The Strongest Gene - Chapter 773 - Plan Seen Through

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Chapter 773: Plan Seen Through

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

“Hey, have you heard? A rather popular resonator appeared recently…”

“Ah, yes, I have heard of him. He’s called Chen Feng, right? I heard that, because he is too strong, even his god was unable to satisfy the requirement for turning him into an apostle. That is why he has to travel the lands in search of the strongest god.”

“Yeah, I heard that only the strongest of the gods will be able to turn him into an apostle.”

“Is that for real?”

“I’m not sure. However, it is said that a lot of gods are looking for him now…”

“Ah? What for?”

“To prove themselves, I suppose? A lot of major gods have failed. Therefore, a huge number of gods are hoping that they will be the strongest god, the one that succeeds in subduing this Chen Feng. In any case, there aren’t any losses even if they fail in their attempts. But if they succeed, their gain will be enormous. Whichever god succeeds will be able to attract an even larger number of resonators to his side, am I right?”

“Moreover, the moment a god succeeds… Hehe, he’s already capable of contending against an apostle while in the resonance realm. How powerful will he be after becoming an apostle?”

Similar discussions were being repeated everywhere. Just like this, the legend surrounding Chen Feng began to spread. Interestingly, in addition to the major gods, those weak minor gods were looking for him as well. These gods didn’t think they were stronger than the major gods. Rather, they were trying their luck to see if they were the compatible one. With so many gods in existence, there ought to be one that was compatible with Chen Feng. What if they themselves happened to be the one?

As such, the major gods wanted to prove their prowess, and the minor gods wanted to try their luck and see if they were the compatible one. And thus, without Chen Feng personally seeking them out, the gods appeared before him one after another. Right outside Mountcarve City, a long line had formed, a line of gods waiting to establish a contract with Chen Feng. This sight stunned all life-forms.

“Something like this has actually happened?”

“Too strong.”

“For him to reach this level as a mere resonator, he is truly the first in history…”

“Won’t a god make a move against him in anger?”

“Heh, with so many major gods watching on attentively, who would dare?”


At this time, unknown to anyone, beyond the blue dome of heaven, on a certain summit where a shrine that all gods looked up to was located, a certain god had also heard of this.

“The strongest apostle? Chen Feng?” Ye was astonished. He had never expected that this new world he had created would have such an expert. The entire human world had been used away by him to serve as his supply of believers. As such, his power of faith was something no god could compare with, since humanity’s billions were monopolized by him alone.

And thus he had never bothered much about this new world he had created. Yet now…

“Such a life-form has actually been birthed here?”

He was filled with a little anticipation.

One ought to know that this brand-new world was not the world that had been created by the Creation God. Rather, this world had been personally created by the Sin God. And now, finally, a true expert had been birthed in his world. This filled him with gratification.

“Chen Feng…” he mumbled in silence.

Suddenly, he said, “Zero.”

A figure appeared with a flash. “Here.”

“Go and take a look,” Ye said with an amused expression. “I want to see clearly exactly how strong this so-called strongest apostle is.”

“Okay.” Instantly, Zero vanished.

“Chen Feng…” Ye muttered. This name gave him a rather odd feeling. Was this feeling due to this Chen Feng being the first such existence to have ever appeared on his created world? Hopefully that was truly the case. At this time, in Mountcarve City, Chen Feng was being showered by the godly powers of the various gods. One could even say that this was a baptism of sorts.

Due to the huge number of gods that had gathered here, Prison had provided a venue for them to try their hand at the contract, so as to not waste any time. After all, he still wished for these gods to leave as soon as possible instead of dallying around here.

And thus, within the provided venue, Chen Feng could be seen assuming various poses as he received the various gods’ “sponsorships.” That posture of his…

“Tsk tsk.” The huge monkey was endlessly amazed. “Will this truly be fine?”

He had never seen anyone that could still stay fine after receiving so much godly power.

“I guess so?” By his side, that minor god was filled with anxiousness as well. This was the very first time he had seen so many gods in one place. Naturally, the only reason he even dared to appear here was due to the excessively huge number of gods that had gathered here.

Shua! Shua!

