The Strongest Gene - Chapter 783 - The God’s Descendant Makes His Move

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Chapter 783: The God’s Descendant Makes His Move

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Within the alien world, the silhouette was still unhurriedly approaching the divine seat. As he was trying to preserve his strength, he was moving slowly. Or perhaps his subconscious mind did not want to arrive too quickly, preferring to move slowly. If he moved slowly, other apostles would overtake him and challenge the divine seat before him.

He wanted the others to exhaust Ye’s strength. It would be even better if Ye was defeated. It did not matter to him who ascended to godhood here. That was because he only had one goal: pulling Ye down from the high and above position he currently occupied.

He traversed slowly, yet when the other apostles saw him, not a single person dared to make a move against him. After all, the aura he was emanating was too powerful. That coupled with the slow speed at which he moved made him an undesirable target. They might as well use the energy to charge forth rather than waste it tangling with him.

Evidently, this silhouette was not the only person thinking this way. In a certain location, a certain figure was also moving forth unhurriedly. His speed was even slower than the silhouette’s, and he did not emanate a flashy or terrifying aura. Just like that, he slowly advanced in a subdued manner.

Without a doubt, this person was Chen Feng. He was also the only person here that knew the truth, apart from the silhouette. He knew who the actual enemy was, and he was aware who the god being challenged in this trial was. As such, he was not in a hurry.

“With this being the divine seat of Ye, nobody will be able to succeed,” Chen Feng mused. After all, this was the Sin God. Apart from that silhouette, who was already prepared to face Ye, Chen Feng had zero confidence in anyone. However, the others were still good for one thing: exhausting Ye’s strength.

Ye’s mirror image here only had 1% of Ye’s godly power. Regardless of how powerful this mirror image was, there would still be a limit to his godly power. If these apostles challenged him without stop… Chen Feng stood a chance to profit from this.

The only person he needed to pay attention to was that silhouette, the person representing the culprit that had caused the activation of this trial. Since he had dared to come, his strength was most definitely not any weaker than the Sin God’s mirror image.

Of course, Chen Feng was also paying attention to other apostles with unique abilities like the fast guy from earlier. That fast guy’s appearance had been some unexpected. However, if too many of these unexpected people appeared, something unexpected would truly happen.

“I suppose there won’t be too many such apostles?” Chen Feng guessed. After all, apostles did not use their own godly power. Rather, they used the power of whatever god they believed in. This was completely unlike the genetic abilities of the Genetic Era. Therefore, there shouldn’t be many of those surprising abilities, right?

Nevertheless, the incident where the fast guy had encountered the ugly male earlier was still fresh in his mind. If he were the one to encounter such a person…

Chen Feng gasped in horror. That fast guy had had the courage a true man should have. Unfortunately, Chen Feng was sure that he would not have such courage. In his memories, a person this ugly had probably reached Kong Bai’s level of ugliness.

Within the alien world, a certain white streak was traveling. After the fast guy, yet another guy with terrifying speed had appeared. Learning from the fast guy’s example, he moved in a low-profile manner, not trying to be the first to arrive. He was sure that he would not commit a mistake as idiotic as the fast guy’s. However, he had still been noticed by a lot of people.

Some of the apostles frowned.

“Yet another one?”

Someone sneered. “This person is fast. However, he is far slower than the fast guy.”

“If he arrives before everyone else…”

“Hmph. Since when have godhood trials become mere competitions of speed? I remember that even if an apostle succeeds in the challenge, the other apostles can still challenge him. Whoever succeeds in the challenge is able to become a god.”

“How is it that easy? The moment one succeeds in the challenge, they will receive a burst of power from the divine seat. This mirror image is extremely weak at only 1% strength. Therefore, it is possible for us to succeed in the challenge. However, if the mirror image is replaced with an apostle who has succeeded in the challenge, coupled with the burst of power he gains… Hehe, do you have any idea how difficult the challenge will be then?”

Some of the apostles smiled bitterly as they thought about this. In fact, this was quite simple to understand. If a challenger was able to succeed, the challenger was definitely a powerful individual. For instance, if the combat power of the mirror image was rated at 100, a challenger had to have combat power surpassing 100 to succeed in the challenge.

After his success, he would receive a burst of power, increasing his godly power greatly. As such, what the next challenger would have to face could very well be a combat power of 200. And if the divine seat was successfully occupied by a second challenger, the difficulty would further increase, as the second challenger was evidently much stronger.

Therefore, the easiest challenge was normally the first challenge. As for this trial activated by Chen Feng, it was a rather scary one. Due to the trial’s mirror image being too weak, the mirror image probably only had a combat power of 10. Therefore, the first person to arrive would have a significant advantage over the others. They would be the most likely to ascend in this trial. This was what resulted in this unique situation where this trial had transformed into a competition of speed.

“This won’t do.”

Some of the gods’ descendants started frowning. They would not allow a godhood trial to turn into nothing but a race.

Some of them couldn’t hold back any longer and started taking action.


Terrifying godly power engulfed the entire alien world, instantly slowing down the speed of that person. For a moment, flight was completely prohibited in this world. He had now been suppressed due to his speed being too fast.

“Hmph. Because the fast guy was the first to use speed, we were caught by surprise. Now someone is actually trying to imitate him?”

Some of the gods’ descendants sneered. Naturally, there were some words left unspoken by them. What remained unspoken was that the fast guy had truly been too fast, to the point that they hadn’t even been able to react in time. However, how could they allow others to do the same?


Numerous astonishing restrictions descended upon this world, causing all who tried to get ahead through speed to be forcefully stopped.

A certain god’s descendant looked at an apostle beside him as he asked, “Can you keep this up?” The person who had done all this was a follower of his. For him to forbid flight and speed, his exhaustion of godly power was certainly rather high.

That apostle smiled. “No harm. In any case, I am not going to participate in the challenge anyway.”

The god’s descendant nodded slightly. “It has been hard on you.”

Suddenly, in a low voice, the apostle said, “They are already there. If you wish to…”

“Mhm.” The god’s descendant nodded without a change in expression. The followers he had brought this time were all rather mature. None of them were focused on pure combat roles. All of them were here with support roles so as to help him be the first to challenge the divine seat. The fast guy from earlier had been an accident. Now it would be his turn to issue a challenge.

Swish! Swish!

Within the dusky world, with the restrictions put in place, nobody was able to travel via spatial abilities. However, nobody realized that, on the ground, in a place no one could see, a certain rat was moving on at an astonishing speed, undetected by anyone.

In fact, this rat had been the first to enter this world. Even when the fast guy had appeared, this rat had never stopped moving. At present, it had finally reached the divine seat. Suddenly, the rat squeaked.


A bizarre fluctuation rippled out, alarming countless people.


All the apostles looked in the direction the fluctuation was coming from.

Instantly, the rat vanished amid the dazzling radiance it had emitted. Next, a familiar figure appeared. This was precisely the very god’s descendant that had restricted everyone’s speed a short while ago.

“Damn it!”

“That rat exchanged position with him!”

“It is actually the godly power of shift.”

“I seem to recall that all the followers he brought along this time specialize in such abilities.”

Everyone’s expression sank. One ought to know that most of the followers of the gods’ descendants were only here to help the gods’ descendants obtain the divine seat. As such, they all possessed rather respectable combat power. Unexpectedly, this god’s descendant had followed in the footsteps of the fast guy, relying on speed to arrive before the others.

“I am here to issue a challenge.”


The instant the god’s descendant arrived, he attacked the divine seat. A terrifying power bloomed, the power of a level 20 apostle.