The Strongest Gene - Chapter 756: Hehehe

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Chapter 756: Hehehe

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"Are there any other herbs around here that can increase one\'s strength?" Chen Feng asked.

"Of course." The huge monkey grinned. "However, those do not belong to the herculean apes."

Chen Feng smiled. "They don\'t now, but they might in the future."

"Yes, yes." The huge monkey had a wide smile on his face as he heard this. He had not been able to participate in this strength increase and was somewhat sad. As such, the moment he heard that Chen Feng was looking for other resources, he laughed in joy.

"This orchard was ours in the first place but was taken away. The truth is that the Grasshorde Tribe has their own resources as well…" the huge monkey said with a smile.

"Splendid." Chen Feng rubbed his fist eagerly. Now that the average strength of the herculean apes had risen to level 5 from level 3, it was time for them to have some training in their newfound strength. Perhaps the grasshorde race would be of assistance? Hehe.


At a certain location, the steelback king was watching on gloomily as his tribesmen were being carried back. A few days ago, he had heard that the Grasshorde Tribe had set a trap for the herculean apes. They had believed that this would be a lucrative and easy job. Unexpectedly, they had been thoroughly defeated in the very first encounter.

The steelback king was furious. "So are these the so-called herculean apes that are so weak that they need to rely on aphrodisiac fruits?"

The green monkey was still somewhat stupefied. "I… I have no idea either. Before this, they were indeed quite weak. I reckon their night activities have never been easy. But for some reason, all of them seemed to go crazy today."

At this moment, the green monkey recalled the monkey with skin disease and the liquid they drank before the fight.

"Oh, right. They definitely requested outside help," the green monkey said in anger. "That furless fellow!"

"Hmph!" The steelback king snorted and stood up. Terrifying pressure emanated out from his body, making it difficult for the green monkey to even breathe. He was very clear about how terrifying the steelback king was. In the resonance realm, any sort of advancement was extremely hard.

Since the strength of a resonator was related to godly power, resonators had to comprehend godly power without stop. Apart from training themselves, they had to cultivate godly power as well. This was the reason for the high difficulty in advancement. As for the steelback king, he was a level 2 resonator, one who surpassed the green monkey in every aspect.

"Is this your excuse after causing the deaths of my tribesmen?" the steelback king questioned.

The green monkey felt like crying. "No, no."

Suddenly, the steelback king said, "I heard your Grasshorde Tribe has a certain fruit under your control…" In this era, for a tribe to grow, resources were a necessity. Therefore, nearly every tribe relied on certain resources to sustain their growth. In fact, most of the tribes would only settle down on a location after discovering resources there. That had been the case for the herculean apes and the Grasshorde Tribe.

The green monkey\'s eyes went wide. "No, no way. That is the symbol of our tribe and the sole resource under our control. We will definitely not give it away, even in death!" The green monkey clenched his teeth and continued, "If you insist… I will have no choice but to contact Lord God."

Contacting Lord God… Suddenly, the steelback king narrowed his eyes. They were both resonators of a certain god. As such, it was only natural that they were able to contact the god. Of course, the premise for all this was the god being willing to respond to the call in the first place. After all, any single god would have countless resonators under their faith… Nevertheless, there was still a risk involved. The steelback king had no intention of provoking the anger of a god just because he was trying to extort some resources from the Grasshorde Tribe.

"Don\'t worry," the steelback king said after some thought, "How about we share it? To be precise, compensate for the deaths of my tribesmen by allowing their kin to go once. How about this?"

The green monkey had an unsightly expression. Compensation… to the dead… Since these people had all died for the Grasshorde Tribe, he truly couldn\'t think of a reason to reject this request.

The green monkey clenched his teeth. "That is possible. However…"

The steelback king waved his hand before the green monkey could even finish his words. "Haha, I knew you would agree to it, brother. Let\'s go." With that wave, numerous steelback tribesmen appeared and followed behind the king. From the looks of it, there seemed to be nearly a thousand of them. The steelback king had actually gotten the entirety of his tribe to join in on this.

The green monkey was alarmed. "No, this won\'t do. Only the kin of the dead can enter."

The steelback king curled his lips. "These are all the kin of the dead. Introduce yourself."

"Okay. I am his father," a certain steelback tribesman said as he pointed at a corpse with a broken leg. His face gloomy, he asked, "Can I go?"

