The Strongest Gene - Chapter 786 - Mere Idiotic Chess Pieces, Right?

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Chapter 786: Mere Idiotic Chess Pieces, Right?

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

What’s going on? When Chen Feng arrived, this bizarre sight was what he saw. Nearly all the apostles were down. The weaker apostles were unconscious, whereas the gods’ descendants were covered in injuries. Even the mirror image seemed to be on the verge of collapse. Oh, there was a dude looking at him.

“Qin Hai?” Chen Feng was pleasantly surprised. Even though they hadn’t met for a long time, he could still recognize Qin Hai with a single look.

Qin Hai smiled. “It has been a while.”

“This…” Chen Feng pointed around. He believed that this had something to do with Qin Hai. Could it be that this fellow was already so strong that he could defeat all the apostles and the mirror image all by himself?

Qin Hai smiled. “My present to you. As for what comes next, you will have to rely on yourself.”

“All right.” Chen Feng inhaled deeply, and his gaze focused on the mirror image. Ye seemed like he couldn’t hold on much longer. Could he challenge this Ye? Chen Feng calmed his mind and started walking toward Ye, one step at a time.

“Now?” Qin Hai asked.

“Wait.” Chen Feng proceeded slowly. One step, two steps… Chen Feng was seemingly waiting for something. Only when that familiar aura grew nearer and a nervous expression appeared on the mirror image’s face did Chen Feng truly stand before the mirror image and issue a challenge.

“Hehe.” Ye did not find this surprising. However, at present, he truly couldn’t hold on much longer. Initially, he had planned to kill one to scare everyone off. Evidently, Ye himself had not expected that his act of killing to instead make these apostles go crazy and work together against him. Since when had the apostles been so united? He had no answer to that question.

At present, he was just a badly damaged mirror image. This was his final stand. The him from yesterday that had still been so high and mighty could never have guessed that the rule he had set up would be used against him, that his divine seat would be used for the trial activated for Chen Feng. He wasn’t the least bit prepared for this. Thus, the only thing he could do to preserve his divine seat was descend upon this mirror image and fight.

The moment he was defeated, his divine seat would be taken from him. Even though he was incomparably powerful in person and the divine seat only contributed a small portion of his actual strength, he still had to worry about the supply of faith.

If he lost his divine seat, he would lose control over the human world as well. This was what he feared most. At this thought, he looked into the distance. He could sense someone slowly walking toward him. It was the silhouette, the culprit that had used Chen Feng to turn this into a trial for his divine seat.

He had arrived. This opponent was quite thorny. This was the opponent that had made use of Chen Feng to activate the trial, somehow transforming the trial into one for Ye’s own divine seat. Next, he had managed to get all the apostles to work together to attack him and exhaust all his godly power, and now he had arrived to finish the job. Every single step had been thoroughly planned out, completely trapping the Sin God.

Who is this person? wondered Ye. He recognized all of the gods here, yet this silhouette was completely unfamiliar to him. The silhouette’s aura and body… Ye’s gaze penetrated the silhouette, directly reaching the void as he wondered who this person was. Even during the Primordial Era, there did not seem to have been such a person. Regardless of whether it was the era of the Creation God or the present era of the Sin God, such a person had never existed.

This aura was too unfamiliar. However, it no longer mattered. Ye stood up, shrouded by a formidable aura. He truly had very little godly power left in this mirror image. As such, it would be virtually impossible for him to be able to contend against this opponent, one who was no weaker than him and who had spent countless years preparing to trap him in this scheme.

Ye was sure that this silhouette possessed terrifying strength. Based on his estimation, even were this mirror image at its peak, he would only have a 50% chance of emerging victorious. Since this silhouette dared to come, it was certain that he had thoroughly prepared to deal with Ye. This time, Ye had truly fallen into a trap.

And what would come next after he lost his divine seat? What was the opponent’s goal? Ye had no idea. One ought to know that even without the divine seat, Ye was still incredibly powerful. He could retake his divine seat any time he wanted by initiating a trial. As such, the period where he was without a divine seat would definitely be short.

