The Strongest Gene - Chapter 760: Mountcarver

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Chapter 760: Mountcarver

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The Grasshorde Tribe was no more. The Steelback Tribe was no more either. In the territory of the Steelback Tribe, they found a fruit capable of increasing strength. However, due to the Steelback Tribe\'s excessive consumption, it would probably take a year or so for the trees to bear fruit once again.

Regardless, this was still a new resource they had gained control of. Suddenly, Chen Feng felt like he had discovered a bright path toward greatness. Since all resources capable of increasing strength were already occupied, he only needed to keep conquering these tribes and he would most certainly be able to obtain control over numerous resources. He would then be able to advance without stop and reach level 100 awakened or, perhaps, even higher.

"Huge monkey, draw up a map detailing the surrounding tribes for me," Chen Feng said in excitement.

The huge monkey nodded. "All right." Even if the herculean apes specialized in brute strength, they were nevertheless monkeys. As such, they were rather nimble and were skilled at scouting out the enemies as well. Soon after, a detailed map was drawn.

Alas, the result differed somewhat from what Chen Feng had expected. He had originally expected that, with the herculean apes as the starting point, he would be able to fight his way through all these tribes while increasing his strength without stop. Ultimately, he would become undefeated.

And yet… here he was, looking at the map in distress. That was because, on the map, a circle about the size of a fingernail had been drawn to indicate the territory of the herculean apes. Next, two similarly sized circles were drawn, representing the territories of the destroyed Grasshorde Tribe and Steelback Tribe. And next, just as Chen Feng was waiting for more fingernail-sized circles to be drawn, suddenly, the huge monkey waved his hand and drew a circle with a diameter of two meters.

Chen Feng: "...?"

What was this? He looked at the huge monkey, stupefied.

"This is the nearest tribe to us," the huge monkey explained calmly.

Chen Feng: "???"

Why are you so calm? The ratio between the size of your tribes… Do you not notice the issue?

"This is about right." The huge monkey studied the map and pondered deeply before nodding in confirmation. "Yes, this is about the size of their territory."

Chen Feng: "…"

He raised his head and looked at that massive circle, stupefied. Hold on, this wasn\'t right. If there was indeed such a large tribe nearby, why had the herculean apes not been destroyed already?

Seeing Chen Feng\'s confusion, the huge monkey explained, "This tribe is known as the Mountcarver Tribe. They established a huge city that welcomes all tribes, talking about something called civilization. So long as the tribes are willing to obey the rules, they are even willing to share the resources there. In any case, they are not interested in attacking us.

"What is the point of sharing resources? In any case, even if they are powerful, we feel that they are quite stupid. If we were that strong, we would have long destroyed all the tribes around us," the huge monkey said confidently.

Chen Feng had a pensive look as he listened on. Civilization, huh… So it turned out that in this era, some more intelligent life-forms had indeed been born. As for what the huge monkey had said, he ignored it. What was the point of destroying all the surrounding tribes? This was an era of gods, an era where the gods needed believers to fuel them. If they killed everyone, gods might start coming out to deal with them.

"Why did you guys not join them?" Chen Feng was curious. Since the herculean apes had been bullied so badly recently, wouldn\'t it have been better for them to join this city?

"We tried. They rejected us." The huge monkey was depressed. "They said that our average strength was too weak."

"Oh?" Chen Feng was astonished. "What is the requirement?"

"For the tribe to average level 1 resonance," the huge ape said with a sigh.

Chen Feng\'s eyes went wide. To average level 1 resonance? Did that not mean that only a race with a god that had also been developing for quite a while would be able to join this tribe? If so, the strength of this tribe…


He inhaled a deep breath in shock. He did not need to think much to see that this was quite a terrifying tribe, a super powerhouse. It would also be apt to say that this was a huge alliance of tribes centered around a certain powerhouse tribe.

With their present strength, they did not qualify to even touch this tribe. This was no mere striking a stone with an egg. Rather, this was more like striking a wall with sperm. Regardless of the number, it would still prove fruitless.


Suddenly, the world around him felt so much more silent. His heart, which burned with ambition, cooled down. How was he supposed to even defeat them? Even after the growth burst Chen Feng had provided, the herculean apes only averaged level 7 awakened. Even with the allida reagent, they would only average level 12. Even the strongest of them, the huge monkey, was a mere level 20-odd awakened.

They had no resonator, yet that tribe\'s average was level 1 resonance. Without a doubt, the strength of this alliance of tribes was something that caused one\'s heart to chill at the mere thought. In short, his great path of godhood had ended so soon after it had begun? However, soon after, Chen Feng started to frown.

That was because he had still found an issue. If this alliance of tribes was represented by that huge circle on the map, why were there merely three small circles around them? It should not be possible that only the Herculean Ape Tribe, the Grasshorde Tribe, and the Steelback Tribe neighbored them.

What about the other tribes? Chen Feng looked at the huge monkey in question.

"Other tribes?" The huge monkey waved his hand dismissively. "They are too weak. With our average awakened level of 12, we are already the strongest around here. All the tribes around are tribes that have been rejected by the Mountcarvers. As such, the average levels of these tribes are all below the resonance realm. It would be way too boring to fight them."

The huge monkey surged with arrogance.


Chen Feng slapped him grudgingly.

"What in the world are you feeling all proud for? Do you not want their resources? Without any resources, how can you even begin to start acting so smug here?" Chen Feng rolled his eyes. What the hell? This fellow\'s intelligence was truly questionable.


With great hesitation, the huge monkey drew out the positions of the other tribes on the map.

And thus, numerous other circles began to litter the map around that huge circle in the center. In fact, there were more than one thousand such tribes.

Chen Feng\'s eyes shone. "This is the kind of map I wanted." These tribes, and their resources... Chen Feng inhaled deeply. Each of these circles represented a tribe and thus represented a resource node. Even if not all of the resources would be suitable for him, there would definitely be some that suited him, given the quantity. If all these resources were produced into reagents to increase his strength… The mere thought caused Chen Feng to be endlessly excited.


Waving his hand, he started drawing on the map. With their current position as the starting point, he drew a line through all those tribes before circling back to the same position. Mhm, he even drew an arrow pointing clockwise.

Chen Feng was extremely pleased. "This shall be our route. Crush them and we shall enter a brand new realm."

"All right." Even the simple-minded huge monkey was able to understand the benefits of doing this.

"And now… Time to begin!"