The Strongest Gene - Chapter 798 - Extraordinary Imagination

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Chapter 798: Extraordinary Imagination

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Amid the dusky sky, in a certain far-off corner of the battle that all the gods were focusing on, in the same corner where numerous figures had appeared, two people were crouching, their heads aching.

“This plot seems rather wrong?” Chen Feng was extremely distressed. A problem had occurred with the plan.

“Yeah.” In front of him was a youth with a similarly distressed expression. This was precisely his disciple from a long time ago, Wu Hui. With the descent of calamity and the arrival of the era of gods, apart from Chen Feng’s group of three, there were a few other unique existences that had also relied on their unique fortuitous encounters to free themselves of this crisis. It was obvious that Wu Hui was one of these unique individuals.

He was now an apostle. He was also the guy who had planned the ambush on the fast guy with the various words carved out of mountains back then. After that incident, Chen Feng had resumed contact with him. This time, they were planning to eliminate the Sin God.

Mhm, their plan was supposed to be very simple. They would first force Ye to fight the various major gods to exhaust his strength. The second step would be to force the exhausted Ye to fight the shadow’s numerous clones, exhausting his trump cards. With that, when Chen Feng’s group emerged in the end, they would be able to defeat Ye.

This was quite a simple plan. After all, the so-called shadow and the various figures were creations of Wu Hui’s ability that had combined with the godly power Wu Hui had obtained when he became an apostle. What he had unleashed was precisely Ye’s imagination. Moreover, these figures had been created with Wu Hui’s comparatively weak godly power. As such, the shadows were in fact quite weak.

This was not a trick they could repeat, as Ye was not a fool that would endlessly fall to their tricks. As such, their plan had been to use these shadows to trick Ye once. Everything had progressed smoothly, successfully exhausting one of Ye’s trump card with the “clone” before exhausting another of his trump cards with the “real body.”

This was supposed to be the time for Chen Feng to step out and end this. However, surprising them, before they could do anything, an unforeseen circumstance had arisen.

Just as Wu Hui was about to stop using his ability, his ability produced another figure. Chen Feng was stupefied at this sight. Wu Hui was the same. There were more?

Chen Feng’s confidence vanished. “What’s going on?” Holy shit, it couldn’t be that their lie had transformed into reality, right? After all, the previous time he had lied to the gods, his lie had transformed into reality with the appearance of Sin God. And now, the so-called dark shadow and bright silhouette…

“This can’t be, right?” Chen Feng’s hands shivered. If this truly became reality, it would truly be over for him.

“No, not quite.” Wu Hui laughed bitterly, “It’s my ability.”

Chen Feng heaved a sigh of relief. “That’s good.” So it turns out that the figure was created by Wu Hui. That’s fine, then. Hold on. Chen Feng seemed to have realized something.

“Didn’t I tell you to stop?” Chen Feng was confused.

“Yeah, I was about to stop, but this image appeared in Ye’s mind, creating this figure before I could stop.” Wu Hui’s head ached.

“You are saying… this figure is the product of Ye’s imagination?” Chen Feng was astonished. He had initially thought that Ye would see through the lie after witnessing the “clone” and “real body.” Unexpectedly…

“Should I turn this figure off?” Wu Hui asked cautiously.

“No.” Chen Feng waved his hand. “I am quite curious; what else his mind can create?”

Just as he finished his words, several shiny figures appeared. Chen Feng and Wu Hui witnessed the birth of this group of rainbow figures with their very own eyes. Or perhaps one could say that this was a group of RGB figures.

Chen Feng: “…”

Wu Hui: “…”

What else could they say in response to this? Ye was worthy of his identity as a god, possessing such a rich imagination? Even the figures he imagined were so brilliant.

“The limit of my creativity is creating a dark shadow-like figure. Look at Ye’s imagination…” Chen Feng lamented endlessly.

Wu Hui: “…What should we do now?”

He was somewhat anxious.

“Wait and see.” Chen Feng focused his gaze ahead. At present, he too was clueless about what Ye was thinking.

At the same time, when the figures appeared before Ye, he finally started going crazy.

“Haha. I knew it. It’s impossible for you to be so weak! Since that bastard Creation God left behind some trump cards to deal with me, how can the trump cards be so weak? That bright silhouette was so strong. How is it possible that the shadow is weak? Hahaha, so turns out this is your actual trump card?”

Ye was furious. He felt like the shadow was playing around with him. Real body? Indeed, all of these were real bodies. However, one could also have various real bodies. Clones were something one could create or destroy at any time. As for real bodies, they would exist forever. However, what if someone had numerous real bodies? Since this fellow had decided to face him, it was inevitable that he himself would also suffer damage from this encounter.

Therefore, he was prepared to sacrifice several clones, while this shadow was precisely a person whose ability was the creation of numerous clones that were also real bodies at the same time. So it turned out that this was the case. Ye finally understood clearly. If this shadow looked for him alone, there was a possibility of him dying. That was because, despite his numerous clones, his strength was rather unremarkable. He was not at all match for Ye. Therefore, he first had the bright silhouette exhaust Ye’s strength, then sent the dark shadow over…


Ye finally understood everything. The plan was to send figure after figure at him to exhaust him.

What a fine scheme, shadow. Unfortunately, since this plan has already been seen through by me, sorry, I will not give you the chance to defeat me.

Ye’s eyes gleamed coldly.

“Come out.”

Ye inhaled deeply as he decided to no longer retain any power, as it would be completely meaningless. If he continued retaining his strength, he would probably be exhausted to death by this damnable shadow’s inexhaustible clones. Therefore, he might as well thoroughly eliminate this shadow.


A tremendous power started emerging from the deepest part of Ye’s body.


A faint radiance started converging around him.

“Come out!” he howled.

A wondrous-looking string of light appeared in his hands. This was the Karma String, a weapon capable of linking all the figures together and dragging them out. That’s right, Ye was planning to use brute force to drag the enemy out. This was his final trump card, a power he had never dared use before.





Ultimately, more than 200 figures were dragged out, each a different color. Around them, the various observing gods were already thoroughly stupefied. These figures…

Ye laughed. “Very good. You guys have finally revealed yourselves. To be capable of forcing me to this extent, you are quite a terrific person. Remember that even that silhouette only managed to injure me, and the injuries were merely flesh wounds. Yet you…. hehe,” Ye muttered. “Worthy of being the something the Creation God created. Unfortunately, this is the end for you. It is time to show you guys exactly why I was able to rebel against the Creation God back then.”


A terrifying power erupted and engulfed the entire area. The figures that were linked by the Karma String started shaking.



Next, something terrifying happened. Instantly, all the figures linked together transformed into ash and dust and waffled through the air, presenting quite a horrifying sight.

Ye sighed. “Let this end.”

Karma… Before the eyes of so many gods, the 200-plus figures turned into ash. Was this… finally over? Ye stood up and turned around in preparation to leave. Right at this instant, an astonishing radiance flashed. Ye turned around abruptly, and before he could even do anything, an immense force could be felt piercing through his chest.


Instantly, that massive force penetrated his chest and destroyed his entire body.


Ye’s eyes went wide, unbelieving. Before his eyes was a person he was incredibly familiar with: Chen Feng.