The Strongest Gene - Chapter 762: Questioning the God

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Chapter 762: Questioning the God

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Why was a god here? Chen Feng\'s body chilled. Despite his recent rapid growth, he had never once believed that he was currently capable of defeating a god. After all, they were in two completely different realms. In Chen Feng\'s plan, he was supposed to slowly obtain more and more resources as he grew in strength. Ultimately, his strength would start approaching that of the gods. Only then would he think of a way to challenge the gods. Not now, not like this. He hadn\'t wanted to encounter a god this early.

This was illogical. Why was a god even here? They were just in the surroundings of that large city. This was merely a remote region, one even the Mountcarver Tribe could not be bothered with. Why would a god be here? Chen Feng was confused.

"Is it you guys?" the god asked in an extremely gentle voice. However, it was this very gentle voice that was accompanied by horrifying killing intent. Almost instantly, all the herculean apes started prostrating on the ground. As for Chen Feng and the huge monkey, they were greatly affected by this pressure as well.

A single word… and his mere aura… to achieve all this. So this was a god? Chen Feng clenched his teeth. The huge monkey wanted to speak, but that terrifying pressure caused him to not even be able to open his mouth.


Blood started bursting out of his body. As for the herculean ape tribesmen, they were facing imminent destruction.

Suddenly, Chen Feng spoke. "What do you mean by that?" Within him, the miniature person started syncing with him, slowly counteracting the pressure projected by the god. He knew that he could not be this god\'s opponent. However, he was at least able to talk.

"Huh?" The god looked at Chen Feng in astonishment. Evidently, he was curious about how this little fellow was capable of actually resisting the pressure enough to talk. One ought to know that even though this god had asked a question, he had not expected anyone to answer. Under the majestic pressure of a god, all awakened ones and resonators were but bugs. As such, they did not qualify to even answer the question of a god. And yet this little guy here was able to speak in his presence.

"Are you guys the ones that killed my believers?" the god asked with the same gentle voice. This time, the pressure he emanated became more intense. Moreover, since Chen Feng was able to talk, a huge amount of the pressure was now targeting Chen Feng.


Terrifying pressure descended. Chen Feng could clearly feel that surging pressure. Fortunately, now that he was a level 10,000 awakened, he was able to hold on, albeit with great difficulty.

Believers… Killed his believers… Finally, Chen Feng understood. Among the tribes they had eliminated, some of them had been believers of this god. However… this was a god, right?

Before this, Chen Feng had indeed heard of the situation where, if you beat up the small guy, the big guy would step out. And if you beat up the big guy, an old man would come out. And if you beat up the old man, the ancestor would come out. After all, those people were of the same clan and it wasn\'t weird for them to be protective. However, he had never heard that after beating up the believers, the god would appear!

Was this god sick or something? Any god would have tens of millions of believers. Why would they even be bothered with the lives of some believers? And to reach a point where the god actually bothered to avenge the death of a small number of believers? Was this god sick? Chen Feng was collapsing.

If this was how all the gods acted, this era would probably be in great chaos. Almost every day there were countless wars between tribes. If all gods were so dedicated when it came to protecting their believers, which of them would still dare to fight? This was simply ridiculous.

Moreover, they had eliminated more than 1,000 tribes, yet this was the only god that had appeared. Chen Feng could only think of one reason for a god to appear as a result of his actions. He recalled that in the legends of his previous life, there had been a certain god with an incredible appetite for sex, who had left his seeds in nearly all the races, giving birth to countless children.

"Among these tribes, some were your children?" Chen Feng asked, distressed. This was truly unlucky of them.


Suddenly, their surrounding seemed to go silent at what Chen Feng had said. The god\'s always-calm expression changed slightly. He looked at this youth that seemed to have accepted his fate, and instantly, the god frowned. As he pondered Chen Feng\'s words, his killing intent became even more intense.

"You dare insult a god?" A god was supposed to be an existence high and mighty above everyone else. He did not know what this fellow was thinking. He also did not know why this guy had related this to his children even though he had been asking about his believers. Nevertheless, it was evident that this guy was insulting a god.


