The Strongest Gene - Chapter 759: What Kind of Strength Is This?

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Chapter 759: What Kind of Strength Is This?

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Bang! Bang!

Layers of aura rippled out. Without realizing it himself, the miniature person within Chen Feng synced with him. This was not a sync during an attack. Rather, this was a complete sync, even including this action of consuming the gene reagent. As of this moment, Chen Feng had a feeling that he was no longer the same. This was his very first time syncing with the miniature person out of battle.

Shua! Shua!

The energy level within Chen Feng\'s body dropped at a rapid rate. Each sync with the miniature person exhausted him greatly. However, Chen Feng did not care about this as he continued to slowly guide the miniature person. As for his physical body, it started operating as well, slowly digesting the medicinal powder.

After a long time, just as Chen Feng was about to be fully out of energy, forcing the miniature person to come to a halt, the medicinal power was finally fully digested.


The layers of aura vanished. As for the monkeys around him, all their eyes went wide, as just a moment ago, the aura surging out of Chen Feng had been at a level that caused them all to feel terrified, so formidable that it caused them to choke.

The huge monkey was filled with expectation. "How much have you improved?"


Chen Feng let out a long breath as his consciousness focused back on his physical body. At present, he was a level 15 awakened. That\'s right. He had obtained an increase of five levels from the reagent. By fully syncing with the miniature person while digesting the medicinal power, his strength level had been maintained at level 100 awakened during the digestion. Ultimately, this had allowed him to surpass the huge monkey and gain five levels.

It seemed like this method of increasing one\'s strength would grow harder as time went by. Chen Feng understood this clearly. Those at around level 6 would obtain an increase of two levels, those at around level 17, 18, or even 20 would obtain an increase of three levels. Yet he, despite holding steady at level 100 earlier, had only been able to gain five levels. The difficulty level for further improving the effect was totally ridiculous. Chen Feng shook his head at the thought of the possibility of obtaining a six levels increase.

The huge monkey was completely alarmed and started stuttering. "F-five levels? Holy shit." He had known that Chen Feng was stronger than him. As such, he had expected Chen Feng to improve more than him, but five levels… How much stronger than him was this guy? And look at what this guy was doing, shaking his head in dissatisfaction?

The huge monkey was filled with grief as he compared himself to Chen Feng. Apart from him, the other herculean apes were incredibly shocked as well. Fortunately, they had all gotten used to Chen Feng\'s prowess and weren\'t too badly affected. Rather, all of them were happy for him. The stronger Chen Feng was, the stronger their tribe would be.

"Let us continue so the tribesmen that have yet to use the liquid can use it as well," Chen Feng said.


The herculean apes continued gathering materials.

After familiarizing himself with this formula, Chen Feng decided to directly throw all the materials into a big cauldron and start a large-scale gene production. Otherwise, he would tire himself to death producing genes one by one for these monkeys.

In the ground, a huge crater could be seen. Contained within was a certain shiny and translucent liquid. By the side, Chen Feng was supervising the huge monkey as he stirred the liquid with a huge branch. As for Chen Feng himself, he focused on altering the genes of these materials in his digitized world. For the present him, this process was quite easy.

Soon, the production was completed. And with that, the entirety of the herculean ape tribe obtained yet another boost in strength. Right about this time, something surprising happened. The Steelback and Grasshorde Tribes actually arrived. With great fanfare, they charged in, seemingly filled with confidence.

The huge monkey was flabbergasted. "You guys actually have the gall to still come at us?"


The Steelback Tribe did not bother saying anything and immediately attacked with full power.

"They arrived just in time." Chen Feng sank into thought. Since they had just improved their strength, they needed to temper this new strength. The present average level of the herculean apes had already surpassed the average of the Steelback Tribe by a single level, even before using the allida reagent.

"Don\'t use the liquid for now. Fight with your existing strength."


The fight began. However, before long, both of the attacking tribes retreated.

The huge monkey: "???"

What were they thinking? All of them were stupefied. This time, the herculean apes had not used any liquid to boost their combat power. As such, both sides had been quite evenly matched in the battle earlier. One could even say that the herculean apes had been at a slight disadvantaged. Yet even so, the two tribes had opted to retreat? Even Chen Feng could not make sense of this.

"Left just like that?"

"Are they here for a walk?"

