The Strongest Gene - Chapter 776 - Cannon Fodder

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Chapter 776: Cannon Fodder

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Gods were existences beyond all realms. If one were to say that the gap between awakened ones and resonators was a gap of a hundred times, and that the gap between resonators and apostles was also a hundred times, between apostles and gods, the gap would be so large the word “astronomical” would be apt to describe it.

A god was, after all, a god. Under normal circumstances, if an apostle wanted to try to ascend to godhood, they would have to increase one’s strength to level 10, 15, 20, or perhaps something even greater. Only this would make it possible.

Naturally, this would merely grant the apostle the qualification to attempt. One ought to know that even though the Sin God had indeed opened the channel of godhood ascension to all, the last apostle that had taken the trial had been a level 36 apostle, which was an extremely terrifying level. Ultimately, that apostle had successfully become a god, transcending the millions upon millions of life-forms.

Godhood ascension was the dream of all apostles. Nevertheless, this was an extremely long path. Therefore, it had never crossed their minds that Chen Feng would be qualified to take on this challenge as well. They had never expected that Chen Feng had already threaded upon the same path they were all threading, and had even reached the end.

“He has actually reached this height?” The minor god was filled with a melancholic feeling. The ultimate destination of every outstanding apostle would definitely be the trial of godhood ascension. However, even if the apostle passed the trial, he would still be tied to his initial god, thus becoming a subsidiary god. The minor god had never expected to obtain such a subsidiary god, as he himself was a minor god, the lowest of gods. One could say that he wasn’t even qualified to be a subsidiary god himself, let alone gain one. When it came to apostles, he only had one.

A subsidiary god? He had never dared to dream of having one. Yet now… Things were about to become rather fascinating.

“After seven days, the godhood trial will be activated on the Bamboo Isles.”

Finishing his words, Zero left. His words had instantly caused the atmosphere here, which had been rather still, to become filled with noise.

“Activating the godhood trial?”

“So yet another godhood position is going to be challenged?”

“A storm is about to start on the Bamboo Isles.”

“Lord Zero actually activated a trial specifically for Chen Feng. Good lord…”

“Hmph. Chen Feng is a mere resonator. Therefore, this trial will probably be different than in the past. After all, each trial has different difficulty levels. In that case, the number of participants…”

The mere thought was sufficient to plant fear in them. In fact, the activation of the godhood trial signified that anyone meeting the requirements would be able to participate in the trial. In the past, only the strongest of apostles had been able to join such a trial. Regular people had had no hope of getting involved.

Yet now… Chen Feng? A mere resonator? It was quite likely that a huge number of apostles would participate in this challenge. The number of participants this time would most definitely surpass all imaginations.

Chen Feng frowned. “Something seems off.”

Initially, he had been quite pleased that this major god had such high expectation for him. However, after gaining more understanding of the so-called godhood trial, his keen senses told him that this was definitely not as simple as it seemed. After all, it was as the others had said. Godhood trials were the supreme glory for all capable of participating in them, success or failure.

However, that would also be equivalent to the final battle. The sole reason that this was the final battle was that, for any single person, that person could only attempt this trial once in his entire life. The moment one failed, they would forever be unable to become a god. Moreover, a godhood trial could, in a way, be understood as a tribulation of sorts, a tribulation that everyone else could partake in as well as the selected individual.

Anyone could join, yet only a single person would successfully ascend. Therefore, was this godhood trial one truly activated for his sake? Or perhaps…As Chen Feng looked at the excited apostles, he suddenly understood. He had unknowingly become a cannon fodder of a certain someone.

In a certain location, a certain petite figure was lying down on a bench.

“Interesting. Looks like Zero still agreed to our condition.”

She smiled and patted the shoulder of a certain kneeling figure before her. “Your identity is rather unique. Therefore, it would be rather difficult to get a godhood trial activated for your sake. This trial being activated for Chen Feng will be the perfect opportunity for you. He is a mere resonator. Therefore, the difficulty of this trial will definitely be rather low. What you need to do is defeat all the apostles, then ascend to godhood,” she gently said.

“Yes!” the kneeling figure loudly answered.

