The Strongest Gene - Chapter 753: The Battle for Resources

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Chapter 753: The Battle for Resources

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How powerful! The herculean apes were all startled by this display of power. This liquid was actually capable of providing such a huge boost in strength? They all focused on the remaining blue liquid, their gazes burning. At this time, Chen Feng was inhaling deeply and immersing himself in the earlier feeling of strength. Level 1 resonance!

That\'s right. The attack he had unleashed had reached level 1 resonance. However, the resonance realm was a realm for those with access to godly power. For Chen Feng, it would be more apt to say that his attack had reached level 100 awakened. With the allida reagent, he had unleashed power equivalent to a level 100 awakened. How powerful!

The huge monkey\'s gaze started to burn. "This thing… Let me give it a try." He gulped down the remaining liquid.


Within him, a surge of power erupted, causing his blood to boil with excitement. He proceeded to deliver a punch to a random tree around him. The tree proceeded to shake for quite a while before finally falling down. Everyone was speechless when they saw this.

"Only… this little?" The huge monkey was dumbstruck. This was not logical. Why had Chen Feng received such a huge boost while he had received such a little boost? Was he so weak that even that liquid could not prop him up? By the side, Chen Feng was maintaining his calm, as he was still immersed in the feeling of power within him, silently counting the time.

One second…

Two seconds…

Three seconds…

Still active! Chen Feng kept waiting. Five seconds, 10 seconds, 30 seconds, one minute... Only at the third minute mark did his strength start to gradually decrease.

"Three minutes!"

Chen Feng was completed shocked by this discovery. The huge monkey had also realized the same thing. Consuming the blue-leafed grass directly would only yield an active duration of three seconds. Yet after being transformed into this blue liquid by Chen Feng, the duration had increased to three minutes. It was better and lasted longer now.

This was too inconceivable. Something like this… was supposed to be a feat only accomplishable by the gods, right? This Chen Feng fellow had been claiming that he was not a god, yet here he was, doing things that only gods could do! Everyone stared at Chen Feng with burning gazes.

"Don\'t worry."

Chen Feng observed the huge monkey and waited until the huge monkey\'s active duration ended as well before concluding the details of this reagent.


Name: Allida reagent.

Function: Temporarily increase the user\'s strength by five awakened levels.

Duration: Three minutes.



Chen Feng was filled with excitement.

The success of the allida reagent had provided Chen Feng with a pleasant surprise. Gene production was indeed still a feasible route in this era, even if his test had only been verified with a low-tier reagent. As he recalled his experience when producing the gene reagent earlier, he concluded that so long as he controlled the medicinal effect so that it did not explode, he would be able to produce any gene reagents he wished.

One ought to remember that Chen Feng was a grandmaster producer, one who had mastered all production techniques and formulas of that level. Three minutes. In fact, this duration had a deeper meaning to it. That was because, if the duration was only three seconds, it would probably end at the beginning of the fight. As for a duration of three minutes, it could last the entirety of a battle. If one was fierce enough, three minutes would be more than enough time to deal with an enemy. This was a chance for them to deal with the Grasshorde Tribe.

"What do you think?" Without realizing it, the huge monkey was becoming more and more deferential when talking to Chen Feng.

"Start gathering the same herbs for me. I will be producing," Chen Feng said.

"All right."

All the herculean apes were overjoyed to hear this. They started searching the forest frantically, and soon, a huge amount of blue-leafed grass and the subsidiary materials were delivered to Chen Feng.

Chen Feng frowned. "There is still one issue: how to store the reagents. How do you guys normally store liquids?"

"Stone jar," the huge monkey said as he brought Chen Feng to a certain basement. There, a huge stone jar was located. In it was stored their wine.

Chen Feng: "…"

He required something easy to carry around, not something this huge. They couldn\'t carry a huge stone jar around when fighting the Grasshorde Tribe, right? That would be too ridiculous.

Carry along…

Suddenly, Chen Feng\'s gaze landed on the collapsed trees from earlier. At the point of incision of the trees, he could see the texture of the woods. They were glossy and sleek. He tried pouring some liquid within and found that not a single drop seeped out. Indeed, this was a tree that had grown under the nourishment of godly power.

