The Strongest Gene - Chapter 761: Cleanup

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Chapter 761: Cleanup

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Half a year later, in Mountcarve City.

The city was bustling with all kinds of life-forms. Due to their strength, their outer forms greatly resembled humans—or rather, the gods. As such, only a small number of their respective races\' traits were apparent. Within a certain crude-looking hall, a certain life-form with a long nose was staring ahead in melancholy. He looked at the entrance of the hall, anxiously waiting for something. Beside him, an underling with a big nose was waiting anxiously as well.

"Are there no tribes coming for registration?"


"It has been half a year since anyone came, right?"

"Half a year…"

The long-nosed guy trembled as he wondered if those tribes had been attracted by another tribe instead. One ought to know that even the weak tribes surrounding them were progressing constantly. The progress never ceased, and one day, they too would reach the resonance realm. Every time that happened, the tribe would come and apply to join them, becoming part of this city.

In the past years, there had been tribes applying nearly every month. At most, they had only ever had a gap of three months between applications. Moreover, in that instance, after almost exactly three months, four or five tribes had come and applied at one time. Yet now it had been half a year since they had received any applications…

The huge-nosed guy asked, "Is this merely a coincidence?"

"I doubt it," the long-nosed guy muttered. This world progressed along with time. Even the three-month gap they\'d had back then had been a long time ago. After that, the frequency of applications had only increased, nearly reaching an average of twice per month. And now, the applications had suddenly stopped for half a year? This was most definitely not something as simple as a coincidence. There had to be a problem somewhere.

"Send out a team of scouts to check around," the long-nosed guy said as he clenched his teeth.

The big-nosed guy was somewhat worried. "Boss, if we send a team of scouts out, this will be recorded."

The long-nosed guy shook his head and solemnly said, "We can\'t afford to worry about that anymore. I reckon something big must have happened."

"All right." The big-nosed guy went out and started making the necessary arrangements. Soon, scouts were sent out. This group was already quite familiar with such scouting missions. As such, they immediately left and headed casually toward a nearby tribe. However, somewhat surprisingly, this nearby tribe had mysteriously vanished. Regardless of how they searched, they couldn\'t found the tribe.

"Are you sure you guys haven\'t been looking in the wrong location?"

"Absolutely sure. They should be in that general area."

"Keep searching."


The scouts resumed the search, yet nothing was found.

"Perhaps… they have moved?"

"I guess. Try searching for other nearby tribes."

They decided to look for a different tribe instead. And thus, the scouts set forth once again toward a different nearby tribe. However, even after two hours of travel, nothing was found apart from an endless sea of trees.

"Something isn\'t right. It is impossible to not find a single life-form even after traveling so far. Moreover, not a single tribe has been found either. What\'s going on?"

Even the scouts started to become anxious now. They felt like something had happened here.

"Report this to the higher-ups, then continue the search."

"All right."

They continued their search. One hour, two hours, 10 hours, they continued their search around their city. To avoid missing anything, they were extremely serious in their search as they combed a huge area. However, nothing whatsoever was found. All they found were endless trees. No other life-forms were in sight.

This horrified them. The search went on, and by the second day, the scouts were already in a rather bad condition.

The entire team of scouts was depressed, as they had searched every nook and cranny yet still had not found anything. The entire forest seemed devoid of life, apart from the vegetation. What exactly had happened here? They were filled with anxiousness. Right at this instant, a faint energy fluctuation was felt nearby.

At this discovery, they all became agitated.

"Found something!"

"Let\'s go!"

Amid the woods, Chen Feng\'s group had just finished a battle. "Is this the final tribe?"

The huge monkey nodded. "Mhm. This is the final tribe."

"Excellent." Chen Feng was very much pleased. At present, Chen Feng and the huge monkey were already somewhat different than they had been half a year ago. Within this period, the herculean apes had been led by Chen Feng as they defeated all the tribes surrounding the huge city. A total of 1,200 tribes had been defeated. Among them, 500 types of usable resources had been found. After Chen Feng\'s gene production, these 500 resources had displayed a rather astonishing effect.

Even though only 200 out of these 500 resources had been capable of providing a direct strength increase, even though further improvements were extremely hard for those at level 10 awakened, they had still managed to reach a terrifying level of improvement. As of present, the average strength of the herculean apes was level 90 awakened. With their innate strength, they were able to erupt with combat power comparable to level 1 resonators.

As for the huge monkey, he was now a level 96 awakened, while Chen Feng was now a level 100 awakened. As the amount of increase dropped at higher levels, they weren\'t too from Chen Feng. One would even think that with their innate strength, they would be a match for Chen Feng.

However, only these herculean apes themselves knew how big the gap was between them and Chen Feng. Throughout the entire journey, regardless of whether the enemies had been level 3, level 4, or even level 5 resonators, none had been able to avoid being killed by Chen Feng. Each of them had died to a single punch.

Since an indeterminate point in time, regular resonators had stopped being a match for Chen Feng. His strength was truly terrifying.

The huge monkey couldn\'t help but ask, "You can\'t be a god for real, right?"

Toward this, Chen Feng merely smiled.

God, huh…

He sensed the strength within him. A full eruption of his level 100 awakened strength would reach the strength of level 10,000 awakened after being amplified by his miniature person. This was a realm beyond even resonators. And what was the realm above resonance, then? How far was this realm from actual godhood? Chen Feng was filled with anticipation.

"Let\'s go." He led the monkeys as they prepared to leave.

Since all the tribes had already been cleaned up, it was time for them to leave. However, just as they turned around to leave, a figure noiselessly appeared.

"Who is it?" the huge monkey asked vigilantly.


A neat-looking figure approached them at a rather extraordinary speed from the woods.

Chen Feng\'s heart trembled. "This is…" He, who was normally emotionless when facing regular regulators, had actually had his nerves stretched taut the moment this person appeared.

Tap. Tap.

That figure slowly approached one step at a time. The terrifying pressure emanating from this person…


This was the only word that appeared in Chen Feng\'s mind as this person entered his sight. This was most definitely a god.