The Strongest Gene - Chapter 790 - The Struggle over Believers

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Chapter 790: The Struggle over Believers

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Godly power continued pouring into Chen Feng. Slowly, the imprint on Chen Feng’s forehead stabilized, and ultimately, the divine seat was fixed in place. Just as expected, this divine seat was fixed at a position normally occupied by the lowest tier of gods.


Instantly, the divine radiance that filled the sky vanished.

“Is it over?”

“I guess so.”

“Chen Feng’s divine seat seems to be the lowest tier…”

“Therefore, he is still a minor god.”

“Yeah. However, that terrifying faith is still rather astonishing. It seems to have originated from those life-forms that suddenly appeared. Nearly every god has gone there to gather more believers…”

“Is this good or bad?”

“No idea.”

The few gods that were conversing suddenly sank into silence. The sudden growth of Chen Feng’s believers had indeed shocked many gods. However, when they had found out the truth, they had all poured into the human world to get their own believers as well. If even this lowest-tier-god Chen Feng could get so many believers from that world, what about the other gods? Those major gods?

The number of life-forms in that newly appeared world was truly incredibly astonishing. Evidently, none of them were aware that these life-forms had been concealed by the Sin God or that these were the life-forms that had originally inhabited this world.

The gods were all busy gathering new believers, hoping that the entire human population, numbering in the hundreds of millions, would become their believers. And thus, the minor gods arrived. The major gods arrived as well. A huge number of gods arrived, and all of them entered the human world.

Gather, gather, and gather. All of them were busy spreading their godly power, invading the human world. Many completely different godly powers began to pervade this world. A person would be able to see a random clump of godly power just by leaving their house. Or perhaps one could be having a meal and suddenly see a clump a godly power. Even when sleeping or having an intimate relationship, or whatever other activities, one could stumble upon some godly power.

Gods seemed to be everywhere. Oh, you can’t believe in this god? It doesn’t matter. There are numerous other gods available for the picking. Feel free to choose among the countless gods and countless godly powers. There ought to be one that fits.

And thus, humans compromised by selecting a god to believe in. At the very least, after believing in a god, the gods would stop bombarding them with never-ending invitations like the most malicious of advertisements. With this, the humans slowly started believing in their respective deities.

After the appearance of the humans, even the pitiful gods that used to only have a grand total of three or four believers now had hundreds or even thousands. For the gods, this was a grand occasion. Since there were truly too many humans around, there were virtually no fights between gods. There was no need for that. Rather than waste their effort fighting, they might as well use the effort to court more believers.

As far as these gods were concerned, the godless humans were like a huge pile of treasure. As such, for many days after, all of the gods were busily gathering believers.

“Father, that Chen Feng…” a certain god’s descendant asked cautiously.

“I will deal with him later,” the god answered half-heartedly, as he was busy searching for human believers. Chen Feng? Who had time to be bothered about him?


“Piss off. Why are there so many buts? We will allow him to run free for a few more days. The big picture is much more important. You, don’t go out and create trouble for me. Regardless of how weak Chen Feng is, he is still a god.”

“Fine.” The god’s descendant could only accept this while feeling wronged. He truly wanted to go and get his revenge on Chen Feng. However, it was as his father said. Regardless of how weak Chen Feng was, a god was still a god. Without his father’s help, he wouldn’t be able to do much. He would probably die without even knowing how he had died if he dared to seek out Chen Feng alone.

The same thing was happening to all the gods’ descendants. And thus, this dangerous initial period of time after Chen Feng’s ascension transformed into a precious time of growth for him.

In the human world, everyone was busy increasing their strength. They had been stuck at this level for way too long. In the past, due to the Creation God’s seal, humans had been unable to enter the awakened realm. Even more unfortunately, they had all been thrown into the bead world by the Sin God shortly after the seal was lifted.

Thus, when they finally returned to the real world, the boundless energy pervading the air brought them endless joy. The ex-believers of the Sin God, who were now ex-resonators, were the first batch of humans to be cleanly split apart by the gods. That was because these humans all seemed rather powerful, causing the gods to believe that these were the most outstanding humans.

