The Strongest Gene - Chapter 781 - You Already Tried Your Best

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Chapter 781: You Already Tried Your Best

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

“What are you waiting for? Put your clothes back on,” the god’s descendant spat.

“Yes.” Xiao Rong hurriedly put her clothes back on. Alas, a huge portion of her clothes had been torn. She had no choice but to form a new set of clothes with her godly power. Even now, she was still stupefied. During the process of the deed, she had not even been able to react. If not for the disgusting fluid on her, the lingering smell in the air, and the searing ache she was feeling, she wouldn’t even know what had happened.

That fast guy… As she thought of what had happened, she was filled with regret. Why had she decided to use her charm on him? What had happened here had been witnessed by a huge number of people. At present, they all had odd expressions, especially the other gods’ descendants. Almost immediately after, they told their female followers to conceal themselves.

What kind of joke was this? That was too excessive. There was actually such speed in this world? However, after this incident, they had truly recognized the severity of such a thing. That fast guy was approaching the end extremely quickly speed.

“That fellow must be stopped.”

“He is too scary.”

“At this speed, he will most certainly be the first to arrive.”

“He entered this world later than us, yet he is already at the very front of the race. Apart from some of the gods’ descendants and their followers that are still ahead of him, there is no longer anyone capable of stopping him.”

“Will this divine seat be given to him just like this?”

This was making all the apostles uncomfortable. They had to stop that fast guy, yet how were they supposed to stop him? This was quite the thorny issue. There were a few gods’ descendants with female followers who were gifted with charm or similar abilities. However, after the previous example, not a single one of them would be willing to do so even if they were beaten to death. How about control-related abilities? It was rather unfortunate that none of them could get near enough to use such abilities on the fast guy.

The apostles were all concerned.

“What to do?”

A youth who appeared to be 14 years old stepped out. “How about I give it a try?” He looked scarily young, yet he was without a doubt a level 15 apostle.

The eyes of the other apostles shone as they heard what he said. “You have a way to deal with him?”

With a smile, the young apostle said, “I do have some ideas. However, I will have to try to know if they will work. Carve out some words for me.”


The other apostles were curious. What was the point of carving out words?

“You all will know soon enough,” the young apostle said in an enigmatic manner.


The other apostles started to help him. Naturally, the so-called “word carving” was not carving in a regular sense. Rather, this was the act of carving immense words on the mountains, guaranteeing that the fast guy would be able to see the words being carved.

“What are you planning?”

Everyone was still filled with doubt. Not a single one knew what his plan was. As all this was happening, the fast guy, who had already traveled far ahead, was feeling extremely refreshed and comfortable.

Earlier, when he had been charmed, he had believed that that would be the end of him. That was why he had decided to throw caution to the wind and go “enjoy” himself with the lady. Unexpectedly, he had been met with a pleasant surprise.

“So it turns out the power of charm fills the target with the flame of desire. Mhm… Therefore, so long as the desire is satisfied, one will return to normal.” The fast guy was overjoyed at this discovery. He had never expected to solve the riddle of countering charm abilities by complete accident. One ought to know that, as the fastest apostle, what he feared most was falling under another’s control. Therefore, he normally did his best to avoid everyone. Now, though…

“Well, in the future, I can be considered to be somewhat immune to charm abilities. Whoever has galls to charm me, I will do her.”

He was joyfully satisfied. As for whether what he had done was an act of provocation toward those gods’ descendants, he had no fear. So long as he could ascend to godhood in this trial, with the rule put in place by the Sin God that forbade gods killing each other, they would not be able to do anything to him. At most, they would only be able to restrict the amount of faith he obtained.

Even so, so what? Even the lowest of gods was better off than an apostle.


With a flash, he vanished. His target was still the same: the end of this world. However, after only a short while, he saw numerous words being carved on the huge mountain range before him. Even with the speed he was traveling at, he could not ignore the words, as they were directed at him.

The cold words could be seen clearly: “Do you think you are truly immune to the power of charm?”