"Well, this is it, then," Chen Feng said with a slap to his thigh. Even during the Genetic Era, quite a number of wooden products had been manufactured. And thus the entire herculean apes started working busily. Chen Feng was in charge of producing gene reagents while all the monkeys formally entered the industrial era, starting to manufacture wooden products. To be precise, they were producing wooden bottles.

The bottles produced were all square-shaped, could not store much, and appeared rather stupid. However, each bottle was sufficient to store a portion of liquid sufficient for consumption by a single person. This would be enough for now.

After three days, a great number of gene reagents finished production and were sealed in the bottles. Each of the monkeys had a gene reagent hung on their waist. They were all incomparably excited, as they knew that with this, they were now equipped to challenge the Grasshorde Tribe!

"Do you guys know what we are going to do today?" Chen Feng asked.

"Yes!" All the herculean apes were excited. "We will be taking our resources back!"

"Excellent. Remember, within three minutes, finish everything," Chen Feng said coldly.

All the monkeys were getting agitated. "Yes!"

"Let us set off!" The huge monkey was in high spirits. "Chant our slogan as we march."

"Plunder their resources! Beat their woman! Sleep with the young!" the herculean apes yelled at the top of their lungs.

Chen Feng was somewhat dumbfounded. Something… seemed wrong with this slogan? He had heard similar slogans in the past. At times, these slogans seemed rather villainous, yet they served well to boost morale. However, the contents of this particular slogan seemed somewhat off?

"Don\'t worry." The huge monkey looked at Chen Feng in reverence. "The prettiest of them will be reserved for you, exalted one."

Chen Feng: "???"

Sleep, your ass! Regardless of how beautiful they are, they are still monkeys, right? Moreover…

"I thought it should be \'sleep with the wives and beat the young\'?" Chen Feng asked curiously.

The huge monkey blanked at this suggestion. "Nope. Why would we want to sleep with their wives? Even if they are our archenemy, we cannot do such a thing! Exalted one, you…" He stole a cautious glance at Chen Feng. "So it turns out that you have such a fetish?"

Chen Feng: "…"

Fetish, my ass! What the hell are you monkeys thinking about?

"It is right to sleep with the young, then?" Chen Feng asked with a dark expression.

"That is only natural," the huge monkey answered happily. "Those young ones have yet to obtain a significant other. The Grasshorde Tribe has a higher female population, while our tribe has a higher male population. We are simply a perfect match. Therefore, even if the unmarried ones are still not fully grown into adulthood yet, we can still bring them back to raise them into brides when they grow up."

Chen Feng heaved a sigh of relief. I see.

"But... it is truly immoral to sleep with the wife of another." The huge monkey glanced at Chen Feng cautiously. "If you truly have such a fetish, I know of two beautiful women who are now widows. I wonder if you are interested…"

Chen Feng\'s expression darkened. "Scram!" What was going on in this fellow\'s brain?

Soon, they reached the orchard. This had once been the territory of the herculean apes. As such, this place was nearer to their place. When they arrived, they saw that this orchard was presently guarded by a huge number of half-evolved monkeys. Chen Feng noted that, apart from the different fur color, these monkeys were in fact exactly the same as the herculean apes.

"This is the Grasshorde Tribe," the huge monkey said in a low voice.


Chen Feng gazed over from a distant mountain summit. There were not many people in the orchard. There were about five or six level 5 awakened ones patrolling about. The defense seemed rather lacking, but Chen Feng could sense an austere aura in the air. With the orchard as the center, a whirlpool of austere aura was formed. Nevertheless, it did not matter, as their purpose here was to fight a battle of force.

"Go!" Chen Feng ordered without hesitation.


The herculean apes charged into the orchard.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Suddenly, numerous huge figures appeared nearby. At the sight of these newcomers that looked completely different than the members of the Grasshorde Tribe, the huge monkey\'s face fell. "You guys have actually joined hands with a different tribe?"