The Strongest Gene - Chapter 788 - Godhood Ascension

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Chapter 788: Godhood Ascension

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

A dazzling radiance appeared from the distant horizon. Before Chen Feng’s eyes was nothing but boundless whiteness. The incident involving Ye and the silhouette had all been forgotten. At present, the only thing in Chen Feng’s mind was ascension.


Godly power surged out, blasting all the apostles away. As for the apostles that had lost consciousness, they woke up at this instant.

“Is it over?”

They looked at the sky. Within the alien world, only a beam of light could be seen.

“Yes, it’s over.”

“Has one of us ascended?”

Some of the apostles appeared to still be at a loss. In their memories, after the final attack earlier, they had lost consciousness.

“No, it’s Chen Feng.”


Those apostles gasped in alarm. Chen Feng? It was actually him? Not far away, godly power surged and shone upon the entire alien world.

Bang! Bang!

The divine radiance descended. On Chen Feng’s forehead, divine radiance converged, seemingly trying to form a godly power unique to him. Ultimately, a faint imprint appeared on Chen Feng’s forehead. This godly imprint was unique to Chen Feng. From here on, this would be Chen Feng’s imprint.


The imprint flickered.

“So this is a godly imprint?”

Chen Feng did not think about it too much. His ascension would bring about too many changes. However, he did not have time to think about all the changes. The first thing he did was place his attention on the ex-believers of the Sin God.


With his very own eyes, he watched as the human world was slowly restored into the outside world. Humanity had returned.

Chen Feng understood clearly. “The entirety of the human world used to be his believers. As such, he was able to deal with them as he wished. And now, he no longer has his divine seat and can no longer maintain a connection with the human world. As such, the human world has been restored.”

However, he was also sure that the Sin God would not lack a divine seat for long. The moment he challenged a random god and obtained a divine seat, he would once again be able to gather faith. At that time, the human world would once again be submerged in suffering.

As such, Chen Feng had to deal with this as soon as possible. He stood up and gazed at the human world.


Faint godly power surged out and rained down on the human world.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Everything in the human world that had been transformed into a bead started overlapping with the real world. Slowly, the human world became real. Humanity had returned to this era for real.

Suddenly, at this moment, the human world, which had already grown used to the dusky sky, seemingly awakened.

These years, the sky had been shrouded by eternal darkness. The will of the Sin God had been continuously broadcast throughout the world. Even though the humans knew what kind of person the Sin God was, the act of sin had still spread without stop in this world, sinking the entire human world into chaos. After conquering the entire human world, the Sin God hadn’t had any intention of turning it into a utopia. Rather, his sole intention had been to turn the world into a never-ending supply of faith.

And what type of faith was required by the Sin God? The faith of sin. As such, the requirements of the Sin God were rather simple. First, the population of the world had to be sufficient. That was why the entire human world had been plunged into an eternally lustful state. Second, he required sin. Thus, the human world had become a lawless world.

This was the perfect world for the Sin God. Therefore, during this period, a lot of people lived lives worse than death. Moreover, this was even under the secret protection of the Misfortune Goddess and the Luck Goddess. Without their protection, the world would have long ago gone down a path of no return.

With these two goddesses, hope had been preserved among humanity. Hope toward the Genetic Era. Regardless of how long it had been since this era passed, regardless of how widespread sin had been, the miracles concerning Chen Feng were still being spread without stop, filling humanity with hope and expectation that he would return.

Year after year passed, until finally, today arrived. Just when humanity was about to give up hope, the darkness vanished and the shadow of the Sin God, the darkness representing his godly power, was instantly expelled. In the sky, only a majestic radiance was left. Immediately, the earth started trembling.

The humans that had been living within the bead for quite a while were suddenly returned to the real world. The air and the energy of the world could be clearly sensed. This air was not filled with the godly power of sin. Rather, this was the true natural energy of the world. They had returned! As for that resplendent silhouette of light in the sky above, he was incredibly familiar to the humans.

“Chen Feng!”

“Chen Feng!”

Numerous howls resounded as they vented the surging feeling within their hearts. Returned! They had finally returned! After 12 years, the human world had finally returned. These 12 years had been hard on humanity.

During these years, thanks to the special care of the Sin God, only his believers had been able to increase in strength. As such, nearly all the resonators were his fanatical believers. As for the Genetic Union, the strongest of them were merely awakened ones. In these 12 years, the Genetic Union, who had before held absolute authority, had slowly been beaten into submission by the believers of the Sin God.

