The Strongest Gene - Chapter 785 - Clearing with High Efficiency

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Chapter 785: Clearing with High Efficiency

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Qin Hai had a very good plan. At the very least, it seemed like a really good plan, as it gave everyone some sort of hope at godhood ascension. Even the first wave of attackers, who were essentially cannon fodder, had a shot at ascension.

This was what Da Long believed. He was one of the 100 apostles in the first wave. Under normal circumstances, a normal apostle like him would have no hope of ascending, not even a one in ten thousand chance. Yet this time, he had a one in a hundred chance to succeed. Therefore, he had to give it a shot.

As the apostle of an unknown minor god, he had to rely on himself for his future. After all, his own god was already in a rather precarious position and would not be able to do much to help him. As such, he wanted to ascend.

He looked at the apostles around him and found that quite a few of them had similar thoughts. A 1% chance… This was the nearest they had ever been to godhood. As for what that would happen after ascending, the challenge that would come from the stronger apostles, they were all of the opinion that after ascending, with the boost in godly power they would receive, they would be able to hold on to their divine seat.

As such, this was an opportunity they had to fight for. As such, when attacking the divine seat, they unleashed all their might.

“Divine seat, here comes daddy!” Da Long roared as he attacked the divine seat. At the same time, the other 100 apostles erupted. Numerous terrifying attacks surged toward the divine seat like a furious river. Instantly, the entire world was illuminated by a terrifying radiance.

Bang! Bang!

The earth shook as the dazzling radiance obstructed everyone’s vision.

“Has it opened?”

Da Long was filled with expectation. They all knew their own strength. After all, there were a hundred of them here. Regardless of how strong they were or were not, the godly power unleashed by all 100 of them should be sufficient to defeat a mirror image. Therefore, the only thing they were paying attention to was who would obtain the divine seat.

They all wondered, who would be the person whose attack just happened to be the one to finish the divine seat off?


With their own eyes, they watched on as the divine seat failed to endure their attack and immediately collapsed.


All the apostles were overjoyed. From the divine seat, a mirror image appeared. It appeared so very frail.


Terrifying godly power swept out.

Just as everyone was waiting for the mirror image to be flooded by godly power, the mirror image lightly raised his hand. And then he lazily waved his hand, causing all the godly power heading toward him to immediately turn around.


At this instant, all the godly power sent forth was sent back at the 100 apostles.

“Not good.”

Their expressions fell. Alas, before they could flee, they were completely submerged in the wave of godly power.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

Blood splattered everywhere. The apostles were flung away, all of them suffering grave injuries.

“How is this possible…” Da Long gazed at the mirror image, full of disbelief. He could feel that the mirror image had indeed exhausted a huge amount of his power when their attacks had reached the divine seat earlier. When the mirror image had appeared in the open, he had appeared completely powerless. Yet that attack… What was it? Some sort of ability? How could a mere mirror image be so powerful?

Da Long was at a loss. One ought to know that this mirror image had only 1% of the original god’s strength. How could he… With this level of strength, if this mirror image was at its full power, wouldn’t he be as strong as the Sin God?

Hold on. Sin God? Da Long looked at the mirror image, feeling like it looked extremely familiar, like it greatly resembled a certain terrifying existence… Could it be…


A mouthful of blood was coughed up as Da Long lost consciousness.


The world lapsed back into silence. A huge number of apostles were already unconscious. The mirror image, which had always been hidden within the divine seat, was finally exposed to everyone. His powerful godly power and skillful abilities surpassed everyone’s expectation.

Despite that, it was clear that this mirror image did not have much godly power left. Otherwise, why were the 100 bugs that had dared provoke him still alive? Because he was kind? That was evidently not the case. Rather, the amount of godly power he had was truly pitifully low.

Nobody bothered with the unconscious or dead apostles. At this moment, the gods’ descendants all looked at the mirror image with greed in their eyes. At this moment, that majestic-looking mirror image was nothing but a lamb waiting for slaughter in their eyes. Look at how that mirror image was swaying about there. This was a mirror image that could die at any moment. What if…

They all believed that during the first wave, the participants had each had a 1% chance of succeeding. Now, they had a 10% chance at succeeding.

A certain god’s descendant howled with laughter and stepped out. “Let me do it.”


His godly power surged out as he charged at that mirror image. However, with a loud boom, his attack was blocked. Next, the mirror image’s hand glowed with a black radiance, and with a wave of his hand, he killed the god’s descendant.


The other gods’ descendants were alarmed at this sight. Truly dead? Fear started seeping into their eyes.

Suddenly, Qin Hai said, “He won’t be able to hold on much longer. If he had only defeated the god’s descendant, it would not hold much significance. But his act of killing is obviously a warning to scare others off from attacking, proving how weak he currently is. Look properly, everyone. Look at the mirror image.”

After killing the god’s descendant, that mirror image indeed appeared even more translucent. He was indeed forcefully holding on. This mirror image was probably at his weakest point.

Qin Hai shook his head. “He will fall at any time. However, how much longer he can hold on still remains a question.”

The other gods’ descendants exchanged glances in hesitation. Should they charge forth? If they did, they might die. However, if they did not, they might miss this rare chance to become a god. None of them knew exactly when would this mirror image fall for real.

Nevertheless, there was still risk associated with this. Therefore, the apostles that lacked ambition gave up, leaving only the ambitious ones greedily looking at the mirror image. Should they go? Everyone was hesitating.

Qin Hai smiled. “Why don’t we use the same method? Attack together. It is impossible for this fellow to be able to kill everyone. Look at the first wave of attackers. They merely suffered heavy injuries. For the powerful gods’ descendants, it will definitely be impossible for him to kill anyone if we force him to separate his godly power to deal with multiple attacks. With this, everyone will have a chance to succeed. As for who will be the final victor, that will have to depend on luck,” Qin Hai expressionlessly said.

Nearly all the gods’ descendants were tempted when they heard him. This indeed seemed like it could work. After all, without risk, there wouldn’t be any reward. They were all gods’ descendants. How could they be defeated like this?

And thus, Qin Hai’s proposal was immediately accepted. This time, the situation was different from the first wave. The first wave of attackers had been cannon fodder in the truest sense. These gods’ descendants were simply unable to restrain themselves from the temptation of godhood. Rather than use their lives as a gamble, they would rather reduce the success rate by attacking together, as this would guarantee their safety.

“Let’s do it.”

They gathered together and prepared to make their move. There were 10 of them in this group, each with a 10% chance to succeed.


Instantly, boundless godly power erupted. A dazzling radiance bloomed.

“Here it starts.”

Qin Hai focused his gaze and watched on silently.

With this, you will no longer have any competition. With this, the godly power of this mirror image should be truly exhausted.

As for the possibility of this mirror image suffering defeat right here, Qin Hai was of the opinion that it was impossible. After all, this was Ye!