The Strongest Gene - Chapter 771: Legend

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Chapter 771: Legend

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Chen Feng\'s current strength was rather bizarre. He was around level 10 resonance, right at the peak of resonance. After the amplification effect, his combat power was equivalent to a level 1 apostle. Yet he had discovered something astonishing: he was not able to improve beyond his current level, since he was incapable of resonating with a god.

Even his current level 10 resonance had been achieved with great difficulty with the help of this god. It was a realm he would not be able to reach through his own comprehension.

Under normal circumstances, the god would merely act as a bridge and help one enter the realm of resonance. As for the rest, one would have to rely on one\'s own comprehension. As for Chen Feng, he had received preferential treatment from the god and been fed a huge amount of godly power. Even so, he had only been able to reach level 10 resonance.

Even if the god wanted to push him into the resonance realm, the god couldn\'t. What about Chen Feng comprehending the godly power by himself and improving naturally? That was nearly impossible. As such, Chen Feng was seemingly stuck, no longer able to improve. Just like the god had guessed, it was very possible that Chen Feng might be forever stuck at this stage.

"Resonance, huh?" Chen Feng sighed. The realm of resonance was where one started comprehending their god\'s godly power. Regretfully, his comprehension was nearly nonexistent.

"How can this be?" Chen Feng scratched his head. Why couldn\'t he resonate? Once again, he tried comprehending godly power, but as usual, there was no reaction whatsoever.

"Sure enough."

He no longer had any hope of comprehension. If so, there was only one method left for him to increase his strength. He had to rely on this fake nascent soul of his. He had discovered earlier that, upon absorbing godly power, this fellow would improve. With that, the amplification effect would become smoother, better, and even stronger.

It was quite hard to put into words. For instance, if the previous amplification value had been 10 times 10, now, it had seemingly changed to 10 times 10 times 1. This was a rather odd change, as the final value was essentially the same. No, to be more accurate, after the improvement of his miniature person that one time, it had seemingly changed to 10 times 10 times 1.001. Naturally, this was the new amplification rate for his resonance realm, which was somewhat different than the amplification in the awakened realm, since this realm was greater.

The improvement was extremely minute. However, did this not signify that a new avenue for increasing his strength had been discovered? Chen Feng\'s body was still incapable of surpassing level 10 resonance. However, what if the amplification effect improved without stop? What if that "1" at the back continued to increase? Would it become a 2, a 3, or perhaps something even bigger? Perhaps it might even reach 10?

This would give Chen Feng even greater combat power, reaching that of a level 1,000 resonator and would be quite an astonishing improvement. Naturally, this required his fake nascent soul to be able to absorb sufficient godly power to ultimately further enhance his amplification effect. Should he get the god to provide him with some sort of sponsor?

Instinctively, Chen Feng looked over at the god only to see a pale and weakened appearance. Ultimately, he was too embarrassed to ask for more from this god. Forget it. This god was already pitiful enough due to them. There was no need for him to further harm the god. Naturally, more important was the fact that, given the god\'s appearance, it was obvious that he had yet to recover from the excessive exhaustion when he had tried to increase Chen Feng\'s realm. As such, he would not be able to help even if he wanted to.

"Looks like I have to look for other gods."

Chen Feng set his sights on the recruitment project of the several major cities, and he was extremely tempted.

Chen Feng laughed. "A cold war?"

At this time, the struggle over believers had slowly unfolded. Every single day, news spread about so-and-so genius getting recruited by so-and-so city, or about so-and-so city providing generous compensation and being worth joining. Whatever the case, Mountcarve City was the weakest party in this conflict. There was only one reason for this: their lack of foundation.

Having lost the 1,000-plus tribes around them, their surroundings were now empty. Even when other geniuses were willing to come, they had to migrate their families and start from scratch here. Even for geniuses, this brought about much pressure. Therefore, despite Mountcarve City\'s more generous compensation, they still managed to obtain the fewest recruits. Of course, this was only taking into consideration the geniuses. As for the common and weak tribes, Mountcarve City had gained the most.

