The Strongest Gene - Chapter 780 - The Most Speechless Incident Ever

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Chapter 780: The Most Speechless Incident Ever

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

The distorted and dusky sky within the alien world appeared exceptionally sinister. Even after entering this world, the sky of the outside world could still be seen through the tear in the sky. From this tear in the sky, they had entered this world. From here, they would have to travel to the other end of this world, going through numerous tribulations before finally arriving at the divine seat, where they could challenge the god’s mirror image.

And in this particular case, this mirror image had been activated by a trial-taker in the resonance realm. This mirror image could only display 1% of the original god’s strength. This was an extremely rare chance, even for the comparatively weak ones, even for mere level 10 apostles. So long as they were the first to reach the end of this world, to be the first to challenge the divine seat, they could end the trial and ascend to godhood.

This was what a lot of the apostles were thinking about, what a lot of them were trying to do. To charge forth without stop, even when all the other apostles were busy fighting. When a lot of the apostles were trying to reduce their godly power consumption so as to maintain their optimal combat strength, these people were pushing forth with all their might just so that they could be the first to arrive, to be the first to challenge the divine seat.

A certain apostle shrouded in blue laughed as he gazed at the crowd behind him. “Hehe. A bunch of idiots.” Were the god’s descendants powerful? Was that newcomer silhouette powerful? So what if they were powerful? Not a single one of these powerful ones could surpass him in terms of speed.

Swish! Swish!

He flashed forth, leaving countless afterimages behind. His speed was so fast that it seemed like he was piercing through space itself.

“How fast!”

“Heavens, it is actually him!”

“You know him?”

“He is the fastest apostle. It is rumored that no matter what he does, he will always be the fastest, forever the fastest person.”

“Someone like that is not yet a god?”

“No. It is said that he is only a level 19 apostle. As such, he had been cultivating without stop. In regular circumstances, he will only need to continue cultivating until he surpasses level 30 apostle, and his ascension to godhood will be practically guaranteed.”

“A level 19 apostle with this speed…”

“Yeah. This speed is around four or five times faster than that level 36 apostle that managed to ascend last time.”

Everyone’s heart trembled for one single reason: this person was too fast. They had never seen anyone capable of moving at such a speed.

“His speed has even surpassed that silhouette’s.”

“And there is not a single god’s descendant here capable of surpassing his speed.”

“My god.”

“In short, it is quite possible that he will be the one to ascend this time?”


“If this were a regular trial, the difficulty would be so high that even if he arrived first, it would be pointless. However, for this trial, since he will be the first to arrived, he will most certainly be the one to ascend.”


That white streak was so very dazzling in this dusky world. Almost everyone noticed that streaking white. He had seemingly pierced through the entirety of this world, to traverse directly from one end of this world to the other end. His speed was unimaginably fast. Naturally, this did not escape the notice of the silhouette.

However, he merely smiled coldly and continued pushing forth unhurriedly, replenishing his godly power as he used it. He knew who his true opponent would be, and he was aware of how powerful his true opponent was. As such, he had to maintain his optimal combat power.

Some of the god’s descendants noticed this as well. “That fast guy is here as well?”

A certain female apostle beside this god’s descendant said, “Should we intercept him?”

As the descendants of gods, their innate talent was most definitely better than other regular apostles. These people who were destined to be gods in the future each had a huge group of followers.

“You go, then,” the god’s descendant said without an ounce of care. “If required, feel free to kill.”


Every single one of that female apostle’s action was exceedingly alluring. She was the apostle most doted on by this god’s descendant and the strongest among his apostle followers. After becoming the believer of a certain god, she had obtained the godly power of charm, becoming nigh undefeatable. So what if that guy was fast? That so-called fast guy was indeed fast. However, he was weak in all other aspects.

She smiled gently. “Don’t worry. With my charm alone, I will make him stop.” And thus, a group of them stopped here, waiting for that fast guy to arrive. They had entered this world before that fast guy and had been in here longer than him. As such, it was unacceptable that the fast guy could catch up to them so soon after entering. They had to intercept him.


A white streak could be seen approaching from the distance.

That female apostle laughed. “Hmph.”


Faint godly power rippled out.

Despite her godly power being aimed at that fast guy, the apostles around her could not avoid their hearts fluttering. Even the god’s descendant was somewhat affected.

“Xiao Rong has become stronger yet again,” the god’s descendant lamented.

Xiao Rong smiled and said, “Regardless of how strong I get, I am yours. After all, you are destined to be a god.”

“Oh, you girl.” The god’s descendant felt someone proud when he heard this. Just look at how the most alluring of all apostles, this goddess of so many males, was his. A mere divine seat…

“He’s arriving.” Xiao Rong shifted her attention. “I will stop him. You guys will deal with everything else.”

“Understood,” answered the apostles around her.


Instantly, the white streak charged into the godly power.

Xiao Rong’s mood became solemn. “Here he comes.” Suddenly, her calm godly power surged as godly power filled with a sense of enticement charged at the fast guy, completely engulfing him. Almost immediately, he stopped moving. Instinctively, his gaze was attracted toward the young lady before him as he felt that this young lady looked more and more beautiful, so beautiful that he felt like he was on cloud nine, a sudden urge to charge toward her overcoming him.

Everyone was overjoyed.

“He stopped.”


The god’s descendant nodded imposingly. Just as he was about to have someone capture that guy, something beyond his expectation suddenly happened. The fast guy, who had already stopped, indeed charged over toward them as he if had been charmed by Xiao Rong. However, he instantly pounced toward Xiao Rong. Before anyone else could do anything, with a white flash, he vanished.


The white flash streaked away. Shortly after, the fast guy was gone.

“What happened?”

Everyone was alarmed. That fast guy was so powerful that he could overcome Xiao Rong’s charm? One ought to know that even the descendants of gods could not escape the effect of her charm. Yet a mere fast guy… They instinctively looked over at Xiao Rong curiously, yet what they saw stupefied them all.

There, Xiao Rong’s clothing was torn apart. She looked extremely sorry, and a certain viscous fluid was all over her. Moreover, a certain fishy smell lingered in the air.


The god’s descendant was so furious that he did not know what to say.

Only now did all the apostles awake from their reverie. After they collect their minds and started processing what had happened, they all hissed in shock. This… They all exchanged glances and were able to see the fear in each other’s eyes. In short, Lady Xiao Rong’s charm had indeed worked. That pitifully weak fast guy had indeed taken the bait. However, they had totally neglected a single fact…

That fast guy… was truly too fast, so fast that he had not even required half a second to take off his pants, do her, put his pants back on, and flee. Before anyone could even react, he had finished the deed and escaped.

“Damn it, damn it!”

The god’s descendant was bursting with rage. Just one second earlier, he had still been so proud of having her, the most alluring of all, as his woman. Yet in the next second, not only was he thoroughly defeated, he had even given away his women, and the deed had been done right in front of him.