The green monkey nodded. "Yes." Since the son was dead, it was natural to allow the father entry.

"I am his mother."

"I am his uncle."

"I am his second uncle."

"I am his third uncle."

"I am the wife of his father\'s younger brother."

"I am the wife of his father\'s second younger brother."

"I am his eldest brother."

"I am his second elder brother."

"I am his third elder brother."

"I am his younger brother."

"I am his second younger brother."

"I am his third younger brother."

"I am his eldest sister."

"I am his second elder sister."

"I am his third elder sister."

"I am his younger sister."

"I am his second younger sister."

"I am his third younger sister."

The green monkey shivered as he listened on. Just when he believed that it was finally over, another steelback tribesman appeared. The moment that person opened her mouth, the green monkey started to emotionally collapse.

"I am his wife."

The appearance of this wife signified another round of introductions with the uncles of the wife, aunts of the wife, parents of the wife, siblings of the wife. Yet another bunch of people had appeared. This family totaled around 100 people.


The green monkey was stupefied. So far, only the kin of a single dead had stood out. How could there be so many of them?

The steelback king sneered. "We of the steelback tribe have great reproductive capabilities. What? Do you have something to say about that?"

"No, nothing." The green monkey\'s face became unsightly, and the green fur on his head swayed around like seagrass.

Yet another person stood out. "I am his illegitimate son."

The green monkey was dumbfounded. This works?

"I am his lover."

"I am his illegitimate daughter."

"I am the lover of his wife."

"I am the wife of his illegitimate son."

Yet another bunch of people stood out. The green monkey was somewhat stupefied. This… were these still kin? Hold on… Something seemed wrong. He looked at the wife\'s lover… What the hell, after screwing another\'s wife, he still dared to join in?

"Scram!" the green monkey barked. "You are trying to join with such a distant relationship? I can allow the illegitimate children to join. But what do you count as?"

"Fine." That steelback tribesman left while muttering under his breath.

"So this means that you agree with the rest of them?" The steelback king was rather pleased as he patted the green monkey\'s shoulder. "Worthy of being the Grasshorde Tribe indeed. You are filled with benevolence and righteousness toward our brothers who have fallen in battle. Only this will ensure that there will be people willing to render your tribe assistance in times of need."

"Ah?" The green monkey blanked before realizing that he had fallen for the steelback king\'s trick.

"Come, continue the registration."

And thus, the green monkey watched on with an unsightly expression as over 120 kin per dead stood out, all hoping to receive compensation.

The green monkey trembled at the sight of this. That was because, during that battle, over 20 steelback tribesmen had been sacrificed. On top of that, there were also those who had been crippled, who also required compensation. The green monkey looked at the huge group of steelback tribesmen before him and despaired.

"Come, the next family."

By the side, the steelback king continued the registration. Finally, after an hour, the registration was completed. Mhm… There were 21 dead, 12 with grave injuries, and 6 with light injuries.

When all was done, the steelback king had, in a rather generous, fashion excluded the kin of the six lightly wounded ones from receiving compensation. Ultimately, a total of 3,625 people were qualified to join. The green monkey trembled. How… could there be so many of them? He had no answer to this question. However, this number did sound familiar to him.

After pondering the matter, he recalled. Was this not the total population of the steelback tribe? In short, every last one of them had joined in?

"You all…"

The green monkey was furious. His fury was further compounded by the fact that the lover of the dead person\'s wife earlier had also been included in the final list.

"On what basis have you obtained the qualification to join?" the green monkey asked.

"Him, the lad with a broken leg, is his lover," the steelback king explained.

The green monkey glanced over and asked, "But they are both males…"

The steelback king sighed. "There\'s no helping it. Nowadays, we have to be politically correct. Hence, we can\'t discriminate against same-sex relationships."


The green monkey trembled in fury. He knew that he had been thoroughly tricked.

"What? Do you have something to say about that?" The huge steelback king stood behind him, and his huge hand landed on the green monkey\'s shoulder. "Brother, compensating the dead is reasoning even Lord God will agree with."

"…" The green monkey clenched his teeth, as he had no choice but to concede. "Only this one time."

The steelback king flashed a wide smile. "That is only natural." He believed that with his 3,000-plus tribesmen, they would be able to exhaust the supply the Grasshorde Tribe had accumulated over the years.