The Strongest Gene - Chapter 792 - Piss Off!

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Chapter 792: Piss Off!

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

The power of faith was still surging in. Even though both goddesses were able to easily reach the journeyman stage, the amount of godly power required to reach the major stage was truly too terrifying. As such, even with the quantity of believers Chen Feng had, they were still stuck. But this was reasonable. Regardless of the amount of faith one had, could the amount of godly power required for a journeyman god to become a major god be low?

After all, in a way, major gods were already considered the strongest existences. Apart from existences like the Creation God and the Sin God, major gods were the top of the food chain.



Godly power accumulated without stop. The radiance surrounding Chen Feng dimmed as this radiance signifying a breakthrough finally faded. It was only at this point that the gods that had been paying attention to Chen Feng heaved a sigh of relief.

“I thought that he might even become a journeyman god.”

“Seems like we have been thinking too much…”

“Well, we were given quite a fright by his previous advancement speed, after all. Looks like the amount of this world’s faith he has under his control is not too great after all.”

“Well, that is understandable. After all, he was indeed a minor god when he appeared here.”


“Where has the faith of the humans gone to, then? When accepting believers, I keep feeling like a huge number of this world’s believers have already been monopolized by someone else.”

“Some other gods, I suppose?”

“After all, nearly all the gods have arrived here in this world.”

“But it isn’t possible for them to have been faster than us, right? We, the major gods, should have been the fastest of all.”

“Is it possible that Chen Feng inherited some believers from the divine seat?”

This possibility was immediately rejected by a certain god. “That is not possible. Think about it. If Chen Feng had truly inherited believers from the divine seat, the moment this world appeared, how could those strongest resonators have been godless, waiting for us here?”

“True,” the gods all exclaimed in realization. Indeed, they had nearly forgotten this point.

When they had first arrived, all of this world’s strongest believers had been partitioned between them. Due to the limited number of these believers, they had been cleanly split among the major gods. As for minor gods like Chen Feng, they had gotten nothing. As such, it was clear that Chen Feng had not inherited any believers from the divine seat.

“In that case, his first-stage breakthrough was probably due to the accumulation of the divine seat.”

“Mhm… After all, this divine seat has an entire world attached to it. Perhaps it is not a simple seat. As such, it might indeed have left behind some godly power that subsequently helped Chen Feng break through.”

“That must be it. If he indeed inherited believers from it, he would have broken through into the journeyman stage already.”

The gods were all clear on this. Chen Feng had only taken seven days to enter the elementary stage. If this was truly thanks to the faith he was obtaining from his believers, he probably would have only required around 10 days to enter the journeyman stage. However, 20 days had passed since then, but he was still stuck. This proved that he was still quite far away from the journeyman stage.

“Well then, we can ignore him for now.”

“Mhm. Gathering new believers is still the priority. However, to be safe, it is better to prohibit Chen Feng from coming near this world.”


“Yes, we must do that.”

The gods all reached a common understanding. If they had to restrict the other gods, it would give rise to quite a lot of trouble and resistance from the gods. Although the major gods were sufficiently powerful, at a time like this, none of them wished to waste any time dealing with that kind of trouble.

However, what if they only had to restrict Chen Feng? Heh. Most likely, all the gods would agree to this proposal. They would even allow the minor gods to enter this world for believers, restricting only Chen Feng.

“As for who will be the one to get the most believers—or if anyone plays any tricks—we will naturally find out after all of this world’s inhabitants have been fully converted into believers.”

“That’s right.”

“That does not seem too far away.”

“Mhm… Based on our present speed, at most, the entire human world will be thoroughly split up among the various gods in 30 days.”

“Then we will decide on the next step at that time.”

The gods began busying themselves with gathering believers once again.

They guessed that there some gods might have used some unique method to gather a huge number of believers. However, they were now too busy to try to figure out who that person was. In any case, after all the humans were split up between the various gods, there would be a struggle among the gods to snatch the believers of other gods.

And thus the gods placed their attention on gathering believers. All of them reached a tacit understanding to prevent Chen Feng from entering this world. Although that minor god wanted to help Chen Feng, he was helpless and could only continue gathering believers in silence. At most, he would transfer some over to Chen Feng when he was done here. After all, he was the one who had kick-started Chen Feng’s journey to godhood.

And thus, time passed quietly. Finally, 30 days passed. The entire human world had finally been totally split up among the various gods. At this time, all the major gods had unsightly expressions, as they had finally noticed that something wasn’t right. The total number of believers did not match the total population of the world.

Moreover, the difference was incredibly huge. The total believers these gods had gathered was half of what they had expected. With the population of this world, how was it possible for them to have so few believers?

“Something isn’t right.”

“Definitely,” a god said with a solemn expression.

“Could it be Chen Feng?”

Someone had instinctively thought of Chen Feng. After all, this world had only appeared when Chen Feng obtained the divine seat. However, after they checked, they found that Chen Feng was still an elementary god.

“He is still stuck.”

“Mhm… Looks like the missing believers are not under him.”


The gods started looking all over, wondering who was monopolizing the believers. After all, each of the gods had gathered way fewer believers than they had expected. If the sum of missing believers were totaled, it would reach quite an astonishing amount. Which god, exactly, was messing around? Chen Feng was the first suspect to be cleared. After all, he was too weak, so weak that he did not seem like he could be the one that had monopolized so many believers.

Secondly, during the process of gathering, Chen Feng’s entry had been restricted. As such, it was virtually impossible for him to be responsible for monopolizing the missing believers. As such, they started doubting the other gods. Alas, their investigations resulted in nothing.

“Damn it.”

“If Lord Ye hadn’t restricted killing between gods…”

Some gods began to surge with murderous intent. If this was the Primordial Era, who would care about those weak gods?

They, the major gods, were supreme existences. How would these minor, elementary, or journeyman gods have any chance of playing tricks on them? Naturally, they had no idea that the Sin God they all feared had already lost his divine seat. As for the believers they were fighting over, these were the treasured believers of the Sin God himself.

A certain major god was furious. “There must be someone who has monopolized the hundreds of millions of believers—or even billions of believers.” He could accept the lower gods being able to obtain more believers than they had expected. However, if a single god alone was monopolizing as many believers as all the other gods, they could not accept that. This was something no god could accept.

“Now, time to find out who that god is. Next, get him to hand over 90% of his believers to be divided equally among all other gods. Otherwise, he will be declared the enemy of all gods,” the major god said coldly. In fact, 90% of his believers was already rather lenient.


All the gods were filled with indignation. Unfortunately, none of them knew who the culprit was.

“Erm…” Suddenly, Chen Feng quietly asked, “Can I have a share of that as well?”

“Scram!” The major gods weren’t even bothered with being polite against him.

Chen Feng appeared indignant. “But… Since all the gods are potential suspects and are allowed to stay behind and have a share of the split, why can’t I join?”

That god sneered. “I don’t like your face. Is this answer acceptable?”

Chen Feng: “Actually…”


The other gods all agreed with this. They did not know whether it was a good thing or a bad thing to have Chen Feng staying here among the numerous humans. As such, since he was no longer a suspect, he was naturally the first they kicked out of this world. And thus, our dear friend Chen Feng was kicked out.