The Strongest Gene - Chapter 797 - This Seems to be Progressing Wrongly

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Chapter 797: This Seems to be Progressing Wrongly

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

“Shadow? Die!” Ye said, his gaze cold. Next, he fully unleashed his formidable power and blasted the shadow’s body. Before this powerful attack, the shadow’s body started to fall apart.

“I, the Sin God, Ye, am the master of this world!” Ye said in a tyrannical manner. The various gods trembled in fear before the might displayed by Ye. At this time, nobody dared to challenge the Ye’s majesty. However, after using all his power to destroy that shadow, Ye’s expression became somewhat strange. He felt like something wasn’t right. Ye frowned as he pondered this. Was the shadow too strong? No, rather, the shadow was too weak!

The shadow, which was supposed to be a powerful existence, had crumbled apart the moment his attack touched it. This gave Ye a bad premonition, as his attack had been no different than attacking a mosquito with a nuclear warhead. It was too much of a waste of his power.

Could this shadow be a mere clone? So they were so arrogant to the point that they had only sent a clone to deal with him? If so… Indeed, right at this moment, another shadow appeared in the corner, proving Ye’s guess correct.

Here again! Ye’s heart trembled. This time, this should be that fellow’s true body. However, Ye was nevertheless still Ye. Having suffered a loss once, he would no longer be tricked. In his mind, he replayed the scene where he met the silhouette’s clone as well as the silhouette’s real body. Since they were fellow apprentice brothers, the difference between their clones and their main bodies should be quite similar. Therefore…


The shadow appeared slowly. In Ye’s heart, a standard had already been set. He calmly waited for the shadow to fully appear. When he saw a familiar symbol on the shadow, his guess was confirmed. This was indeed the shadow’s real body.

Ye sneered. “You are so powerful, yet you still need a clone to test the waters for you?”

“Of course.” The shadow smiled. “Otherwise, how am I supposed to exhaust your strength? Earlier, in order to eliminate my clone, you should have exhausted quite a lot of strength, right? Ah, you, despite already being exhausted in the first place, were forced to once again release an attack of such power… Tsk tsk. How much more of your power can you still draw on? Or perhaps you are already at your limit?”

The shadow laughed and continued, “Nevertheless, it no longer matters. Since even that fellow is capable of fighting you to the point that the both of you are seriously injured, you clearly are not that powerful even at your peak, let alone the current you. Let me be the one to end this struggle.”


The shadow strode out, taking the initiative to attack. The various gods around them were all trembling in fear. This was not a battle they could hope to join. The enemy was too powerful, possessing a strength they could only look up to. The enemy’s aura alone was sufficient to cause them to tremble in fear.

“I’m afraid Lord Ye is in deep trouble this time.”

“Sigh, I never expected a new war of the gods would occur after so many years…”

“I suppose this is why Lord Ye has been so angry.”

The various gods lamented. In the war back then, Ye had suffered defeat and been forced to wait for countless years before the Creation God finally decided to fuse his body with the world. After that, he had still needed to wait for many years to confirm that the Creation God had indeed sacrificed his body. After confirming the disappearance of the Creation God, he had waited many more years before daring to do anything.

Unexpectedly, not long after he had reappeared, the people left behind by the Creation God had appeared yet again to deal with him. How could this not anger him? Wasn’t the Creation God somewhat excessive? Back then, the war between the various gods of the Primordial Era had been completely ignored by him, resulting in countless casualties. Yet after several tens of thousands of years, when Ye appeared, these leftovers of the Creation God’s had appeared as well. What was with this bullying?

If Ye were still oblivious to this, it wouldn’t matter much. Now that he finally knew the truth, though, how could he stay calm? The most terrifying part was the fact that these two fellows were truly too strong!

“Can Lord Ye win?”

“I reckon it will be quite hard.”

“A single silhouette was already sufficient to seriously injure him. Now that the shadow has appeared and has even tricked Lord Ye into wasting a huge portion of his strength before the fight even begin…”

As they thought about this, they were all alarmed. This shadow was so strong, yet he was still using such tricks. Just like that, one of Ye’s trump card had been wasted by a trick. Now that the shadow was personally making a move, could Ye stop him? None of them knew the answer to that. At present, they could only watch on silently.

Indeed, this was the real body. Ye understood clearly. Unlike the clone, which had spoken way too much, this real body attacked the moment he appeared. This was how they should have acted, given their strength. Shadow… Ye’s gaze became cold. He clenched his fists tightly as he sensed the empty supply of power within him. Had he been forced into desperation? It did not matter. He still had a single chance remaining, a trump card he had kept hidden for a very long time.


As the shadow arrived with a terrifying might, Ye finally moved. He had been waiting calmly until the instant the shadow reached him before moving. He lightly raised his right hand. This single motion produced an earth-shattering effect.


With this single motion, half the sky seemed to crack apart.

“This is…”

All the gods’ eyes widened. How strong! This was their first thought. Ye still had a trump card hidden away? This was their second thought. Heavens! He was obviously already incomparably weakened and near death, yet his trump cards seemed never-ending, each as shocking as the last.

This was too scary. They all observed a moment of silence, mourning the major gods that had dared to move against Ye earlier. Nobody had the slightest idea exactly how strong Ye was.


Slowly, the radiance from Ye’s attack faded. Was it over? The various gods looked over. Indeed, the shadow had vanished. Under Ye’s superpowerful trump card, the shadow had been completely decimated. However, they felt doubtful when they saw that Ye’s expression was incredibly unsightly.

“Something feels wrong.” Ye shut both his eyes. Yet another clone? No, he was sure that the shadow earlier was the real body. However, that feeling… was completely wrong! After all, he had faced the silhouette in a battle before and was aware of how strong that fellow was. However, this shadow here, although he had indeed erupted with a rather remarkable strength, was still giving Ye a certain feeling, a feeling that he was so very weak!

This was clearly not how strong the shadow was supposed to be, yet that had clearly been his real body. Ye was at a loss. Had he been too nervous and thus been overthought this? Or perhaps there was more than one enemy? There was a dark shadow and a shiny silhouette. Perhaps there were other figures of different colors? No, that shouldn’t be the case.

Instinctively, Ye looked at the corner while his mind was in a mess. Next, with astonishment, he saw that yet another figure had appeared there. This figure was red.

Ye’s eyes went wide. There was indeed a figure of a different color! Could it be that…

“If you have the guts, come out together!” shouted Ye, as he had a bad premonition.

Shua! Shua!

And behold, from the corner, seven figures appeared. Each of the figures was a real body. There was not a single clone among them. The seven figures were of differing colors: red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and purple. Amid the dusky world, the seven shining figures were so dazzling that the various gods nearly went blind.

“This… What is this?”

All the gods were stupefied. Had these all been left behind by the Creation God? They all had such unique characteristic… The characteristics of RGB?[1] 1

The gods were all stupefied. Ye was stupefied as well. This… did not seem right?