The fast guy’s heart trembled as he saw these words. So some other people were trying to intercept him? Moreover, it seemed like they were going to use the power of charm on him? Hmph. What was there to fear? With his speed…

The fast guy laughed with a perverted expression on his face. “Since you guys insist on inviting the wolf into the group of lambs, do not blame me for what I am about to do.” The pleasure he had enjoyed during that half-second deed was still fresh in his memory. However, after a step forward, he saw another row of words. “Do you think that only pretty ladies can use the power of charm?”


The fast guy’s heart thumped violently as he saw these words. All pretty ladies? Evidently, that was not the case. In fact, there were quite a few believers of charm-related godly powers that possessed rather ordinary looks, and there were some that were quite ugly as well.

The fast guy clenched his teeth. “It does not matter.”

In any case, after the power of charm took effect on him, whoever he saw, that person would appear unprecedentedly beautiful. This was the essence of the power of charm, a power that would bring one into the land of fantasy uncontrollably. So what if the user of the power was an ugly person? With a clench of his teeth, it would already be over.

However, when he reached the next mountain range, he hissed in horror. That was because the words carved here were thus: “Do you think only females will use the power of charm?”

Instantly, the fast guy was horrified. It couldn’t be, right? No, no way. Among the apostles that were participating in this trial, those equipped with the power of charm should all be female. Furthermore, it was said that the god that presided over the domain of charm was extremely strict when accepting believers. The physical appearance, voice, and body shape of the believers had to be of top quality to be accepted.

Therefore, that god would most certainly not select ugly and scary-looking fellows as believers. This had to be the case. Whoever had carved these words, that person had to be trying to deceive him…

“No, no way. Absolutely impossible.”


As he reached the next mountain range, yet another row of words appeared: “Do you think that only those of a single race can use the power of charm?”


The fast guy’s expression changed drastically. Race? True. Not all races had resembled the gods. Even though the large majority of the apostles resembled gods, some races were rather different. For instance, the giant-elephant race, or the spirit-snake race. What if the charm user happened to be from one of these races?

“No, no way.”

Horror was plastered on the fast guy’s face. On the next mountain range, a figure could be seen floating in the air. An oddly shaped figure could be vaguely seen, seemingly waiting for his approach. So long as he approached, he would most definitely be charmed by this figure. However, this was the only path forward.

That figure… The fast guy was extremely alarmed. At this point, he was already clear on what exactly it was that was waiting for him. This was most certainly an odd-looking, ugly male apostle of an unknown race with a terrifying body. And this person was also a user of the power of charm.

The fast guy did not even have the courage to imagine what would happen if he advanced forth. But… he was already so near to godhood. Did he truly have to stop here?

As the fast guy approached, the figure’s appearance became clearer and clearer. He could already picture how scary this person was. He had already started imagining how terrible his fate would be upon his arrival. However…

“I can do it.” He clenched his teeth and decided to continue charging forth. “I will just close my eyes. It will be over in the blink of an eye.”


He streaked forth. Indeed, as soon as he entered the effective range, he started to lose consciousness. He could feel the boundless godly power of charm engulfing him. This was exactly as he had guessed. As for the person before him, it was most certainly an extremely ugly one.

“Darling, here you are.”

Before the fast guy could even focus, an immense force could be felt pulling him into an embrace. After half a second, after the fast guy had “left his seed,” he fled in horror. Only after he was free of the power of charm was he able to see clearly what exactly he had encountered earlier. That body… and that ugliness… nearly caused him to vomit up everything he had eaten from his birth until now. This feeling was especially pronounced when he recalled the sight of that person lying on the ground with a satisfied expression.


The fast guy sped forth while he vomited. Far away, the observing apostles were completely stunned. Instinctively, they all looked at the young apostle. At this moment, that young apostle had a stupefied expression as well.

“I thought that… he would stop.”

As the other apostles heard this, they focused and took a good look at the charm user. The moment they got a good look, they all started to vomit as well. The fast guy… would even do it with this fellow?

The young apostle sighed. “I have underestimated his desire for godhood.”

At present, he held the deepest respect for the fast guy. After all, that person was willing to do that deed even with such a person. The other apostles had a similar feeling as well.

“This old man has never admired anyone, yet this time, I truly can’t stop myself from admiring that fast guy.”

“Same here.”

“Indeed, nothing is impossible in life.”

Someone even patted the young apostle’s shoulder and said, “You tried your best.”

The young apostle: “…”