The Strongest Gene - Chapter 755: Level 100 Awakened

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Chapter 755: Level 100 Awakened

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Producing and failing. These two were the most basic steps involved in gene production. After ten-odd failures, Chen Feng finally succeeded in producing a bright-red liquid. From the look of it, this liquid seemed like it would have a better effect than consuming the fruit raw.

"What is this fruit\'s name?"

"Aphrodisiac fruit," the huge monkey said proudly. "I am the one who named this fruit."

Chen Feng\'s face darkened. Aphrodisiac? How weak was this monkey, exactly, for him to be able to relate everything to libido? Chen Feng gave the monkey a dubious look.

"I naturally do not need help in that department." The huge monkey slapped his chest and continued, "But this fruit really does have such an effect to it as well."

"…" Chen Feng understood after pondering the matter. Since this fruit was capable of boosting one\'s overall strength, naturally, everything about a person would be boosted, including their libido. That was only natural. However, the name…

Chen Feng shook his head. "Forget it. Do you want to give this liquid a try?" he asked while pointing at the liquid.

"I have already consumed the fruit in the past." The monkey appeared regretful.

"How many did you consume?" Chen Feng asked. If the monkey hadn\'t consumed too many, perhaps he could still figure out the potency of this liquid through deduction.

"Around 20 of them…" the huge monkey said after some thought.

Chen Feng laughed coldly upon hearing this. "Hehe." Was it not said that each of the herculean apes was only allowed to consume two or three of them? It seemed like this huge monkey had been one to abuse his position in the past.

"Do you have anyone that has only consumed it twice?" Chen Feng asked as he waved his hand. Soon, a rather sturdy-looking herculean ape arrived.

Chen Feng gave him a one-person portion of the liquid. "Here, give it a try."

"All right."

That herculean ape swallowed it down in a single gulp. Based on the effect of the fruit, on the forth consumption, one should only obtain around a quarter of the first consumption\'s effects.


The liquid erupted with power within the monkey. Next, his body inflated like a balloon shortly before deflating. As this happened, formidable power started emanating from his body. As of this moment, he had reached level 5 awakened from his initial level 4 awakened.

The huge monkey\'s eyes went wide.

This fellow had clearly consumed the fruit in the past and had obtained an advancement of one and a half levels. And now his level had increased yet again?

"Me… I want to try it out as well."

The huge monkey gulped down the remaining liquid in excitement. Similarly, his body inflated as well. Everyone\'s eyes went wide as they saw this. This worked as well? One ought to know that this huge monkey had, in the past, abused his power to eat the aphrodisiac fruit like it was candy, to the point that the fruit now had no effect on him. Yet even so, this liquid was working for him? Chen Feng had a pensive look as he watched on.

"Here it comes."

The huge monkey looked at his inflated belly in excitement. A certain clump of gas seemed to be fermenting within him, a clump that seemingly contained boundless power. He knew that this was the sign of advancement. It had been quite a while since he had last had any advancement. Suddenly…


With a loud sound, that clump of gas vanished. Behind him, an old tree that was sturdier than average was instantly blown apart…


Instantly, everyone sank into silence. The group of monkeys hurriedly looked in a different direction while the huge monkey\'s face flushed red in embarrassment.


Chen Feng watched on in silence. Mhm… This had to be something that would happen if the effect was weakened to the point that it could no longer provide any sort of advancement to the user. After all, the huge monkey had consumed too many of this fruit in the past. Even with the enhancement provided by this liquid, the effect was still not sufficient to bring about any change in the huge monkey\'s body, and the resulting power had no choice but to make an exit through the chrysanthemum.


That should be the case. Chen Feng explained all this with a serious expression. As the huge monkey heard this, his face darkened.

"Gather several sets of the same materials," Chen Feng commanded. Next, the group of herculean apes dispersed to work.

The huge monkey opened his mouth wide, not knowing what to say. "I…"

Chen Feng patted his shoulder. "Don\'t worry. Whose life is without an embarrassing moment or two? In fact, for this fruit to behave in such a manner after being consumed by you, from a scientific angle, this is nothing surprising."

The huge monkey looked better after hearing this.

"However, you should rejoice that you didn\'t eat anything before this," Chen Feng said with a faint smile on his face.


As the huge monkey thought about it, his face greened from shock. If he had eaten before that, the earlier implosion…

He inhaled deeply in shock, suddenly feeling like everything was meaningless.

Chen Feng ignored him. After the monkeys returned from gathering materials, he started producing once again. After several tests, he was able to once again increase the average strength of the herculean apes. The average had now been pushed from level 3 to level 5. Monkeys who had never consumed the fruit before obtained a direct advancement of three levels. This was only from a single consumption. If they consumed it several more times…

The herculean apes were in a celebratory mood. Even those who had consumed the fruit in the past had advanced a single level. In the entire tribe, only the huge monkey was sitting by the side, sighing in sorrow. Abusing power wasn\'t something fun, after all…

"Nearly there now."

Chen Feng was very satisfied with the effect of this reagent.


He gulped it down. Instantly, his strength rocketed up. From level 5 awakened, he advanced straight to level 8. Just as he had guessed, this reagent was capable of providing a boost of three levels. And thus, Chen Feng formally entered level 8 awakened.

However, this is still not enough, Chen Feng thought with a cold look in his eyes. What he wanted was not this much.


He consumed yet another gene reagent.


The medicinal power surged, once again pushing Chen Feng\'s strength forward. Just like the fruit, the effect of the second consumption was weakened. Even so, Chen Feng obtained an increase of a level and a half. With this, he reached mid–level 9 awakened.

"Still not enough," he said after taking in a deep breath.


He consumed yet another gene reagent.


The medicinal power erupted. With three reagents, the respective increases would be 3, 1.5, and, finally, 0.75, for a total increase of 5.25 levels. This was what Chen Feng wanted, to advance five levels through this reagent.

Bang! Bang!

His body was filled with power. When the effect of the reagent ended, Chen Feng was already at level 10 awakened. For a mortal, this would already be the peak of life. Chen Feng clenched his fists and immersed himself in the power contained within his body. In fact, this was a strength he had tasted earlier when he had used the temporary booster reagent. But this time, this effect was permanent. He was now so powerful that one couldn\'t easily measure his strength.

With the miniature person within him, he would be able to unleash a might equivalent to a level 100 awakened. Thus, he would be able to contend against a level 1 resonator. This was what he would use as his foothold in this new era.

"I want to become stronger. Even if I can\'t resonate, with my miniature person, I can still become stronger, strong enough to contend against resonators… or even stronger existences!"

His gaze was sharp. He realized that so long as he continued becoming stronger, a day would come when he ascended into godhood himself. At that time, he would retrieve all he had lost.


He inhaled deeply and covered up his aura of a level 100 awakened. He was sure that even if he could unleash the combat power of a level 100, his actual level was still 10, quite far away from level 20. This was quite a unique era. With the nourishment of godly power, all the herbs had transformed, especially those capable of increasing one\'s strength. If all of these herbs were produced into gene reagents…