved. Both of these are in accordance with my plan. Even if Chen Feng is still alive…” He looked at his own body. “Even if I am a little injured…”

To the side, the young lady merely glanced at him and smiled.

A little? Not quite. The injuries he had sustained from his battle with Ye were incredibly horrible.

Suddenly, the silhouette solemnly declared, “Regardless, my plan will not be affected by all this.”

He was extremely serious in this declaration, extremely firm in his belief.


To the side, the young lady continued smiling. She knew what his plan was. Here, she had a full view of each part of his plan. She also had knowledge of each of his abilities… His originally flawless plan had deviated thoroughly. He was merely unwilling to admit to that.

He looked at the young lady. “I know what you want to say. However, that is not how the success rate is calculated.”


He waved his hand. Countless streaks of light flashed past.

His present strength, Chen Feng’s present strength, the young lady beside him, that planet’s gods, the human believers, and his plan… everything…

Shua! Shua!

Light flickered as everything operated as he willed. One time, two times, three times, ten times, a hundred times, on and on this continued. Ultimately, 99% hovered before him. In the past, regardless of how he had deduced his success rate, it had remained 100%. No matter what he had done, his plan would have concluded flawlessly. The sole reason for that was his strength.

Yet now, everything seemed to have changed, even though the difference was a mere 1%. So long as this probability existed, it was something that might happen. This was something he could not tolerate. As such, he had to kill Chen Feng.

“I refuse to believe this.”

He stood up.


He started deducing once again. This time, a new ability was used on top of his deduction.


A certain radiance spread out.

Coldly, he said, “Luck Aura, activate!”


The powerful godly power of luck started operating, influencing every facet of his plan.

“This time, the success rate should be 100%, right…?” he softly said. Alas, before he could even finish his sentence, the success rate appeared: 99%.

Still the same rate!

He frowned. “How is this possible?”

That damnable 1% was still there. Even his seemingly omnipotent godly power of luck had failed to erase that 1%.


He had no idea. However, after giving it some deep thought, he laughed. At this moment, he suddenly recalled how, when he had first threaded his cultivation path, he had dared attempt even plans with a 30% success rate. With his boundless confidence and perseverance, he had succeeded in matters with only a 30% success rate.

This was his confidence. And now? The success rate was 99%. One could say that this was no different than 100%. Yet he was now lacking confidence? Why was that? Perhaps it was because it had been a while since he had last seen a success rate that was not 100%? It had been way too long since he had seen a different number. Therefore, he had panicked.

In truth, his success rate was still overwhelming even though he was presently weakened. That was because Chen Feng was too weak, as Chen Feng was nothing but a common god. Naturally, the basis for his success was him acting when the timing is right.

He was clear on the speed of Chen Feng’s growth. To be precise, he was all too clear on the workings of the human world. The faith the humans could provide was hard to even imagine. Therefore, between his recovery and Chen Feng’s growth, a balance had to be sought. This balancing point would precisely be the time for him to finally make his move. As such, even as the entire world entered a phase of rapid growth, he merely transmitted some orders to the faction under him on that planet. That was all he did thus far.

“Just you see. I will succeed.” Finally, he regained his confidence as he looked at the young lady and declared, “And you… shall be my spokesperson! You will be my emissary! Naturally, for that you must first ascend to godhood.”

His original plan had been to have this young lady ascend to godhood. With the young lady’s ascension, she would serve him. With the young lady’s support, he would be a truly unparalleled existence. However, the speed of Chen Feng’s growth was too fast. As such, he had to first shelve this part of his plan, as there wasn’t enough time for that.

He spoke solemnly. “Your body came into shape from the superposition of time. You have the potential to ascend to godhood. Moreover, your potential is a godhood that has yet to appear thus far: the Time God! Do you know that in my heart, your potential surpasses even that of the Creation God and the Sin God? Even myself? Therefore, I want you to ascend.”

“Is there enough time?” The young lady looked at the planet. “Chen Feng’s strength is improving rapidly. Can you even wait until my ascension is completed?”

In the original plan, the moment the young lady ascended would also have been the moment he assumed control of the entire world. However, they were still a ways off from that. There was nothing they could do about this. To become the Time God, the young lady had to contemplate time itself. This was something that could not be avoided. As far as he was concerned, waiting wasn’t much. He had been waiting for so many years. Two extra years of waiting was truly nothing.

That was because even if the young lady were not willing to ascend, her body would naturally contemplate time as time passed. But now, they seemed to be somewhat hard pressed for time. Would it be fine if he waited for a year or two until the young lady finally ascended to godhood? How strong would Chen Feng be at that time? None of them knew the answer to that question.

Even after 12 years, the Sin God had been unable to assume full control over humans. As for Chen Feng, he truly enjoyed the faith of all of humanity. That amount of faith was an absolutely terrifying amount. Therefore, this silhouette could not afford to wait. As time passed, the success rate would probably decrease further from the present 99%. And thus he had to make a move.

“A change in the plan. I will first kill Chen Feng and ascend, then I will wait for you to ascend.”


He stood up, seeming so very calm.