The Strongest Gene - Chapter 754: Seize

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Chapter 754: Seize

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The huge monkey was truly furious with this development. They and the Grasshorde Tribe were enemies and had fur of different colors, yet they were still of the same race. Unexpectedly, they had actually joined hands with a different tribe. Did they not have godly power already? Did they not have a guardian god already? Why was there still a need to join hands with a foreign race? He truly could not understand this.

Chen Feng merely glanced over and did not say anything. In fact, something like this was extremely normal. This was similar to a civil war where one of the sides suddenly called in help from a different country. In Chen Feng\'s memories, something like this was quite common. For instance, in his previous life, there had been foreigners in the national teams of certain sports, which had truly felt quite odd to him.

A huge green-haired monkey sneered. "Haven\'t you found one as well?"

"Him?" The huge monkey glanced over at Chen Feng and snorted. "Hmph, he is merely a monkey who shaved all his fur due to a skin disease. That\'s all."

Chen Feng: "…" What the f*ck? Is this how you monkey folks usually communicate with each other?

He had never expected that even though he had been staying silent, he would still get unjustly ridiculed like this. At this time, as they approached each other, the surrounding monkeys could finally be seen clearly. The Grasshorde Tribe. The reason for them being called this was due to the green hair on their heads, which greatly resembled grass. That was the origin of their name. Furthermore, the piles of grass on their heads seemed to directly correlate with their strength and size.

The stronger they were, the bigger they would be, and the lusher the grass on their head would be. Mhm… For instance, this huge green monkey\'s head was like a giant bush.

The green monkey coldly said, "I knew you guys would not be able to take this lying down. Therefore, I have been waiting for you guys all along. Today will be the day that everything ends. The herculean apes shall forever disappear from this world."


The figures started closing in on them. These newcomers had huge bodies and fierce faces, appearing rather vicious.

"This is the Steelback Tribe," the huge monkey said to Chen Feng.

The Steelback Tribe was a rather powerful tribe that was nearby. They had rough skin, thick flesh, and formidable strength. Their skin was covered in scales, and the strength of the average person in their tribe was level 6 awakened. This tribe was much stronger than the herculean apes, who only averaged level 3. Similarly, the Grasshorde Tribe averaged level 3 as well.

"You are courting death," the huge monkey said with a cold gleam in his eyes. The one and only advantage the Grasshorde Tribe had over them was their resonator chief. As such, their tribe wasn\'t particularly powerful as a whole. However, their act of asking for help from the Steelback Tribe was no different than courting death. If the huge monkey\'s memory served right, this Steelback Tribe also had their own guardian god. Were these fellows stupid or something?

"Hehe." The green monkey arrogantly said, "That won\'t be the case. We both believe in the same god."

The same god!

The huge monkey\'s heart thumped as he heard this.

"Therefore, you can die in peace now."

At the green monkey\'s command, the Steelback Tribe and the Grasshorde Tribe moved out at the same time. The huge monkey looked at Chen Feng, seeking his opinion.

"Finish this within three minutes," Chen Feng said coldly. On average, the strength of a level 6 awakened? So what?


All the herculean apes opened their bottle at the same time and gulped the reagents down.


They erupted with a powerful aura. The herculean apes were rather weak, their tribe averaging level 3 awakened. However, with the allida reagent, they obtained a five-level increase, pushing their strength to a level one could not imagine.

Bang! Bang!

The herculean apes erupted in strength. Instantly, numerous monkeys were blasted away. Even the Steelback Tribe was not a match. As the grasshorde monkeys saw this, they were stupefied. What was going on? The bush on the green monkey\'s head stood up as he stared in shock at what was unfolding before him. Since when had these herculean apes been so strong?

"Damn it."

He knew that he had to personally make a move now.

"Even if you guys have become stronger by sheer luck…" His eyes gleamed coldly as he finished, "You guys are still not a match for godly power."


His godly power poured out. The instant the godly power appeared, his body increased in size as he stepped onto the battlefield.


The earth trembled with each step he took. Slowly but surely, the power of a resonator bloomed.


He punched at the huge monkey. Right at this instant, though, a comparatively tiny figure appeared before him and punched out at his fist.


A powerful surge of strength slammed into him.

Even with his godly power, he was still pushed several meters backward. He raised his head and looked on in astonishment at the monkey with a skin disease, who was slowly retracting his hand. This fellow… The green monkey\'s face fell. A resonator? His expression became unsightly as he realized that this huge monkey had actually found an outside resonator to help. However, if this was indeed a resonator, why could he not feel any godly power?

Was this a unique technique? Or perhaps… it was due to the blue liquid they had consumed earlier? Again! The green monkey attacked again, the bush on his head blooming as the intensity of his strength increased.


Another punch, and once again, he was pushed back. Chen Feng\'s eruption to level 10 awakened had given him strength equivalent to a level 100 awakened, giving him the confidence to contend against a level 1 resonator. With pure strength, he faced godly power. In fact, one of the reasons Chen Feng had participated in this battle was so that he could verify his combat power.

Bang! Bang!

The Grasshorde Tribe and the Steelback Tribe were utterly defeated. After all, the green ape had only recently gained godly power. As such, his usage of godly power was still rather crude. How could he compare against Chen Feng? Their strength seemed to be equal, yet he suffered defeat after defeat. Chen Feng did not even need three minutes to defeat him. A minute and a half into the fight, the green monkey was already thoroughly defeated.

"I will definitely return!"

The green monkey could feel that things were getting bad. With a miserable scream, he turned around and started fleeing immediately. As for his underlings, they started fleeing as well upon receiving his command. This decisiveness with which they fled truly caused Chen Feng and the huge monkey to be somewhat dumbfounded. This was especially true for the way those fellows fled. They all dispersed in different directions, some even directly tunneling underground. What in the world?

"Should we give chase?" the huge monkey asked.

Chen Feng shook his head. "There is no need for that." By now, the duration of three minutes had ended. If they gave chase, that would be no different than suicide. If the green monkeys discovered their secret, they might be the ones to suffer defeat in the end.

"Okay." The huge monkey understood. For now, this orchard was the only thing that mattered.

Chen Feng took a look around the orchard. To bait the herculean apes into attacking, the green monkeys hadn\'t plundered much from this orchard. Most of the fruits were still hanging on the trees.

"Let me pick one for you, exalted one," the huge monkey said emotionally.

"Is this a fruit one can only eat once?" Chen Feng asked with a pensive look.

"Not quite." The huge monkey nodded and explained, "However, only with the first consumption will the effect be more pronounced. With each subsequent consumptions, the effect will slowly decrease by half. In any case, even after eating a bunch of them, one can only obtain a boost of two levels.

Chen Feng looked at him. "I thought you said three levels earlier?"

"Hehe." The monkey scratched his head in an honest manner and said, "I was afraid that you wouldn\'t agree to come if I did not exaggerate the number."

Chen Feng: "…"

Therefore, Chen Feng had to now focus on increasing the effectiveness of this fruit during the first consumption. In fact, the method of doing so was relatively simple. It could be accomplished with something Chen Feng was extremely skilled in: gene production.

After all, during the Genetic Era, such one-time-use materials had been rather common. As such, Chen Feng was able to easily find some suitable formulas that were immediately ready to use after some minor adjustments. For Chen Feng, this wasn\'t hard. And next… what was left was to test the formula.