The Strongest Gene - Chapter 757: Level 2 Resonance

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Chapter 757: Level 2 Resonance

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

In the forest, the Steelback Tribe had just reached the Grasshorde Tribe\'s territory. In the orchard, they saw the sparkling and translucent fruits. Just as they were about to start plucking those fruits, a terrifying killing intent descended. Numerous familiar figures appeared.

"It\'s you people again!" The green monkey was furious at what he saw, his mortal enemies, the herculean apes.

"You guys dare attack us directly?" He was beyond furious. His previous defeat had been due to their lack of preparation and the distance of that orchard, which was nearer to the herculean apes\' territory. Yet now, these fellows dared attack them in their own territory? Were they feeling suicidal or something? They were even attacking when both the Steelback Tribe and the Grasshorde Tribe were here.

The steelback king patted the green monkey\'s shoulder. "Brother, looks like you are going to owe me yet another favor."

Instantly, the green monkey\'s hands trembled. Could it be that… the Grasshorde Orchard would never be able to escape this fellow?

"Of course, we of the Steelback Tribe are loyal to our friends." The steelback king waved his hand. "However, if you do not want us to interfere, I guarantee that we will definitely not get involved in this. We will leave directly after plucking the fruits and will not participate in the war between you monkeys."

The green monkey sank into silence as he once again recalled that young furless monkey and the liquid they had used. Could he truly deal with them alone?

"Please help," the green monkey said after taking a deep breath. "I will allow you guys entry one more time next year."

"Excellent." The steelback king was greatly pleased. Even if they were only allowed one entry per year, he was sure that this single entry would be sufficient for them to clean out an entire year\'s worth of supply from the monkeys. In fact, even the green monkey was aware of this. However, he had no other choice. Rather than totally losing this Grasshorde Orchard, he would prefer to sacrifice a year\'s worth of supplies and get rid of these herculean apes once and for all.

"However, I have a condition," the green monkey said coldly. "We must absolutely not allow them to escape."

"Fear not," the steelback king said with a vicious expression. "Do you think I will let them off when they have killed my tribesmen? Even if you wanted to let them off, I would still kill them all. Haha. After all... after killing them, their Aphrodisiac Orchard will be mine." The steelback king howled with laughter.

Tricked again!

The green monkey realized that since the steelback king coveted the herculean apes\' Aphrodisiac Orchard, he was going to participate in this battle regardless. How could he have forgotten this? Once again, he had been tricked. Not far away, Chen Feng and the huge monkey merely watched on coldly as the herculean apes surrounded the area. The herculean apes were greater in number than either of the two tribes they were facing, as they had around 5,000 monkeys in their ranks. However, this amount was still lower than the total of the Grasshorde and Steelback Tribes.

"What gives you the nerve to thin out and surround us instead?" the green monkey said gloomily. He was now of a mind to vent all his anger on these herculean apes.

The herculean apes had an average strength of level 3 awakened. Even in the previous battle, when they had consumed that mysterious liquid, their average strength had only reached level 8 awakened. However, they still lacked godly power. As such, in this confrontation, the only possible conclusion for them was death. That was because both he and the steelback king were both resonators.

That furless bastard\'s strength was similar to his, merely slightly stronger. However, so what? Nobody else in their tribe was capable of facing a resonator. As for this steelback king, he was even stronger.

"Steelback king…" Even the huge monkey tensed up as he saw the steelback king here. He was aware of how terrifying this fellow was. All of the tribes in this area would normally scramble to get out of the way at the mere sight of this steelback king. This fellow had been in the resonance realm for quite a while and was already a level 2 resonator. He was more than capable of delivering them a crushing defeat.

Chen Feng looked at the steelback king and said, "Let me deal with him. You guys deal with those green monkeys. Can you do it?"

Green monkeys…

The huge monkey smiled bitterly. He wanted to say that even the green monkeys had a resonator in their midst, so he was not confident he could win. After all, a level 1 resonator was equivalent to a level 100 awakened! How could he hope to defeat such an opponent? However, after remembering their plan, he took in a deep breath and decided to throw caution to the wind.