"Did they hit their heads or something?"


"Well, just stay on alert." That was the only thing Chen Feng could say. However, after a few short minutes, the ground started trembling. Next, numerous steelback and grasshorde tribesmen appeared, and with great fanfare, they attacked yet again.

"Go!" the huge monkey shouted as he gnashed his teeth. And yet, three minutes into the fight, the Steelback Tribe retreated once again.

The huge monkey: "???"

They looked at the ground littered with the steelback and grasshorde tribesmen\'s corpses. Had these fellows really hit their heads somewhere? One ought to know that despite the slight disadvantage they\'d had during the battle, each of the herculean apes had a bottle of allida reagent on them. Whenever became dangerous, they would use those bottles. As such, the herculean apes had not suffered any losses from the two skirmishes. Rather, the Steelback and Grasshorde Tribes were the ones who kept suffering casualties without stop. What exactly were they thinking?

"Pay more attention and be careful," Chen Feng said.

"All right." The huge monkey increased his vigilance. Shortly afterward, the enemies returned. Two times, three times, four times…

The huge monkey frowned. "I feel like something isn\'t right."

The sense of pressure brought by the attacking enemies was increasing, as the huge monkey believed that they would not come forward and throw their lives away for no apparent reason. There had to be a trick somewhere.

"Then end the battle speedily." Chen Feng inhaled deeply. "Let me deal with the two resonators."

"Okay," the huge monkey answered.

"This time… do not allow them to flee."


This time, the herculean apes hid themselves. When the two enemy tribes arrived, the herculean apes immediately used their reagents. Instantly, their strength rocketed and the battle began.

The steelback king ordered a retreat without any hesitation. "Go!"

Chen Feng snorted. "Hmph." He was now a level 15 awakened. With the boost provided by the allida reagent, he reached level 20 awakened. And with the amplification effect of his miniature person, he reached an astonishing level of 400! The strength he could erupt with had reached a brand new level.

"Can you even escape?" said Chen Feng, his face calm.


He flickered and immediately reappeared behind the steelback king. Next, he hurled his fist out.


A dreadful force burst out of his hand and landed on the thick scales of the steelback king. Then, a translucent wave rippled out of the scales, seemingly having counteracted all the force sent forth by Chen Feng\'s fist.

The steelback king laughed. "Hahaha. How can this level of attack damage my scales…"

Before he could even finish his sentence, he stopped talking. His eyes went wide as he stared at his chest, disbelieving. There, an immense force could be felt trying to break out of his chest.


Blood splattered everywhere. Chen Feng\'s attack had actually pierced through his scales and gone through his body to directly reach the front of his body.

This… How is this possible?

The steelback king\'s eyes opened wide. How was it possible for Chen Feng to be this strong?


And next, his body loudly crashed to the ground.

As the others saw this, they tried to flee in fear. However, how could they succeed? The herculean apes had presently fully erupted in power, and the majority of them were level 12 awakened. This was an inconceivable realm.

"Come," Chen Feng said as he looked at the green monkey, who had already been captured. "Why are you guys attacking and retreating?"

"We…" The green monkey gulped, as he felt like crying. "We discovered that you guys have something capable of boosting your strength. We also noticed that there is an active duration to that boost. As such, we planned to force you guys to use it before retreating and returning when the duration was over…"

So this was their plan? Chen Feng exchanged glances with the huge monkey. It was without doubt that these enemies were quite intelligent. In fact, this plan could have worked. Unfortunately, they had come a tad bit too late, after the herculean apes had obtained yet another increase in strength.

In fact, the present herculean apes would not fear them even without the allida reagent. In short, the two tribes had been attacking and fleeing just so they could force the herculean apes to use their reagent. However, it was truly lamentable for them that after the herculean apes\' eruption, they had failed to even escape. The herculean apes that had fully erupted in power had delivered them a crushing defeat. Furthermore, the steelback king had even been defeated with a single punch.

The steelback king possessed defenses far surpassing his peers. Even so, he had been helpless against Chen Feng\'s fist. How strong exactly was this person? One ought to remember that the steelback king was a resonator, as was the green monkey. However, against Chen Feng, an awakened, they were completely not a match.

How was this even possible? And those herculean apes, how had their strength improved so rapidly? The green monkey was thoroughly stupefied. He could no longer understand this world.