These gods were completely clueless as to what type of believers they had gathered. As for the rest of humanity, they were currently undergoing a breakthrough of the largest scale ever in human history. How were they doing it? Thanks to Chen Feng, thanks to gene reagents, and thanks to the beyond-A-class gene reagents.

During the past 12 years, the entirety of humanity had reached beyond A class. After all, they wouldn’t have been able to contend against the Sin God’s resonators with quantity alone. And now these people were starting to break through.

This time, not a single god was concerned about the exhaustion of their godly power when it came to creating contracts for their new believers. Similarly, not a single god would allow another god to use the contracts they had created, as the contract might never be returned.

After all, gods were not allowed to kill each other. In the past, if a minor god was disobedient, they would be punished by having their source of faith restricted. But now, with the many humans providing sufficient faith for every god, who would care?

Restriction of faith? Sure. It did not matter. There were way too many humans around for this to matter. The most one could do to these minor gods was beat them up, nothing more. And thus, at a time like this, not a single god delegated the task of establishing contracts with new believers to their subsidiary gods. With their own hands, they established a contract with every single new believer they obtained. With their very own hands, they transformed these new believers into resonators.

The sky above the human world seemed to be eternally lit by the radiance of contracts.

Level 1 resonance, level 2 resonance, level 8 resonance, level 10 resonance, and so on. Every human at the peak of the awakened realm was growing crazily. The comparatively newer awakened ones tended to stop growing at level 1 resonance, whereas the veteran genetic warriors already at the peak of the awakened realm, those who had accumulated their strength for 12 years, were able to instantly reach level 10 resonance. The instant a contract was established, their comprehension of godly power immediately reached a certain peak.

Growth! Growth! And growth! All the humans were happy, and all the gods were incomparably excited. Everyone watched on as their believers grew in number at a terrifying rate. Almost all the gods had had their faith multiplied several times over. Among these humans, there were also some who were able to directly enter the apostle realm due to being sufficiently strong.

“Haha. This is awesome!”

“The gain of this single day is comparable to what I gained over the past 10 years.”

“So this is the human world?”

“This is such a big world. How did it stay hidden in the past?”

The gods were all endlessly amazed. One ought to know that even with their formidable strength, they had never noticed the existence of this world.

Unknown to all of them, in a certain corner of the world, an extremely beautiful goddess stood. She appeared extremely delicate and was silently watching on as everything happened. If Chen Feng were here, he would most certainly recognize her as the Forest Goddess.

She had not bothered trying to stop the gods, nor had she bothered to approach them. Millions upon millions of life-forms for the taking? Hehe.

“How idiotic…” she muttered.

Do you guys realize that you have obtained the believers of the Sin God? This is especially true for that first batch, the strongest resonators! Are you all aware that they were actually the apostle candidates Ye cultivated with the utmost care?

In order to totally transform all of humanity into his believers, the Sin God had selected a group of believers that excelled at beguilement. He had then cultivated them from the awakened realm all the way to the peak resonance realm. He had been on the verge of transforming them all into apostles.

In fact, he had already prepared the ceremony to transform them all to apostles at the same time. However, he had been waiting until he had more of them. At that time, when he unleashed several hundred thousand apostles, all of humanity would have been converted into his believers. This was quite a scary idea.

This was what Ye had originally been planning. Unfortunately, due to that trial, this plan had been put on hold. As for these gods, they had all taken Ye’s believers for themselves. Not only that, they had also transformed all these resonators into apostles, which was an irreversible act. The moment Ye returned…


She laughed lightly. A bunch of idiots. In her mind, the end of these fools was already fixed. After all, that was Ye, the Sin God! Regardless of how powerful that silhouette was, Ye would not die. Even the Creation God had failed to eliminate Ye back then, let alone this so-called silhouette. When Ye eventually returned, something interesting would most certainly happen.