The Strongest Gene - Chapter 778 - The Truth: Challenging Crazily

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Chapter 778: The Truth: Challenging Crazily

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Ye! It really is him!

When Chen Feng finally saw the faint mirror image, his heart chilled. Even though the mirror image was somewhat blurry, Ye had left an extremely deep impression on Chen Feng from the one time Chen Feng had seen him. This was truly him. But how was this possible?

Theoretically, it was indeed possible to directly issue a challenge to the divine seat of an existing god. However, the premise for that was a lack of vacancies among the divine seats. Since nearly 80% of the divine seats were unoccupied, why would the Sin God’s divine seat appear here as a trial? This was especially questionable since the activation of this trial had been supervised by Zero himself.

Chen Feng was alarmed. “What is the meaning of this?” Could it be that his identity had been exposed? As he thought about this, he no longer felt like entering this alien world. What exactly was going on? Unknown to Chen Feng, at the same time, beyond the sky, the Sin God was extremely alarmed as well.

The instant Zero had activated the trial, he had clearly felt an intense sense of thought traveling through the void and directly locking on to him. This was quite a wondrous feeling.

This is… divine seat trial? The Sin God was filled with astonishment. Why was the trial on him, especially since Zero was the one supervising the activation?

He looked at Zero. “What’s going on? Have you found any problems with this Chen Feng fellow?”

“Nope.” Zero had a blank expression. “The trial was indeed activated by me and has nothing to do with him. However, I did what I have always done: activate a random divine seat. It is not supposed to be your divine seat.”

This random activation was a system where priority was given to vacant divine seats. Only when there were no vacant seats would the trial fall on an existing god’s seat. However, no matter what, the Sin God’s divine seat should not have been selected.


Sin God shut both his eyes and sensed this unique aura. Suddenly, he smiled.

“Looks like… some fellows are getting disobedient now,” he muttered to himself. He could sense some other power at work here. “Looks like someone is borrowing your hand and Chen Feng’s trial to provoke me.”

What? Zero’s heart trembled. To provoke Ye, had those fellows gone mad?

“What about this trial, then?” Zero asked.

This trial was quite unique, as due to Chen Feng’s level, the trial would only employ 1% of the original god’s strength. However, this was the seat of the Sin God!

“It is a pity about them,” Ye said apathetically. Evidently, when he uttered these words, those people were as good as dead to him.

Zero understood what he meant. “Yes.”

“Who could it be?” The Sin God gazed at the sky. The entire world was under his control. Who exactly was it that was provoking him? And what kind of power was being used to be able to affect even this trial? “No matter who you are, you are courting death.”

At this time, amid the boundless starry sky, that figure was still seated calmly on the throne. However, different from the past, an astonishingly beautiful young lady was by his side this time. She stood by his side, her gaze on that blue planet.

“Finally, things are getting interesting.”

He was still spinning the ring on his finger, seemingly filled with expectation.

“Do you think Chen Feng can emerge victorious?” he asked the young lady by his side.

However, he received no response.

“Tsk. Still not willing to talk to me? Fine. Let me make a guess. In this trial, Chen Feng will die,” he said with a smile.


Suddenly, the young lady’s gaze focused on him.

“He will truly die, yo.” Slowly, his expression became cold. “Chen Feng is but a seed, a seed raised by me. After completing his task, it will be time for him to die. Now is the time for that.”

He continued lightly spinning the ring. At this moment, the countless stars seemed to shift together as a bizarre power started to surge toward Chen Feng.

“A trial-taker can only take on the trial of a god of their era. Since Chen Feng is a person of the Genetic Era, he can only challenge the divine seat of a god that existed during the Genetic Era. All the other gods have been thoroughly killed by the Sin God; his divine seat is the only one from that era that remains. As such, the only trial Chen Feng can activate is the Sin God’s divine seat.”


He stood up. The huge throne started to glow as the radiance converged and started taking the form of a silhouette.


Behind the silhouette was a faint wing of light that ultimately transformed into a sword of light that was held in the silhouette’s hand.

“Now, it’s is my turn to make a move. Go,” he said softly.


Instantly, the silhouette vanished after flickering. When the silhouette appeared once again, it was already within the planet, on the Bamboo Isles. With a single step, he stepped into the alien world hosting the trial. This silhouette was actually intending to challenge the trial as well.

The young lady’s cold voice resounded. “Forming a clone to challenge the trial of the Sin God’s divine seat? So it turns out that this is your actual goal.”

“Naturally.” He smiled calmly. “This trial will only employ 1% of the Sin God’s strength. I am truly quite looking forward to this. The moment he loses his divine seat will also be the moment of his death.”

“Even without his divine seat, his strength is still unparalleled,” the young lady said coldly.

“I know. However, without his spirit seat, he will lose the faith of the millions upon millions of lives of the human world. His strength will drop to its lowest point. Regardless of how strong he is, without the nourishment of faith, I am capable of ensuring his death.” He smiled. “I am quite looking forward to the strength of the Sin God.”

“You will not succeed,” the young lady stated calmly.

He felt somewhat doubtful. “Oh? Because of the Sin God?”

“No.” The young lady shook her head and focused her gaze on the Bamboo Isles. There, the arrival of the silhouette had attracted everyone’s attention. The powerful aura the silhouette was radiating caused everyone to feel fear.

“Who is that?”

“I have never seen him.”

“How powerful. He is no weaker than a level 40 apostle.”

“How are the others supposed to compete against this?”

“Good lord, as someone so strong, why is he even here competing against us?”

All the apostles howled in grief as they found that this silhouette was truly too powerful.

“Silhouette…” Chen Feng stared at the silhouette that had suddenly appeared, and he gained some sort of understanding as to what was happening.

This so-called trial activation had transformed into the prelude to a war between gods. A certain powerful existence was making use of him to issue a challenge to the Sin God. He had transformed into a chess piece. However, Chen Feng was not quite bothered about this. This was because he knew that after this trial, the true war between gods would erupt.

The Sin God would never allow anyone to provoke him this way. At that time, a massive slaughter would begin. And since that unknown god had dared to start this, he would most certainly not allow the Sin God to easily escape from this trial.

Therefore, without a doubt, this trial was of extremely great importance.

This battle…

Suddenly, Chen Feng’s heart trembled. At present, he was still too far from the Sin God. Accumulate enough strength that he could pose some sort of challenge to the Sin God would take too long. However… what if he emerged victorious from this trial?

Would that not mean that the millions upon millions of the human world’s lives would temporarily belong to him? Granted, with his strength, even after ascension, he would not be able to protect humanity. Even with temporary ownership over the faith of humanity, he would still be thoroughly defeated by the Sin God. However, so long as he had control over the human world for even a single instant… Chen Feng’s heart started burning with passion.