The Strongest Gene - Chapter 765: Training Agency

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Chapter 765: Training Agency

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"Cough, cough." Chen Feng gave the huge monkey a kick before shifting the topic. "Looks like Lord God prefers peaceful environments."

"Mhm," the god answered with a dark expression. If it wasn\'t for the excellent innate talent of the herculean apes, he would have eliminated them long ago. Those bastards, daring to speak in such a manner to a god!

The god brought them to the palace. "Sit." The palace was extremely huge, so huge that even though they numbered in the tens of thousands, they were still comparatively tiny.

The god spoke expressionlessly. "Normally, only my apostles can enter the shrine. I have allowed you guys entry only because you guys might be able to become my apostles in the future."


The huge monkey scratched his head. For the huge monkey, whom had still been an awakened one half a year ago, "apostle" was evidently a rather unfamiliar realm.

"Above resonance is the apostle realm. To be precise, using terms you guys are familiar with, an apostle is the spokesperson of a god." Thankfully, this god did not mind explaining. "Resonance is the realm of those who only have just established a connection with a god. As for the apostle—or spokesperson—realm, it is a new realm that one can enter after one\'s comprehension of godly power reaches a brand-new height."

Chen Feng displayed his understanding. "I see. Apostles are normally also spokespersons of their god." If this system was likened to a sect, the awakened ones would be the outer disciples, who were in charge of odd jobs. As for resonators, they would be inner disciples, while the apostles would be the elites of the sect, like elder apprentice brothers.

"Generally, when one reaches the peak of the resonance realm, one will be qualified to become an apostle. This new realm signifies that one will be able to manipulate an even higher tier of the god\'s godly power," the god slowly explained. By the side, Chen Feng gained understanding. Apostles… A higher tier of power?

"Naturally, not everyone can become an apostle. To become one, talent is important. Upon reaching the peak resonance realm, the god will select the strongest ones and bestow upon them the qualification for becoming an apostle." the god explained. At this point, he gave Chen Feng a profound gaze. Evidently, Chen Feng was, in his opinion, a person not qualified for this glory. Although Chen Feng was sufficiently powerful, it was unfortunate that even if Chen Feng were to be qualified for apostlehood, his own talent would ensure he failed to reach the apostle realm. He would require too much work on the god\'s part.

The god paused, not knowing what else to explain. "Do you still have anything to ask?"

In fact, these things he had just explained were supposed to be general knowledge. This god felt quite helpless that he had stumbled upon this bunch that knew nothing. As a god, this was his very first time explaining these things.

"Can I become an apostle?" the huge monkey asked while smacking his chest. He was now a peak resonator with terrifying strength. As such, he had no hesitation when it came to challenging the nest realm.

The god pondered and decided to give him a chance. "You can try later."

The huge monkey beamed. "Many thanks." He naturally felt incredibly happy now. It was truly unexpected that in a short half year, he would be able to start challenging the apostle realm.

Chen Feng wanted to try as well. "How about me?"

The god sighed. "…I will give you a chance as well, then."

At this time, the other herculean apes that were similarly level 10 resonators, in their excitement, wanted to sign up as well. However, after giving it some thought, the god merely shook his head and said, "We will talk about you guys after the two of them have tried."

At this, the noise died down. However, everyone was still endlessly excited. By the side, Chen Feng was able to get the hidden meaning. What the god meant was that if these two failed, there was no point in the other herculean apes trying. It was evident that for a god, apostles were rather important.

Apostle, eh?

Chen Feng\'s gaze sharpened. In his impasse, he had managed to transform peril into gain. And now even Xiao Ying had awakened. As such, Chen Feng was filled with confidence. The truth was that he wasn\'t that bothered about the identity of an apostle. However, if he was granted the qualification, he would be able to verify his current strength in the trial. He truly wanted to know how strong he was.

Suddenly, Chen Feng raised his hand. "I have one more question." It was not easy for him to come across such a down-to-earth god, and thus, he had decided to clear all his doubts while he had the chance.

"Say it," said the god.

Chen Feng asked, "Based on my guess, Mountcarve City probably exists for the sake of gathering believers as well. However, why did they give up on the small tribes surrounding them? Why were the tribes surrounding them allowed to believe in other gods? Even if a lot of them were your believers, there should have been believers of other gods as well, right? And if those believers had joined Mountcarve City, whose believers would they have been then? I am quite confused."


At this question, the god\'s gaze became sharp. He fixed his gaze on Chen Feng for several seconds before shutting his eyes, calming himself. Evidently, he had never expected that a member of the Herculean Ape Tribe would have the kind of vision required to ask such a question. This was a question so very close to his heart.

After a short contemplation, he decided to tell Chen Feng. Perhaps… "The moment believers join the city, they become the believers of the gods there."

It was because Chen Feng was the very first life-form he had encountered capable of an exchange on this level. Or perhaps it was because the life-forms here, his believers included, were all too simple minded, driving him into boredom.

"Become believers of other gods?" Chen Feng\'s heart trembled. Did this not mean that these small tribes were in fact just there to produce believers?

The god sighed. "Yes, we are indeed producing believers for them. To enter the resonance realm, awakened ones need to sign a contract with a god and fuse with the god\'s godly power. This is also the step where the exhaustion of godly power is at its highest, due to the preparation of the contract. Even though it\'s a contract that gods normally have several copies of prepared in advance, when the number of believers reaches the hundred thousands, millions, or even ten millions, the rate of exhaustion becomes rather terrifying.

"Therefore, they decided to leave these awakened ones around their city and let us minor gods do the heavy lifting for them. When those believers become strong enough to join the city, those gods harvest the fruits of our labor."

As the god\'s explanation reached this point, his expression dimmed. Chen Feng\'s heart jolted. He had never expected that there was such a system among the gods. So it turned out that the hard work of these minor gods ended up being nothing but a gift to the major gods?

"But…" Chen Feng could not understand. Since that was the case, what was the point of working so hard? Why agree to keep doing it?

The god knew what Chen Feng wanted to ask. "Why do we compromise? This is the origin of the rule that only tribes with an average strength of level 1 resonance can join." The god paused. "From the moment when the first resonator is created until the moment when the tribe\'s average strength reaches level 1 resonance, these few years of development are the years where their faith belongs to us."

"…" Finally, Chen Feng understood. This could be likened to the major gods eating meat while the minor gods drank soup. If they disagreed… perhaps those minor gods would not be able to get even a single believer. Suddenly, Chen Feng recalled a certain term: market monopoly! Holy shit, these gods were quite smart, eh?

That was also why this god had been so greedy when looking at the Herculean Ape Tribe. He had even lowered himself to personally bring them to his palace. Evidently, he was trying to build up his core with these monkeys. After all, all their believers in the past…

In short, these minor gods were like the educational institutions or training agencies from Chen Feng\'s past life, which instructed and trained people who would be absorbed into other institutions or organizations after graduation.