Moreover, the believers of the Sin God were increasing in number without stop. This was what the Sin God had intended. Only with this would those people willingly submit, becoming his believers. If Chen Feng had been a bit slower, a large-scale conversion would have begun, and the moment the seed of sin was planted in them, it would no longer have been a matter of belief. At that time, the human world would truly have become a cradle of sin.

If Chen Feng had arrived after that, it would have been too late to save humanity. It had been extremely hard on the humans. Fortunately, Chen Feng had returned. When the Genetic Union was facing an imminent collapse, when the human world was about to fully fall, he appeared.

“This kid…”

The deputy president clenched his fists tightly. He had known that Chen Feng would not die. He had known that this kid would most certainly return. Indeed, Chen Feng had returned, and as an almighty god. At this moment, everyone gazed at the silhouette of Chen Feng in the sky, reverence in their eyes.

At this moment, numerous divine senses swept past.

“It is actually Chen Feng,” one of the gods said in surprise. These gods had all heard of this so-called number one figure below the apostle realm. This was especially true, since subsequently, he had even upgraded to become the number one figure below the realm of the gods. All along, they had been viewing this Chen Feng as an apostle. As for this divine seat trial, it had, in fact, been activated at the urging of numerous gods. Chen Feng’s name had just been used as an excuse so that their descendants could ascend. Beyond all their expectations, Chen Feng had been the one to ascend. This was truly inconceivable.

A certain god laughed. “Looks like those gods’ descendants will be stamping their feet in anger at this result.”


“But then… this Chen Feng has just ascended, yet he already has numerous veteran gods as his enemies. The gains do not seem to make up for the losses, right?”

“Yeah. After all, even though he is now a god, he is just a minor god.”

“Do you guys think that those gods will take revenge on behalf of their descendants?”

“That is inevitable. Even though gods are not allowed to kill each other, he will not be able to avoid being taught a lesson. Even though Chen Feng is now a god, he will not have an easy time anytime soon.”

“Even so, that is still better than staying an apostle, right?”

“True. So long as he survives this period of suppression, he will ultimately still be a god, a being above so many life-forms.”

The numerous gods were conversing. They weren’t particularly bothered about this new god called Chen Feng. After all, they were sure that this god was the weakest god in history. First, Chen Feng’s foundations were too weak, resulting in the tier of the divine seat he had activated being too low. Second, he would suffer the suppression of some powerful gods, resulting in a lack of believers.

One ought to know that even the minor god who had transformed Chen Feng into a resonator was but a pitiful god that could only gather a miserable amount of believers among the territories of the major gods. How could this Chen Feng, who had offended so many gods, do any better? And thus, they were sure that Chen Feng would not have any believers.

“With his circumstances, who would be willing to follow him?” a god said with a laugh. As for the backers of those gods’ descendants that had failed in the trial, they had all issued orders to block Chen Feng’s source of faith. It seemed like Chen Feng would temporarily be without any faith at all. He would be nothing but a lonely god.

“I will let you deal with him,” a certain god said to his child. This child was precisely one of the gods’ descendants that had lost consciousness during the trial.

“Since you guys suffered defeat at his hands, I shall let you be the one to deal with him. Without believers, his strength will not grow. He will be forever stuck at this level. When you guys ascend into godhood, you can go challenge him. Chen Feng is ultimately nothing but a stepping stone for you people,” that god said unhurriedly.

“Yes.” The god’s descendant was filled with fighting spirit as he heard these words. True, what was a mere defeat? When he ascended, he would defeat Chen Feng! Most of the backers of the gods’ descendants had similar opinions. So what if he was now a god? Cannon fodder would forever be cannon fodder.

“These bastards.” The minor god was furious when he found out about all this. Back then, this was how he had struggled, slowly surviving until today.

Back then, a certain god’s descendant had tried to benefit from his perceived weakness and snatch his divine seat. Ultimately, he had defeated that god’s descendant and ascended. Alas, he had also offended that god’s descendant, resulting in him being suppressed, causing him to struggle badly even as a god.

Ultimately, when that god’s descendant had ascended, that person had returned to defeat him. Only after that had this minor god been let off. And he had only been let off was because gods were not allowed to kill each other. He could remember clearly how only after he had been defeated, only after his face had been slapped, had that person left. Only after that incident had he been able to gather a few believers.

As for Chen Feng, he was in the exact same situation as this minor god had been in the past. The only difference was that the minor god’s enemy back then had only been a single god’s descendant, yet this Chen Feng had offended more than 10 of them. Heavens, how was Chen Feng supposed to grow this way? For a god, a lack of believers signified a lack of prospects. This was something everyone realized.