Godly power surged out without stop. After one god was done, the next god would step forth immediately. Alas, regardless of whether it was a major or minor god, not a single one of them was able to cause any sort of change in Chen Feng. Every single time, the same disappointed expression could be seen on Chen Feng’s face. Disappointment, regret, expectation toward the next god, and a small amount of indifference after the excessive number of failures.

Suddenly, Chen Feng had a feeling that with this performance of his, if he was to return to his previous life, he could probably obtain an Oscars Award or something. Naturally, his present focus was the growth of the miniature person. Thanks to the enthusiastic gods, his rate of growth had been incredibly rapid, so rapid that he himself dared not believe it.

The initially doll-like miniature person was now completely lifelike. Each motion or expression of Chen Feng’s could now be perfectly synced with this miniature person, and Chen Feng and the miniature person were resembling each other more and more. Similarly, Chen Feng’s combat prowess was rocketing as well. The initial multiplier of 1.001 had started increasing thanks to the nourishment from the various gods. From 1.002 to 1.008 to 1.02 to 1.05 to 1.1… until, ultimately, when a huge majority of the gods here had tried their hands, this multiplier reached a terrifying number: 10!

This signified that Chen Feng’s strength had reached a brand-new height. The amplification of his resonance realm was now 10 times 10 times 10.


Suddenly, the world before his eyes appeared even clearer. With every move, he could keenly sense the vitality filling this world. Now he did not even need to spare any of his attention to sync with the miniature person within him. The miniature person was now able to automatically sync with him at all times. As for him, he had reached a certain apex.

Chen Feng’s heart trembled. “Is this the peak of this fake nascent soul?” He could feel that he was now in a rather wondrous state. In the past, every time he had wanted to display the amplification effect of the miniature person, he’d had to focus on it. Now that was no longer required.

“I am still a level 10 resonator. As for my combat power, it is around level 1,000 resonance. As for a so-called level 1 apostle, their combat power is in fact equivalent to level 100 resonance. Therefore, I am now capable of crushing all apostles.”

He was overwhelmed by emotion. Where in the past he could have defeated only level 1 apostles, now he could ignore a huge number of the apostles in existence. At present, as Chen Feng sank into contemplation, the area surrounding him lapsed into silence.

Evidently, nobody had expected that the numerous gods that had arrived would fail to bring Chen Feng a breakthrough. Not a single one of them had succeeded.

“How has this happened?”

“Is he too strong for these gods?”

Suddenly, a certain apostle thought of something. “It is also possible that his talent is truly too poor.”


It was at this point that, for the very first time, everyone started to pursue this line of thought.

After all, gods were too powerful. As such, generally, they would be able to push one into the apostle realm no matter what. The only exception was when one’s talent was too poor.

A certain god had a pensive look. “In short, you mean to say that…”

“That’s right.” The apostle sneered. “It might not have been odd if only one god failed, but several hundred gods have failed… This caused me to think of an entirely different possibility for all these failures. Could it be that… his talent is too poor, resulting in him being incapable of becoming an apostle? That is why he came out with such a scheme to trick all the gods into helping him enter the apostle realm.”


Instantly, all the gods seemed to realize something. None of them were idiots. When the so-called legend shrouding Chen Feng was peeled apart, when they started analyzing this matter at the source, they found that this might truly be the case. This person called Chen Feng…


Everyone looked over at Chen Feng, killing intent pervading the air.


The minor god that had previously been watching on for fun was suddenly nervous. It was over. Their scheme had been seen through. That’s right. This was in fact what Chen Feng had planned, or to be more accurate, this was what Chen Feng had told this minor god. He had planned to use this method to become an apostle. At that time, all the resonators of the herculean apes would belong solely to this minor god. Moreover, a god capable of pushing Chen Feng into the apostle realm would most certainly be a major god. At that time, this minor god would be able to establish a connection with a major god with the help of Chen Feng.

This would be a good thing for him, so he had agreed to Chen Feng’s plan. Alas, he had never expected that even with so many gods, they would all fail. Ultimately, at the last moment, this farce of Chen Feng’s had been seen through. This time, things would be getting troublesome.