The Strongest Gene - Chapter 764: Becoming a Scapegoat Out of the Blue

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Chapter 764: Becoming a Scapegoat Out of the Blue

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The flustered Chen Feng watched on as the miniature person within him hiccupped. Holy shit. This miniature person had actually devoured the godly power sent by the god. At first, he had also been waiting expectantly for the godly power to descend upon him. But then, the moment the godly power had entered his body, it had been devoured by the miniature person.

In fact, that miniature person did not have a separate consciousness of its own. Rather, this was an instinctual behavior. This was no different than how an experienced racer would react instinctively in a lot of situations.

But... what exactly was this miniature person? This pirated version of a nascent soul had this function? Was this miniature person trying to reach godhood or something? Chen Feng was speechless. When the second wave of godly power entered him, Chen Feng watched on with his full attention. He noted that although the godly power seemed to have been absorbed by the miniature person, the fact was that the miniature person had not moved at all. And that familiar hiccup…


Behind the miniature person, a red radiance appeared.

Chen Feng was surprised. "Xiao Ying?"


The red glow pulsed as Xiao Ying slowly crawled over, his belly bulging to the point that he was almost round.

"It is indeed you."

Chen Feng was overjoyed to see this. As of late, as both he and Xiao Ying increased his strength, Xiao Ying had entered into a slumber. Unexpectedly, with the godly power as the trigger, Xiao Ying had actually awoken. Moreover, the Xiao Ying of the past, who could only have consumed consciousness and energy, was now able to consume godly power as well. The upgrade he had obtained during this slumber seemed rather overpowered.


Yet more godly power arrived. Xiao Ying glowed brightly in excitement. Alas, due to overeating, he could only crawl slowly this time. As Chen Feng saw this, he hastily pulled Xiao Ying back.

"If you are already full, stop eating." Chen Feng wiped his sweat. "This is different than the past. It\'s not an enemy attack. Hide yourself first."

Xiao Ying understood what Chen Feng was saying. With a swish, both Xiao Ying and the miniature person vanished into Chen Feng\'s sea of consciousness.

The new wave of godly power entered with a strand of consciousness from the god and swept around. After confirming that there was nothing in here, the godly power dispersed and slowly blended into Chen Feng\'s body.


Chen Feng\'s body started pulsing with faint godly power.


The god was surprised. He had expected it to fail again. If that had truly happened, he would have begun studying this fellow to figure out what was going on. Surprisingly, it had actually succeeded. This only proved that this fellow\'s talent was astonishingly bad. Even the huge monkey had required only one percent of what he had inserted into Chen Feng to progress.

He had initially believed that this Chen Feng would be the strongest after resonance, since he was the strongest of the herculean apes. Now, though, it seemed like he had been overthinking things. The god shook his head at the thought of Chen Feng\'s low talent. He no longer intended to provide Chen Feng with any assistance.

Generally speaking, after the contract of gods was established, the resonators would progress in strength independently based on their comprehension. In fact, a god taking the initiative to help his believers achieve resonance was unprecedented.

Yet even with his assistance, this Chen Feng had only achieved resonance with such difficulty. If he had to comprehend godly power by himself… The god shook his head in regret. He was certain that this fellow would be forever stuck at this level.

At present, Chen Feng\'s strength started rocketing after achieving resonance. His strength, previously that of level 100 awakened, increased rapidly, pushing him to the peak of resonance. From his aura, he was much stronger than even the huge monkey. However, the god merely shook his head. What a pity, for such a good seed to have such disastrous talent.

"You all…"

At this point, the god\'s first reaction was to turn around and leave. After all, believers would normally be left to develop by themselves. However, as he thought of the situation here in the areas surrounding Mountcarve City and the potential demonstrated by the herculean apes, he decided to take them along instead.

"Come with me. There is no longer anything of value for you guys here."

Chen Feng and the rest obeyed. For them, being able to stay alive was already a great thing.


The god led them away. After a long time, a group of people appeared where Chen Feng\'s group had been before.

"They… should\'ve left, right?"


"Did he notice us?"

"I think so… He is, after all, a god."

"Why did he spare our lives, then?"

"Perhaps it was because of our uniforms showing that we are from Mountcarve City. Or perhaps he simply disdains to do such a thing toward the likes of us."

"I guess so."

"Anyone know which god that was?"


"Well, let\'s report it to the higher-ups, then. This is no longer something we can get involved in."

"True… the disappearance of over a thousand tribes around the city might have something to do with this god as well. It has been way too long since any of the gods have dared to do something like this. This is too excessive."

"I suppose yet another bloodbath is about to start."

"War of the gods, huh?"

They conversed in low voices. These people were precisely the scouts from Mountcarve City. They had followed the trail along the way until they had finally heard something, at which point they had rushed over here. Unexpectedly, they had encountered something like this. They had witnessed an entire powerful tribe being recruited by a god.

That was not all. The tribes in the surrounding areas were traditionally their source of recruitment. Yet here was this god, recruiting the entirety of the tribe and even taking them away with him. This was too excessive. As they thought of the thousand-plus tribes that had vanished, they seemed to have finally found an answer.

In Mountcarve City, the news brought back by the scouts shocked the entire city. As this was reported, the several gods of Mountcarve City were furious.

"What are you saying? A god took away all those tribes?"

"He has broken the taboo."

"Gods should never get involved in the fights between believers. This fellow has crossed the line."

"He is seeking death!"

"Perhaps this is a new god that does not know about the rules?"

"Since he does not know the rules, let us teach him a lesson. Even if Lord Sin God does not allow fighting between gods, I don\'t mind becoming a god that is eternally without believers."

"Get the people to start preparing."


Mountcarve City had around one million believers. Due to their above-average quality, they were quite lacking on the quantity side.

This low-population issue was further compounded by the fact that this was an alliance of tribes, so various different species lived here, resulting in a low reproduction rate. That was why this city relied on outside tribes as a source of recruitment. Yet now, this source of recruitment had been destroyed. How could Mountcarve City not be angered by the destruction of their very foundation?

"Investigate that god. After that, we can teach him a lesson," a sinister voice ordered. This caused the inhabitants of Mountcarve City to be filled with excitement. Finally, a war between the gods would start. By observing this battle between gods, they, the resonators, might be able to gain some insight and improve. This was quite a rare opportunity.

At this time, the god that had brought Chen Feng\'s group away was still unaware that he had been made a scapegoat. He brought them to his palace. He had carved this palace out from a mountain with his own godly power; it was supernaturally finely crafted.

"This is my shrine," the god introduced proudly.

The huge monkey scratched his head. "A mountain is your shrine?" This so-called palace was not lavishly decorated at all. Everything within was made out of stone.

"This is a palace," the god said as his expression darkened. He took in a deep breath and said, "This place has exquisite scenery, abundant energy, and rich resources. The entire shrine is incomparably massive and spectacularly beautiful."

"But…" The huge monkey was puzzled. "It is still a mountain."

"…" The god glanced at the huge monkey, faint killing intent in his gaze.