So what exactly was the opponent’s goal? Or perhaps the opponent did not intend for Ye to survive the period where he was without a divine seat? Ye pondered deeply, time seeming to have stopped moving.

After losing his divine seat, he would probably still be weakened by about 20% or 30%. As for his opponent? The moment this opponent obtained this divine seat, his strength would increase greatly. Perhaps it would also be boosted by 20% or 30%. With this, the strength difference between the two would be an incredibly scary one.

If his opponent was somewhat weaker than him, after obtaining the divine seat, a huge gap would appear between their strength levels. Next, that fellow would probably make a move for real toward the Sin God. This opponent’s goal could very well be to kill the Sin God.

Ye was inherently an intelligent person. As such, he was able to get to the truth almost instantly. This was probably the opponent’s true goal. As for him, he had no way of stopping this and could only watch on helplessly as the opponent succeeded in his plan. What a terrifying enemy, to be in the planning phase for several decades just so he could ensure that Ye would step into this fatal trap.

However, even if he couldn’t stop this, he could at least reduce his losses, right? Suddenly, Ye laughed. At this time, not far away, a shiny silhouette was slowly approaching him. He had arrived, terrifying energy swirling around him, with a strength capable of eliminating everything.

It was just as Ye had guessed. Since this silhouette had decided to make a move, he had already prepared everything thoroughly. At present, this weakened Ye was simply a lamb waiting for the slaughter. The plan had progressed much smoother than he had expected, and Chen Feng was even more idiotic than he had guessed. As this silhouette looked at Ye and Chen Feng, a sudden lonesome feeling, that of those at the top, emerged in his heart.

So it turned out that these two were nothing special after all. Regardless of whether it was Ye or Chen Feng, both were weaker and more idiotic than he had imagined. Even though he had indeed caught them by surprise as an observer with his sudden appearance, the way these two had handled this had indeed disappointed him somewhat.

After all, he had indeed prepared all his trump cards, and his combat power was much greater than it appeared to be. The only reason he had prepared all this was to deal with anything unexpected that might crop up. Alas, everything had progressed smoothly.

All the apostles had been defeated, and Chen Feng had issued a challenge to Ye. These idiotic chess pieces had indeed fought among themselves. Their idiocy was without cure. The silhouette shook his head as he lamented.

Shua! Shua!

He strode forth with steady steps. In a short while, he reached the vicinity of the mirror image. There, Chen Feng was issuing a challenge toward the mirror image. This was the first sight he saw upon his arrival here. What a perfect start. Even though he was confident, he was sure that it wouldn’t be easy to defeat Ye. As the Sin God, he most certainly had his own trump cards. As such, having this Chen Feng test the waters would be perfect.

Suddenly, he recalled what the young lady had told him before this. The plan would not succeed? Due to Chen Feng? What a joke.

Little girl, look. Everything has progressed flawlessly. Chen Feng? Nothing but a joke.

Before him, a radiance erupted. Chen Feng had already started attacking, and Ye, as the challenged god, was making his move. He had indeed erupted with a might nobody had expected, an incredibly shocking might. This might… was sufficient to cause apprehension even in the heart of the silhouette.

The silhouette mused that this might pose even him some sort of inconvenience. Worthy of being Ye, worthy of being the Sin God indeed. Fortunately, Chen Feng was taking this attack on his behalf.


Chen Feng’s and Ye’s attacks met. Somewhat surprisingly, their attacks merely brushed past each other and did not collide at all. The silhouette was somewhat surprised. No collision? Did they both miss their target? That should not be possible…

Oh, perhaps they are both ignoring the incoming attack so as to ensure that their attacks will hit each other? Indeed, they are already putting their lives on the line. How interesting; are you guys competing to see who will die first?

The silhouette looked over and confirmed that Chen Feng’s attack had indeed hit the Sin God’s body. Instantly, the mirror image was near collapse. As for the Sin God’s final attack, it was heading toward Chen Feng as well.

“Tsk tsk…”

The silhouette watched on, amused. His amused feeling lasted until the moment when, suddenly, Ye’s attack brushed past Chen Feng’s body.