In a different location, an old man was filled with doubt. “What does Zero’s mean by this?”

Zero had obviously rejected their request, yet he had activated a trial for Chen Feng. Why? Could it be that Zero had agreed to the others’ request?

“Well, it doesn’t matter.”

The old man’s gaze was filled with hope. The activation of a trial was too rare an occasion. Even the descendants of the gods would only have a single shot at ascension. In a way, it was their luck to be living in such a unique era where mortals could ascend to godhood. Everyone who was capable could participate in the challenge.

That was why every single apostle capable of participating in a trial was incomparably precious to their respective gods. The truth was that the difficulty of each activated trial was directly related to the person taking the trial. This time, with Chen Feng, a mere resonator, being the person taking the trial… All the gods were wild with joy, since the difficulty level would most certainly be lower.

Chen Feng himself hadn’t the faintest idea just how far-reaching the effects of this trial would be.

“Chen Feng…” The old man smiled. “Little Jie, this time, remember to give Chen Feng more care.”

“Yes,” answered the middle-aged man called Little Jie.

The old man calmly said, “Since we are snatching his godhood from him, we have to show some sincerity, right? However, although the difficulty level will be lower this time, there are still a lot of things you have to pay attention to, especially that old witch’s lover.”

Not long after, the news of the trial spread everywhere. Countless gods started to get involved. There was nothing they could do about the trials that were activated for the stronger apostles. After all, their descendants might not be able to handle the challenges presented by trials at that level. However, a trial at this level, a trial based on Chen Feng’s level? Some gods analyzed that Chen Feng’s present strength should be equivalent to a level 10 apostle, rather similar to a veteran apostle.

Reaching this height with his identity as a resonator was completely unheard of. However, there was still quite a gap from this level to the level of the strongest of apostles.

“This shall be my stage,” a certain level 21 apostle said.

“That is not for sure,” said a certain level 20 apostle that was not willing to fall behind. This was an incredibly rare chance, a chance that they were not willing to miss. As for that Chen Feng…

“What a pity. I suppose he has yet to realize that he has been made into cannon fodder, right?”

“What a pitiful little fella.”

“Even if he can unleash power equivalent to a level 10 apostle, this will still be too difficult for him.”

“Spare his life in this challenge. That can be considered a way of repaying him for activating the trial for all of us.”

“Not a problem.”

The apostles all reached an agreement. Regardless of who it was that ascended in the end, they would spare Chen Feng’s life. They were the descendants of gods and were foreordained to become gods in the future. As far as they were concerned, it was only a matter of time before they were gods. Therefore, even if this was a competition between them, they still needed to maintain their connections with each other.

“This is roughly what’s going on.”

The minor god sighed after he explained all this to Chen Feng. When he had first found out that Chen Feng had activated a trial, he had been rather excited as well. However, when he found out the truth behind all this, he was thoroughly stunned. Those damnable gods’ descendants!

Chen Feng smiled happily. “What an interesting trial. Am I right?”

“You can still smile?” The minor god’s head ached. “Those gods’ descendants are also apostles. However, their innate bloodlines have ensured that they are all incomparably powerful. All of them are already above level 20 apostles now. I should have thought of this earlier. Only the joint persuasion of those gods could have convinced Zero to activate the trial for you.”

The minor god was vexed.

“Isn’t this good?” Chen Feng was as calm as ever. “If I had to rely on myself, I don’t know how long it would have taken to actually become the strongest apostle and activate the godhood trial through the regular channel.”

“But those fellows…” The minor god was extremely anxious. At this point, he was regretting helping Chen Feng.

“They do not matter.” Suddenly, Chen Feng asked, “I seem to recall that gods are not allowed to kill each other, and if there are any conflicts, a ruling from the Sin God is to be requested, right?”

“Yes,” the minor good answered. This was something he was extremely clear on. Otherwise, the minor gods would have long died at the hands of those major gods.

“Very good.” Chen Feng gazed in the direction of the Bamboo Isles, seemingly exceptionally pleased. “I no longer have anything to worry about. Next, let us all take a good look at who, exactly, is actually cannon fodder here.”