Terrifying godly power rippled out. Finally, the god was furious.


Chen Feng was stupefied. So he had guessed wrongly? Hold on… If he had truly gotten it wrong…

"As a god, you are actually lowering yourself and getting involved in the disputes of those mortals far below you. Is this not too excessive?" howled Chen Feng.


At these words, the attack paused right before it reached Chen Feng. Chen Feng\'s heart trembled. Splendid. Since this god was willing to listen to him, all was not lost.

Chen Feng continued speaking loudly. "You, exalted one, are an almighty and great god. We of the bottom kill each other for the sake of our respective beliefs, for our respective gods! If the gods come out each time some of their believers are killed, what will become of this world? After you kill us, should our god take revenge for us? Then, will all the gods will start lowering themselves, getting pulled into the affairs of mortals?

"Earlier, I thought that some of the believers were your children and had resigned myself to this fate. But since none of them were your children, you should tell me the reason for this, right? I know, as a god, you don\'t even need to answer the questions of us lowly mortals. However, we truly can\'t accept dying without even knowing the reason, or perhaps dying merely because we have killed some believers… This is truly quite uncalled for!"

To maintain his momentum, he had even forced all the words out in one go. He was quite afraid that even a slight pause would cause him to be directly killed by this god. He did not know if this god would listen to them. However, what he had uttered was precisely the question that the herculean apes had. Even if they had to die, they needed to know the reason, right? Even more so when a god was the one doing the killing.

Chen Feng looked straight at the god, hoping to get an answer. However, somewhat surprisingly, the god\'s killing intent had increased even further. Moreover, he was currently gazing at Chen Feng with an odd gaze.


Chen Feng\'s scalp went numb. Had he spoken wrongly? He pondered the matter and could not think of anything he had said that would have provoked this god to such an extent. Perhaps his tone of voice had been too harsh? His heart chilled. God… Facing such an almighty existence, they did not even qualify to converse with him. Was this god merely feeling insulted because a mere mortal had had the audacity to converse with a god? If so, Chen Feng could only smile bitterly.

The god\'s flat voice resounded. "You want a reason? I will give you one. Struggles between believers occur every single day. There will come new believers, and believers will die. I naturally wouldn\'t come looking for you because of this."

Why, then? Chen Feng was filled with doubt. Even the herculean apes were filled with doubt. Apart from killing some believers, they hadn\'t done anything else recently.

"A god should not come down for the death of some believers, and a god wouldn\'t do so. You are indeed right about this."

The god had expressed agreement to what Chen Feng had said. However, for reasons unknown, this only caused the bad feeling Chen Feng had to intensify.

"But…" The god gazed at Chen Feng grudgingly as his calm voice was suddenly filled with blame. "You guys can\'t keep going about killing the believers of a single god, right? I had a hundred thousand believers, yet in half a year, you killed fifty thousand of them. Aren\'t you being a tad bit too excessive?"

Toward the end, the god\'s killing intent was already rocketing.

Chen Feng: "…"

Huge monkey: "…"

Chen Feng was thoroughly stupefied. Fifty thousand? He thought about it and recalled that during this half a year, they had indeed eliminated over a thousand tribes. Some of the tribes had had quite a few resonators, the majority of them being level 1 resonators. Apart from dealing with the leaders, Chen Feng had hardly made a move. However, when the herculean apes had reached a point where all of them were capable of contending against level 1 resonators, they had started crushing their opponents with extreme ease, not a single one of the enemy resonators had been able to escape them.

As such, it was quite probable that they had killed a total of fifty thousand resonators so far. However, they had never imagined that all fifty thousand of them were the believers of the same god. What the hell? It was over. Chen Feng\'s heart chilled. Suddenly, he recalled the words that a certain someone had uttered in his previous life. Out of ten-odd sheep, only one was shaved excessively. When that happened, it would be so extremely striking no one would miss it. And now, Chen Feng was in the same situation. During this half year, all the resonators he had killed were actually the believers of a single god.