The Strongest Gene - Chapter 772: The Search

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Chapter 772: The Search

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Chen Feng smiled bitterly. "I did not reject that god. On the contrary, I was extremely willing to be that god\'s apostle. Regretfully, the apostle\'s contract failed to be established."

"Failed?" Prison was astonished. This was the first time he had ever heard of something like this.

Chen Feng nodded. "That\'s right. That god said that my growth during the resonance realm was too excessive. As such, regular gods will be unable to establish a contract with me. For the contract to be successfully established, an even stronger god, one of a higher level, will be required."

As everyone heard this, they took in a deep breath in shock. There was such a thing? How strong was this fellow to be repelling gods? This was too astonishing.

"I see." Deep curiosity appeared in Prison\'s eyes. There was actually such a thing. If he could make this youth his apostle, perhaps he would be able to attract even more experts.

"Come, let us go establish the contract," Prison said in excitement.

Chen Feng smiled bitterly. "Let\'s do it here. After that god, I found two other gods to try it out as well. All failed without exception. Therefore, let us establish the contract here so that when it fails, I can immediately go look for the next god."

Prison: "…"

This was the very first time he had received such a cold shoulder.

Prison inhaled deeply. "Fine, this is also acceptable." Under everyone\'s gaze, he started to establish the apostle\'s contract.


A flickering imprint appeared. This was an apostle\'s imprint. The contract started descending and landed on Chen Feng\'s forehead. Terrifying godly power surged out and poured into his forehead.

Chen Feng\'s mood became solemn. "Here it comes." He assumed the proper pose and calmed himself, seemingly trying to endure the infusion of godly power.

Bang! Bang!

Godly power far stronger than that of the minor god poured into his body.

Chen Feng was shocked. "So this is the strength of a major god?" Without a doubt, Prison\'s godly power was much greater than that minor god\'s. Whether in terms of quantity or quality, he surpassed that god by far. So strong was the godly power that Chen Feng even started to wait expectantly for the moment that he finally became an apostle. Perhaps he could truly become an apostle here? And yet, shortly afterward, reality showed Chen Feng that he was being too wishful.


Waves of godly power poured into him.

The miniature person was still as calm as ever, absorbing all the godly power that arrived, not leaving anything behind. Regardless of the quality or quantity of the godly power, everything was cleaned up.

"Huh?" Prison was astonished. He had poured quite a huge amount of godly power in, yet there was still no reaction? This person called Chen Feng was indeed rather special. Since this was the case, he might as well increase the amount of godly power and see what happened. He refused to believe that a mere resonator could resist him.


An even more terrifying amount of godly power poured in. Initially, Chen Feng had still had a tiny amount of hope in his heart that he would be able to become an apostle. Alas, that little amount of hope was crushed as the miniature person absorbed all the godly power without stop. Toward the end, Chen Feng merely watched on in boredom as this unfolded.


Not a single bit of godly power was left for him. All was absorbed by this miniature person. A nascent soul indeed.

Prison began to frown. "Mhm?" At this time, he finally realized how thorny this issue was. However, Chen Feng\'s words from earlier had put on something of a spot. As such, he had no choice but to continue increasing the intensity of his godly power with a frown on his face, hoping that this fellow would quickly become his apostle.

One minute…

Two minutes…

Five minutes…

Ten minutes…

Finally, Prison started to turn pale. This Chen Feng\'s body was like a bottomless pit with no end. Regardless of the amount of godly power that entered, it was still insufficient to turn him into an apostle. Could it be that… even he, Prison, was not qualified to become this fellow\'s god?

"Damn it." Prison finally stopped gloomily. The entirety of Mountcarve City lapsed into silence. As for the apostles and the others that were watching on happily, their hearts jolted furiously at this moment. Evidently, they had never expected that Lord Prison would truly fail.

"Indeed…" Chen Feng\'s expression dimmed, seemingly not surprised by this at all.

"Are you not surprised?" a god asked.

"What is there to be surprised about?" Chen Feng sighed. "Among the gods I encountered previously, one of them was a major god as well. Even he failed."


Everyone lapsed into silence.

"However, that lord did tell me of a way out of this predicament. He said that I am too strong. If I want to be an apostle, there are only two methods. The first is to find a god with sufficient godly power to satisfy the requirement for transforming me into an apostle. With an absolute amount of godly power, such a god could change me. At that time, I might become the strongest apostle in existence."

Slowly, Chen Feng continued, "The second method is to look for a god that is completely compatible with me. The moment our resonance reaches a certain level, the apostle\'s contract will naturally be successfully established."

Compatibility… Everyone sank into silence. The probability of finding such a god… How low was it?

"That is why I came." Chen Feng gazed into the distance and continued, "My goal is to traverse the world in search of my true god. At that time, I will give my heart and soul to him!"

Prison laughed bitterly. "Seems like I don\'t have the chance to obtain your loyalty, then." Everyone could clearly see Chen Feng\'s potential. For him to be able to contend against an apostle at the resonance realm, how strong would he be in the future? The moment he became an apostle, his strength would skyrocket. At that time, what height would he reach? For an expert like this to not be under me… Suddenly, killing intent emerged in Prison\'s heart.

However, as he saw the countless gazes watching him, he ultimately eliminated such thoughts. Finally, he understood the reason Chen Feng had insisted on establishing the contract here.

Chen Feng looked at the other gods. "Are there any lords here interested in giving it a try?" Earlier, when Prison had been attempting to establish the contract, the other gods had arrived. As they heard his question, they all instinctively looked over at Prison.

"You guys give it a try as well," Prison said after giving it some thought. Even though he couldn\'t keep Chen Feng for himself, it would still be good if Chen Feng could be kept in this city.

"All right," the other gods answered. And thus, a new round of contract establishment began.

Shua! Shua!

Godly power started surging out. With Prison as the example, they all poured out their godly power at full power from the very start, hoping to establish the contract in a single push.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Boundless godly power surged into Chen Feng. Alas, regardless of the amount, not a single one of them succeeded. Once again, Chen Feng\'s path to comprehending godly power was cut short as the nascent soul reaped all the benefits. Ultimately, only a bunch of pale gods were left behind. Their godly power had all been squeezed clean, yet none of them had met the requirements for making Chen Feng an apostle.

Chen Feng smiled bitterly. "Looks like I will have to continue roaming about."

The gods could only keep their silence. What could they say? This fellow had only arrived so he could become an apostle. Now that he had failed to become an apostle, he had no choice but to leave. Prison truly wanted to keep Chen Feng here. Unfortunately, he could not do so. He was sure that the moment he tried to force Chen Feng to stay, people would stop coming to Mountcarve City willingly. Moreover, even the existing apostles of Mountcarve City would object to this. A such, he could only watch on as Chen Feng left.

"This fellow…" Prison stared into the distance. As a major god, even after exhausting all his power, he had still failed to meet Chen Feng\'s requirements. If so, who could be Chen Feng\'s true god? An even higher-level god? Or perhaps Chen Feng would truly be able to meet a god he was compatible?

Prison had no idea. However, here and now, with Chen Feng\'s departure, a new legend began to spread in these lands. A legend about Chen Feng, his strength, and his true god.