"Yet another common tribe?"


"How many have we obtained?"

"Over 300 tribes."

"I am asking about those with the potential to become apostles…"

"Oh, not one so far."


Even with more than 300 tribes recruited, not a single one had the potential to become apostles. This was their present crisis. If this progressed, they would have no choice but to place their hope in the future of these tribes rather than the present them. Nevertheless, this was still some sort of hope.

"It\'s fine. Even if our present apostles will be lower in amount, so long as the future of Mountcarve City is guaranteed, everything will be fine."


They continued recruiting, but with little hope of anyone with the potential to become an apostle joining them. Surprisingly, recently, a piece of news had been spreading, news that alarmed even the gods of Mountcarve City. An extraordinary genius called Chen Feng was heading toward Mountcarve City.

"Chen Feng?"


The gods of Mountcarve City were somewhat stupefied. Why had they never heard of this genius?

"It is said that he is a recently emerged genius," the apostle explained. "He is only at the resonance realm, yet his strength is extremely terrifying. He can even contend against veteran apostles. It is said that a certain minor god personally tried to recruit him but was rejected. This person possessed extraordinary talent."

As the gods of Mountcarve City heard this, their hearts burned with desire. There was such a person?

"Why did you guys not present a report about him in the past?" Prison asked in a sonorous voice.

The underling smiled bitterly. "Erm… Everyone is clear on the situation we are in. None of us expected that this person would actually head over here…"

Prison took in a deep breath. "It doesn\'t matter. It\'s good that he is willing to come. When he arrives, I shall personally receive him."

The underling\'s heart trembled. "Ah? You are going personally?"

Heavens, Lord Prison was a major god with several dozen apostles. Yet he was willing to personally welcome the arrival of a single apostle?

"In unique circumstances, we must take unique actions." Prison smiled. "Furthermore, I have never seen anyone in the resonance realm capable of contending against an apostle. I shall go expand my knowledge. And if this person is here representing a tribe, perhaps... What we stand to gain is more than a single apostle!" Prison said profoundly.

The underling nodded. "Understood." Soon, this news spread throughout Mountcarve City. Everyone knew that a resonator would arrive and that Lord Prison would personally receive him. This caused all the apostles to feel envy and hatred, lamenting the fact that this fellow had arrived at such an opportune time. Apart from a time like this, could a mere resonator ever receive such treatment?

Early the next day, numerous experts focused their gaze on the entrance to Mountcarve City. There, Prison and several apostles were waiting. Not far away, a figure gradually appeared.

Everyone\'s heart trembled. "He\'s here."

Prison looked at the youth in front of him, doubt in his eyes. "You are Chen Feng?"

Chen Feng bowed slightly. "Yes. Lord God."

"Are you willing to be my apostle?" Prison asked with a deep voice.

As far as Prison was concerned, since this Chen Feng had traveled so far to reach here, his intention had to be becoming the apostle of a major god. In Mountcarve City, Prison was the strongest major god.

"That depends on whether you are qualified, esteemed one," Chen Feng said, polite as ever. Alas, these words of his were like a bomb that triggered the fury of all the life-forms present.


"Do you know who you are talking to?"

"How egotistical."

Countless life-forms were furious. Even though Mountcarve City was in a crisis, that did not mean that anyone could view them with such contempt. Perhaps Mountcarve City\'s strength would drop slightly in the future. However, right now, they were still undeniably a powerhouse. As for Prison, he was the strongest god in the city.

Now, a mere resonator dared provoke their god? He was courting death! The eyes of all the apostles and gods were now filled with killing intent.

Prison laughed. "Qualified?"

"Yes." Calm as ever, Chen Feng explained, "In fact, I am fine with being the apostle of any god. Perhaps you have heard some rumors about me. Alas, those rumors are erroneous."

Prison\'s interest was piqued. "Oh?"