The Strongest Gene - Chapter 794 - These Underlings Can’t Make It

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Chapter 794: These Underlings Can’t Make It

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Ye had returned. However, his aura appeared comparatively weaker than before. He maintained a calm expression, yet his heart was boiling with killing intent. His hard work over the last 12 years had been ruined in a short two months.

A bunch of idiots.

It wouldn’t be long before he let these fellows know the price they had to pay. However, now was not the time. As he thought about this, his expression appeared even calmer.

“He’s actually not angry?”

Chen Feng and Qin Hai were surprised. With the present situation in the human world, Ye should be enraged, right? He was still so calm?

Qin Hai scratched his head in confusion. “Do all gods act in such an unpredictable manner?”

Could it be that the Sin God was just this patient?

Chen Feng shook his head. “No.” Ye’s reaction wasn’t due to his identity as a god. After all, gods were just stronger life-forms. They felt what all life-forms felt. Most likely, the only thing that would affect their decision was their strength. Ye was the perfect model of a person who acted decisively. So why did he appear so calm now?

Chen Feng looked at Ye’s aura, which appeared weaker, and then at the might of Luck Aura. Suddenly, he understood. Ye had truly sustained a rather serious injury. Only this could cause him to endure this anger. That was the only reason he would feign calmness.

Ye was seriously injured and lacked his divine seat, so he had no intention of fighting these gods. He only wanted to rest, to prioritize recovering his combat strength. Chen Feng finally understood. He glanced over at Qin Hai. It was obvious that Qin Hai had reached the same conclusion as well.

“What do you think he will do?” Chen Feng asked.

Qin Hai smiled. “He will probably leave calmly. “Then he will challenge a minor god’s divine seat secretly to recover his godhood. After that, he will gather believers at a rapid speed to recover his combat strength. Ultimately, he will eliminate these fellows one by one. Probably more than half of the gods that have plundered Ye’s believers will end up dead.” Qin Hai finished his analysis indifferently. “After all, that is the only way Ye can keep his secret and regain his believers.”

At this moment, the gods were revealing all their believers to Ye. After all, as far as they were concerned, Ye was a supreme existence. He would not deign to fight them over so few believers.

“Not bad.” Ye put on a satisfied expression as he looked at the information presented to him, “Let me take a look. Mhm… I see.”

After he looked at the information, he sighed and shook his head.

“I will not take part in this. As I said before, this is a fight between you all. If I get involved, it will not be fair to you guys.”

After finishing his words, he turned around in preparation to leave. The various gods could only wallow in disappointment.

“Ah,” Chen Feng exclaimed in admiration. What a fine Sin God. With this, he had obtained clear data on all the believers yet still managed to keep himself outside of this struggle. Next, he would only need to secretly retake these believers. How treacherous. However, since Chen Feng had seen through him, how could he allow Ye this chance? Chen Feng’s mouth curled up into a smile.

Some things would require the influence of Luck Aura. However, there were also things that were better handled personally. This was especially true for something so simple. And thus, just as Ye was about to leave, the various gods respectfully sending him off, a flash streaked past. Suddenly, some words appeared in the sky above them.

“The numerous believers of the human world were originally the exclusive property of Sin God. They were also his only source of believers. Along with the loss of the Sin God’s divine seat, the human world appeared in reality. Now that Ye has returned with serious injuries, he has discovered that his believers have been split up by the various gods. What would he do? Would Ye, without a divine seat, regain a divine seat before killing off the various gods to regain his believers?”


Instantly, the world lapsed into silence. The bodies of the various gods that were respectfully sending Ye off went rigid. This… With their eyesight, they were naturally able to instantly see all the words. The content of the words caused their bodies to go rigid.

Ye lacked a divine seat?

Ye had no faith?

These believers had originally been Ye’s?

How was this possible? Their instinctive reaction was to deny this. That was because Lord Ye was a supreme existence, the master of the universe. Alas, what they saw was an ashen expression on Ye’s face. Ye appeared somewhat flustered emotion.

“Hold on, why would Lord Ye feel flustered?”

“No, this is not the main issue here. The main issue here is why can I see through Lord Ye’s aura? He is supposed to be the most enigmatic of gods, right?”

Suddenly, the various gods realized something. When they looked at Ye once more, they finally saw clearly. Ye was no longer a god. Even though his aura was still the same, without his divine seat, the enigmatic aura shrouding him was gone. Ye’s strength was now clear for all of them to see.

This… Their pupils shrunk. In the past, Ye had been an existence none dared to try sense out. Yet now, with Ye’s secret being made public, the gods started scanning Ye with their senses. What they saw was precisely what they wanted to see.

Although Ye was still as powerful as ever, he was no longer a god. He had truly lost his divine seat. Naturally, if that were all, it wouldn’t mean much. After all, Ye was still Ye. Even without his divine seat, he was an ancient god, not someone they could hope to contend against.

However, that single sentence saying that Ye had returned with serious injuries… The comparatively powerful gods scanned him with their senses and found that Ye’s aura indeed appeared rather unstable. Indeed, Ye had truly sustained serious injuries!

Of course, even this much wouldn’t mean anything. However, the human world turned out to have been the sole supply of believers for Ye. This sentence had indeed alarmed all the gods. This world and those believers had all belonged to Ye?

In short, they had been splitting Ye’s believers among themselves? The mere thought caused their hearts to chill. If that was truly the case…


They took in a deep breath in shock. They exchanged glances and were able to see the nervousness in each other’s eyes. On top of that, an indescribable fear started creeping into their hearts. Whatever the case, this was still the Sin God. They had actually done something like this. Even more crucial was the fact that Ye had pretended to not care and was intending to leave. Heavens, was this truly Ye? Based on his past style of doing things…

All the gods felt a chill creeping into their hearts. The moment Ye recovered his combat power, he would probably kill them off in an incredibly cruel manner. After all, this was not something he had never done before. The gods trembled in fear.


Some of the gods were on the verge of kneeling down and begging for forgiveness. However, a voice suddenly resounded. “What if… we do not allow him to recover?”


At this question, all their gazes landed on Ye. The gods in fear suddenly came to a realization. True, what if Ye was not allowed to recover? Ye was indeed powerful and terrifying. However, he hadn’t only lost his divine seat; he was even seriously injured. He was greatly weakened and lacked the replenishment of faith. This might be their best chance to deal with him.

At this thought, all the gods gulped in agitation. True, since Ye would definitely get rid of them after his recovery, they might as well eliminate him while he was still gravely injured. After all, none of them had the courage to face Ye at his peak power. However, they still needed to confirm one thing.

“Is this information true?”

They started consulting their respective apostles. From the apostles they had obtained from the human world, they were able to easily find out that this world had indeed been ruled by Ye previously. So this was indeed the world of Ye. It was no wonder that they had never seen Ye’s believers in the past.

And thus, all their questions were answered. The mysteriousness surrounding Ye slowly vanished.


The gods all stood up, their gazes focused on Ye. They were truly planning to make a move.