The Strongest Gene - Chapter 749: New Era

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Chapter 749: New Era

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Within a certain forest, numerous bizarre humanoid life-forms were wandering around. Just earlier, a black streak had descended from the sky and landed somewhere, destroying a huge amount of their food in the process.

"Be careful. We don\'t know what species that is..."

The few humanoid creatures approached cautiously. They saw a figure lying on the ground. Around that figure was a crater, and the figure was pulsing with an extremely terrifying majestic aura.

The humanoid creatures trembled.

"This appearance... Is this a god?"

The other creatures exchanged glances.

"This must be a god!"

"What should we do?"

If this was some ordinary species, they would directly tie it up to be eaten. But from the looks of this and the faint trace of godly power, they were being told that this was a god. Even if this was the weakest of gods, a god was still not something they could contend against.

"Br-bring him back."

"In any case, we lack a guardian god."

"What if he harbors evil designs?"

"Do we have any other options?"

Everyone sank into silence at this question. This was an almighty god. Even if he was presently injured, the moment he woke up, he would definitely be able to figure out what had happened. If they did anything disrespectful, their entire tribe would have to suffer the wrath of a god.

Soon, the god was carried back carefully. Theirs was a rather weak tribe, with a population around one thousand. The god was placed in the largest building they had. Carefully, they attended to the god, awaiting his awakening.

Every single day, there were some life-forms kneeling down and praying to this god. They believed that this god would most definitely be able to feel their sincerity. This continued on for a long time. One month later, just as they were starting to believe that this god would forever remain in slumber, the god\'s hand moved lightly.

"He woke up!"

"This is too good!"


At this time, Chen Feng was waking up from a long darkness. His memories were still paused at the final moment when Kong Bai had taken both him and Qin Hai and transmigrated, with the Luck Goddess blessing their transmigration with the last of her godly power. Everything after that, he knew nothing about. As for Kong Bai and Qin Hai, they had been separated during the chaos. Their present locations were unknown. That last vestige of the Luck Goddess\'s godly power had only been sufficient to assist them in a single transmigration.

Where is this? Chen Feng started kneading his aching head before his gaze landed on numerous horrified expressions.


The power within him instantly converged. If not for the lack of killing intent, he probably would have probably attacked directly. The years of tempering he had gone through had proven a great help in calming him down in such a situation.

Shua! Shua!

He swept his gaze through these people. With great speed, he analyzed what he was seeing. A building... Monkeys... No, people wearing clothing made of tree leaves… Chen Feng had a pensive look as he analyzed his surroundings.

These creatures all knelt down in excitement when they saw him waking up.

"Exalted lord god, you are finally awake."


Chen Feng had a pensive look. In short, these creatures thought he was a god and had thus rescued him? Why was that? Oh, right, because of the lingering trace of the Luck Goddess\'s aura. Naturally, that aura had only been present during the transmigration. As for now, Chen Feng cast his senses inward and confirmed that the aura was no longer there.

To protect the human world from destruction, Chen Feng had left the godly power of luck and misfortune there in hopes of leaving a lifeline. As of now, he was but a common mortal. Naturally, he could not let these people that had rescued him know this.

Although they all appeared kind, Chen Feng was sure that the moment they found him useless, they would turn on him without hesitation. These people he was facing… seemed like humans yet not like humans… They seemed like monkeys yet not like monkeys...

They seemed like a life-form that was half human and half monkey, that was capable of speech, that had knowledge of simple tools, that possessed great strength, and that had banded together, becoming a single tribe. They were an intelligent life-form… that had mistaken Chen Feng for a god. That was because of the trace of godly power he\'d had on him when he had first arrived. They seemed to have an intense reverence toward gods and seemed incredibly receptive toward the idea of gods.

What did this prove? This proved that he had arrived on a world where plenty of gods were around. What was this place? Chen Feng was curious. He gazed at the sky. There, faint godly power could be sensed. The air of this world was pervaded with a familiar power.

Chen Feng raised his head, and as he saw the power pervading the air, he laughed, as there was no longer any need to guess. He could see for himself that in the sky was a huge shining figure: the figure of the Sin God, Ye. It turned out that he was still on a world ruled by Ye.

"I am still on the human world?"

Chen Feng\'s heart was filled with doubt. No, the entire human world had obviously transformed into the Sin God\'s eyeball. With the assistance of the Luck Goddess, they had definitely left the planet via transmigration. However, where had they transmigrated to? From the point in time when the Sin God had been birthed until the point in time when the entire world had been conquered by him, everything had been locked. Even Kong Bai had no hope of penetrating that timeline.

If so… the only place he could have reached was the future. That was the only place they could have reached through transmigration.

"What year is this?" Chen Feng asked calmly. This was a question he had come up with after confirming that it would not cast any suspicion on him.

"Year 12 of the Sin calendar," one of the monkeys answered.

Year 12...

Chen Feng\'s heart trembled. So he had transmigrated 12 years into the future? Since this place was using the Sin calendar, this era was definitely ruled by the Sin God. Indeed, the moment the Sin God had returned, he had conquered the entire world. Chen Feng had thoroughly been defeated. With his weak self, he had stood against the gods and had finally suffered complete defeat.

In truth, regardless of who the enemy had been, his plan had been correct. His idea of throwing all the gods away had been correct. The only reason he had been defeated was because he was too weak, so weak that the Sin God wasn\'t even bothered to do anything specifically to him.

He smiled mockingly. "Should I rejoice in this?" He was sure that if the Sin God had paid any sort of attention to him, he would never have escaped. Even with Kong Bai\'s transmigration ability, it would still have been impossible. Alas, the Sin God had not cared. Because he was too weak, the humans were damned. Yet because he was a weak human, he had also survived. How lamentable.

"Sin God..."

Chen Feng gazed at the sky. There, the will unique to the Sin God rained down, pervading the entirety of this world. This was still the same planet, yet this was also a world where all intelligent life-forms, including the humans and the planet itself, had been conquered by the Sin God, a world that had once again returned to the Primordial Era. One could say that this was a different kind of Primordial Era, an era where all life-forms had gained intelligence.

During the era of the Sin God, they had all awakened their intelligence. Nearly everyone was a citizen of the Sin God, even if some believed in different gods. Here, the Sin God was no different than the Creation God. This was 12 years after the Sin God fully conquered this world.

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. "Sin God, huh..." He had promised Spirit that he would most certainly return. The Luck Goddess and Misfortune Goddess were both propping up the entirety of that world in secret for him, leaving behind numerous lifelines. He had to return to that world as soon as possible.


He clenched his fists as he vowed inwardly. Right at this instant, the ground trembled lightly. As the monkeys noticed this, an expression of delight appeared in their eyes.

Bang! Bang!

The earth trembled. A huge monkey appeared from the forest. This monkey was five meters tall. Carrying his prey, he slowly came to the entrance of the village before suddenly stopping his steps.

"Mhm?" His pair of huge golden eyes landed on Chen Feng, filled with killing intent. "Who are you?"