The Strongest Gene - Chapter 769: It’s Like You Are Joking

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Chapter 769: It’s Like You Are Joking

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

In Mountcarve City, a certain astonishing aura erupted suddenly. "How audacious of you!"


That dreadful aura engulfed the entire city, causing all the life-forms in the area to tremble in fear.

"God, this aura…"

"Which idiot provoked this lord?"

"Whoever it was, he is finished."

"Leave quickly, lest we be caught up in this anger."

Countless life-forms looked in the direction of the city center in shock. They started hastily leaving in fear of being caught up in the god\'s wrath.

"Excellent. Since you want a battle, then a battle it shall be." Prison\'s killing intent surged. He had initially wanted to avoid killing, especially at a time like this when the number of gods was still lacking. The rules set in place by the Sin God generally did not allow killing among gods. As such, after pondering the issue for a long time, he had decided to have his apostle pay that god a visit. Unexpectedly, his apostle had been directly killed. This was too excessive.

"I told you earlier that it\'s pointless, trying to reason with these wild gods," A different god said in disdain. "They are barbarous and ignorant; they became gods through pure luck. Ultimately, they are still the lowest existences among gods."

"Which god is that fellow?" Prison asked coldly.

The other god curled his lips. "I don\'t know. Who would be bothered to know the title of a wild god?"

Prison stood up. Instantly, a terrifying divine aura rippled out. He could forget about normal believers getting killed, but now that an apostle had been killed, he, as the god in question, couldn\'t not do anything. This was a conflict between gods, something apostles could not partake in. Since that god had provoked him into a battle between gods, he had to accept the challenge.

"Looks like I have to personally take a trip there. Let me see clearly what kind of strength you have, for you to be so audacious as to kill my apostle."

At this time, on a certain mountain, that god stared blankly at the corpse below him, then looked at the proud huge monkey. He blanked for a long time as he came to terms with the fact that, just like that, he had provoked Prison.

Good lord, Prison was a major god. This god felt a little light headed. Why had this happened out of the blue?

"How are you?" The huge monkey looked at his god, who was presently rubbing his head with an unsightly expression. The huge monkey was somewhat confused as he wondered how a god could be plagued by a sickness as simple as a headache. How odd.

The god: "…" He looked at the huge monkey, who was seriously contemplating this problem, but he didn\'t know how to answer the question. How should he say it?

Should he tell the monkey that he was an idiot for not seeing clearly whose apostle this fellow was, and question the monkey for having the galls to kill him? Should he ask the monkey if he knew that what he had just done was the equivalent of provoking a war between two gods? He could not bring himself to say any of these things. The huge monkey had acted on his behalf. This apostle of Prison had indeed been too unbridled, causing the huge monkey to react violently, accidentally killing the apostle.

In any case, the apostle was already dead. It was pointless to talk about all this. Regardless of how he felt, he had to calm himself down. He knew that he had to stay calm. What he was about to face was his most dangerous crisis yet since his ascension to godhood.

"A major god…" Alas, his heart still chilled at the thought. He was among the lowest of the minor gods, so far apart from a major god—two realms separated them. If he truly dared to fight Prison, he would not be able to last even a single round. They were in completely different leagues.

In short, he would never be able to defeat Prison, not in his entire life. At present, the only thing he could do was flee at top speed to preserve his life. As for this shrine of his… The god looked sourly at this mountain before him.

This shrine, this room, everything here had been carved out by him personally with great difficulty. As a lone god, he had spent quite a lot of time to complete this shrine of his. Yet now… As of this moment, he appeared so very pitiful as he stood there.

Evidently, he had never expected that, in a short few days, he would transform from a minor god with a little remote territory into a nomad god. What the hell was this? Was it even a good thing for him to have encountered Chen Feng and the huge monkey? Even he could not answer this question.

He clenched his teeth as he decided to escape with everyone. "Let\'s go."

The huge monkey scratched his head in confusion, evidently yet to realize what just happened. He was wondering why this god had stood still for a long time after seeing the imprint on the corpse\'s head before suddenly deciding to take them all away. What was going on?

Chen Feng sank into contemplation. "Prison." He had heard of this god as well. Prison was one of the major gods residing in Mountcarve City, and he was quite a big shot. Why had his apostle come in the first place? Oh, right, it must have been because of the believers around Mountcarve City. Chen Feng understood clearly. This was the only reason that could have caused that god to send someone here.

Unfortunately for the apostle, he had been too arrogant, believing that nobody would dare to make a move against him, and had thus instantly transformed into a corpse.

"I see." Chen Feng understood everything. In short, this pitiful god of theirs was once again being made a scapegoat.

"Let\'s go." Chen Feng patted the huge monkey\'s shoulder as he explained, "There are too many of us. Therefore, we need to look for a new home."

"Ao." The huge monkey sighed with sorrow. "So it seems like nowadays, even being a god is quite difficult, huh?"

And thus, on this day, within an hour of the huge monkey killing the apostle, the god brought Chen Feng and the herculean apes and fled, leaving behind an empty mountain. The cold breeze brushed past, and the absolutely empty shrine looked so pitiful.

Shortly after, with a flickering of light, two terrifying figures descended. They were Prison and a companion of his that was also a major god. Prison had initially planned to come alone. However, his companion was of the opinion that there might be a trap here, since the opponent had provoked them out of the blue.

As they\'d thought about how some gods had perished in such a manner in the past, they had decided to come together. And yet, what they saw was a pitiful empty mountain. On the ground, the corpse of the apostle was still sprawled about. It was clear that nobody had bothered to clean this place up. As for the shrine, it was completely empty.

Prison frowned. "Where is he?" He did not believe that a god daring enough to kill his apostle would actually flee from him.

"Temporarily out?" the other god guessed.

"Let us wait here, then," said Prison. He had to deal with the death of his apostle.

This was especially true because he could see how, even in death, his apostle\'s eyes had been wide open, evidently not believing that he would die in such a manner.

"Sure." The other god concealed his aura and waited.

One hour…

Two hours…

Five hours…

Ten hours…

And just like that, one day passed. It was not until the end of the second day that Prison accepted a certain fact with great reluctance: the god with the galls to kill his apostle had actually escaped!