The Strongest Gene - Chapter 747: A Real God

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Chapter 747: A Real God

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

"What in the world is that?"

Everyone was alarmed. Even with the high frequency at which gods had awakened recently, they had never seen such an alarming sight. The action of ripping the sky itself apart had truly shocked everyone.

Bang! Bang!

Even as thunder roared, that huge figure walked out, revealing an appearance nobody had seen before. On that face, a pair of burning eyes flickered.



Suddenly, Chen Feng\'s Misfortune Pen started trembling, seemingly in fear. A clear thought was transmitted over to Chen Feng, telling him the identity of this god…

"Sin God!"

The Misfortune Goddess made it extremely clear in her transmission. Instantly, Chen Feng\'s eyes went wide.

Kong Bai\'s mouth widened as well. "Holy shit." The Sin God? It couldn\'t be, right? They had just been making up stories about this god not too long ago. As such, they were naturally rather clear on this god. However, wasn\'t this god rumored to be dead? Why was he alive now?

"How strong." Spirit stared at the Sin God blankly. That intense radiance and that cackling godly power around him was even greater than what the Luck Goddess had possessed.

Chen Feng\'s scalp went numb. "How can such a god appear?" An intense sense of crisis could be felt. Not only had the Sin God appeared, it seemed like he had even recovered extremely well. A god at this level was not something humans could even hope to contend against. He had schemed hard to get all the gods away from this world. Never had he expected that a big guy like this would be overlooked.

"Spirit, can you send him over to that world as well?" Chen Feng asked. Based on the information Qin Hai had obtained, they would be able to open a portal toward to the twin-horns world.

"I can only try," Spirit said with a conflicted expression. She truly had no confidence in being able to influence a person at this level.

"Give it a try."

Chen Feng looked over at the solidifying figure. He knew that regardless of the success rate, he had to give it a try. And thus, Qin Hai started trying to create a portal to the twin-horns world based on the information he had gathered. However, he failed.

Finally, Chen Feng noticed that things were getting worse for them. "What\'s going on?"

Qin Hai blanked. "No idea. The information I had obtained is not wrong. However, I somehow feel that the entire twin-horns world has vanished?"

"Vanished?" Chen Feng\'s heart thumped. How had the twin-horns world vanished? Had the world been destroyed because the battle of the gods there had been overly violent? Just as Chen Feng was filled with doubt, that god finally finished tearing the sky apart. His figure had also fully solidified. By his side, several familiar figures appeared. Among them was the Forest Goddess.

Suddenly, Chen Feng\'s pupils shrunk. "Why is she here as well?"

Kong Bai and the rest exchanged glances in horror as well. The Forest Goddess had obviously been tricked over to the twin-horns world. Hold on… the other gods around her had also been tricked. Why were they here? Could it be…


A dreadful godly power cackled about in the sky. Chen Feng\'s mind spun rapidly and finally reached a terrifying conclusion. The so-called minor god on the twin-horns world was in fact the Sin God. Their lies had turned into reality!

Bang! Bang!

The entire world was enveloped in godly power.

Kong Bai gulped. "God damn it. Have we delivered several thousand gods to him like some delivery boy?"

For this Sin God to be so powerful, he had to have absorbed quite a number of gods.

Qin Hai had an unsightly expression. "I only want to know one thing. How is it possible for him to know a method of teleporting to this world? He is not the Spatial God. Moreover, he is even able to bring other gods along with him."

"Perhaps… he once absorbed the Spatial God as well?" everyone guessed. Instantly, the world seemed to go silent. If that was truly the truth, this could very well be the end of humanity.

"Spirit, think of a solution for me," Chen Feng said solemnly.


Luck Aura was fully activated. In such a circumstance, only Luck Aura could seek a lifeline amid the numerous proverbial threads of fatalities. However, as luck wove around, searching for a lifeline…


A godly power erupted as a terrifying godly power rippled out from above the sky. Instantly, all the threads were severed.

"Get all humans to retreat," Chen Feng commanded without hesitation.

The truth was that the Genetic Union had some precautions in place. Their plan was to once again return to the past era, to hide humanity amid the regions enveloped in the aura of primal chaos. Chen Feng had once tested this plan out. Even Spirit and the Misfortune Goddess were unable to detect the goings-on within the region of primal chaos.

"All right," the deputy president answered unwaveringly. This was the humanity\'s final line of defense. He looked around at the flourishing world of humans. The humans would migrate from the world of light to temporarily hide within the unknown regions.

The deputy president sighed. "Hopefully… this crisis can be solved soon."

He turned around and departed. After the orders were passed down, humanity started their great migration. It was also at this time that the Sin God stood up, seemingly preparing to act.

"Safeguard humanity!"

Chen Feng activated his godly power without hesitation. At a time like this, he had no choice but to use both luck and misfortune together to protect the humans in their migration. However, surprising him, the Sin God did not bother to do anything to the humans. Moreover, he didn\'t bother doing anything to anyone. His one and only target was the world itself.


A terrifying godly power cackled about. The Sin God\'s huge figure stood loftily amid the blue dome of heaven. One of his hands waved in the air, sending a terrifying godly power rippling out. This godly power ripped the sky apart before finally blasting toward the ground below.


The ground trembled. The entire world seemed to be reducing in size beneath the lofty Sin God.




A boundless radiance swirled about. Chen Feng\'s eyes widened as he witnessed everything. He could clearly see that the Sin God before him was growing in size. To be more precise, he appeared larger from their point of view, so huge that he seemed immovable, so large that they could not even see the end of him. With his godly power, Chen Feng could clearly perceive that the Sin God wasn\'t the one changing. Rather, they were the ones reducing in size, again and again.

Ultimately, the entire planet was transformed into a single bead. That\'s right, a single bead.

The bead pulsed with faint godly power. Within, rivers and mountains could be seen, as could continents and oceans. Everything was still the same, preserved within this bead, appearing the same as if it was viewed from outer space.

Chen Feng was dumbstruck. Kong Bai was dumbstruck. Even the deputy president was dumbstruck. They had never seen something so terrifying. They knew why the gods required believers. It was to serve as a supply of godly power. As such, they had guessed that the Sin God would probably attack the humans to demonstrate his prowess. They had put numerous preparations in place for this.

And yet not a single one of their various preparations entailed dealing with the entire world being compressed. The Sin God was not bothered with humanity, nor was he bothered with any resistance. Battle? Nope. He only needed to lift his hand and wave it and the entire world would be reduced to a bead in his hand. Chen Feng and the others chilled as they witnessed this unfold. Was this the strength of a top-tier god?

"Spirit, is there anything we can do?"

Chen Feng pushed his Luck Aura madly. Alas, no solutions could be found. The moment the planet had been reduced into a bead, humanity\'s fate had been sealed, never to change. So this was Sin God? Even Spirit and the Misfortune Goddess had never imagined that the Ye before them was already this powerful, so powerful that they stood zero chance against him.