Bang! Bang!

The ground trembled as the huge steelback king stepped out.

The steelback king spoke coldly. "I heard you are the troublemaking furless monkey? For killing my tribesmen, you shall pay with your life."


He erupted with strength. A huge fist pulsing with godly power descended. This was the fist of a level 2 resonator, equivalent to a level 200 awakened. This was a power the herculean apes could only look up to. They watched on as that terrifying strength descended upon Chen Feng. All of them trembled. Such strength…

Chen Feng consumed a gene reagent.


His body erupted with power.


Chen Feng\'s eyes gleamed coldly. Now!

He leaped up and swung his tiny fist toward the steelback king\'s fist.


A loud boom resounded. Instantly, the huge steelback king was flung away and smashed into the ground, creating a huge crater. All the onlookers were dumbstruck.

This… this…

Dust filled the air. Amid the dust, the tiny figure of Chen Feng appeared so very awe inspiring. This was especially true since he had defeated an opponent so much bigger than him. How could this…


The steelback king crawled out of the crater as all his scales started vibrating. He did not seemed to have sustained any injuries, but his expression when looking at Chen Feng became solemn. "I never expected that you were also a level 2 resonator."

Chen Feng merely laughed. "Hehe." A level 2 resonator… No, he instead was a level 200 awakened.

To be precise, he was presently a level 225 awakened. With the reagent, he had temporarily been boosted to level 15 awakened, and with the amplification effect of the miniature person within him, he reached level 225 awakened. This was his present strength. The allida reagent had indeed helped him display an astonishing level of strength.

"Holy shit!"

The huge monkey\'s mouth went wide as he saw this. He had known that Chen Feng was strong. He also knew that this strength was thanks to that liquid. However, when he himself consumed the liquid, his strength was only boosted by around 5 levels. How could there be such a disparity? The huge monkey started doubting himself, doubting whether he was truly capable of absorbing any nutrients.


The steelback king attacked once again. Even if Chen Feng was stronger, the innate scales and the body the steelback king was blessed with allowed him a higher endurance. As such, the battle between the two of them would probably not end any time soon.

"Green monkey, you will have to deal with the rest," the steelback king said. He knew that victory was certain. He only needed to continue enduring the attacks of this furless monkey while the green monkey killed off all the herculean apes. At that time, the strength of this furless monkey would not matter anymore, since he would be all alone.

"Understood." The green monkey had a vicious look on his face. He had been waiting far too long for this moment.


"Huge monkey," he called out with a sneer, "time to settle our differences."

The huge monkey smiled. "You truly wish for this? Did you not notice what\'s going on around you?"

The green monkey blanked. What? He turned around, and his entire body instantly chilled as he saw the herculean apes beating up both the grasshorde and steelback tribesmen. Moreover, this was a crushing victory, even with their lower numbers. The herculean apes only numbered around 5,000, whereas both their tribes together numbered around 7,000. Despite that…

Bang! Bang!

They continued suffering a huge number of casualties. The green monkey looked around and noticed that the Herculean Ape Tribe, which he had previously estimate to be only level 8 awakened at most, was now comprised of level 10 awakened ones. Level 10 awakened, the peak of life below godly power. That\'s right. All 5,000 of the herculean apes were presently at level 10 awakened.

How was that even possible? The green monkey\'s face greened in shock.

Both the steelback and grasshorde tribesmen were suffering heavy casualties.

"Make a guess. Before you kill me, will all your tribesmen die first?" The huge monkey laughed viciously. Although his overall combat power was no match for this green monkey\'s, he was confident in his endurance. Therefore, bring it on! He had no fear. Even as they conversed, some herculean apes had already finished with their respective opponents and were heading over to help him against the green monkey, greatly alarming the green monkey.

Was a level 1 resonator strong? Yes. However, when said resonator had to face over 1,000 level 10 awakened ones… could he still stand tall?